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19.1% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 17: Chapter 17 - More Than A Relative

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Chapter 17: Chapter 17 - More Than A Relative

Choose? Choose what?

He said it was her choice...does she want to take off her clothes for a stranger to do the check or let him do it?

She stared at Meng Gu and looked at his unpredictable expression. Her brain finally did a right turn.

She was played!

Although her heart rate was exceptionally fast... although she should really get a checkup in this situation, but he actually used his doctor's status to mess with her.

Revenge, this is definitely his revenge

What is this called? Taking liberties with her or what? Or is this seeking revenge, acting according to the situation?

Too cunning! Too shameless!

She continued to stare at him. He did not avoid nor dodge her stare but calmly met her eyes.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly asked Meng Gu. "Dr. Meng, if I don't do this check-up, will I die?"

Meng Gu replied solemnly. "You were just unconscious and now you have abnormal symptoms. If you don't do a check-up and get a proper diagnosis, no one can say what problem may arise. As a doctor, I suggest you do a check-up. Don't be reckless."

"Then as a friend, what advice will you give?"

"I will advise you not to think too much and regard me as a doctor. Or if you think you feel more at ease with other doctors attending to you, I will go get another doctor to do so."

"What about as the man I want to pursue?" Chen Ruo Yu blinked and although her face was still red, she tried hard to put on an innocent and fearless expression.

Who doesn't know how to take liberties, she also can do it!

Meng Gu did not immediately answer. He stared at her and she stared straight back at him.

"As the man you're pursuing..." Meng Gu spoke slowly and dragged on the last word. He smiled and that smile did not only make Chen Ruo Yu's heartbeat quicken but also made her feel panicked.

"I will write out the prescription for you to do an ECG and a CT scan including a hospital stay of three days. You're required to fast and can only drink water tonight, you will have to do a urine test tomorrow morning. The nurse will draw eight tubes of blood for testing and then arrange for B-type ultrasound examination. You'll have to do a nuclear magnetic resonance test and undergo a psychiatric examination, internal medicine, gynecology and other consultations at the same time. Once any problem is found...." His thumb and forefinger were placed together with a tiny gap indicating a tiny problem. "I will let you do more check-ups, prescribe medication to make sure you quickly recover so you will be in good health. In this way, you'll then have enough strength and spirit to pursue me. Don't you agree?"

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded but she still gritted her teeth and said. "Correct! Dr. Meng is right. I must nurture my spirit and show my sincerity to pursue Dr. Meng!"

Meng Gu grinned and showed his white teeth. "Then, I'll go and write out the prescription and tonight you'll be admitted into the hospital."

"Dr. Meng...." Chen Ruo Yu pulled Meng Gu's hand.

Meng Gu smiled and looked at her. He waited for her to take her words back and say that she has no money, no illness and is not staying in the hospital. If she shows her weakness, he will feel proud and arrogant.

"Dr. Meng, please make sure to put me in an optimum location in your ward so that I'll be able to see you every day. I will only be happy if I see you every day as I don't want to pine for you." She gritted her teeth as she spoke.

"You can rest assured....." Meng Gu continued to smile. "You will certainly be put in my ward so that I have the authority to decide what tests you should do and what medication to prescribe to take your money and to put you into debt."

"Then I will have to trouble Dr. Meng!" She retorted but she still clung to Meng Gu's hand tightly.

Meng Gu did not show any anxiety nor did he pull his hand away and smiled. "I have already said.... you like to hold my hand."

"Dr. Meng, you really have sharp eyes." She continued to hold on to him and did not let go. What can she do to prevent him from writing out the prescription?

"I have heard that if a doctor indiscriminately prescribes medication, indiscriminately does a diagnosis and carries out unnecessary tests, the patient can file a complaint."

"You love me so much and you want to pursue me, will you have the heart to complain about me?"

Cheeky, thick-skinned man!

"I will always side with the right principles regardless of our relationship. If Dr. Meng's in the wrong, I will certainly help you to correct your wrongs."

"So quick, I am already related to you?" Meng Gu laughed frivolously and looked down at her hand that was clinging tightly to his hand.

Stinky rogue!

Chen Ruo Yu tightened her hold on his hand, she must not let him go before she could think up a solution.

"You're not my relative, but more than a relative." What does she mean by that? She also does not know what she's saying either.

In fact, he wouldn't dare to force her to stay in the hospital, right? Remembering Gao Yu Lan had once said that when Yin Ze twisted his foot, this Mongolian doctor had extracted a large sum of money from him. He would be even more merciless towards her!

Otherwise, she can wait for him to leave and then run away! If someone stops her, she can always say she needs to use the toilet, even if she's in the patient clothes, it does not matter. Even if this is a shameful act, this is not the first time she had run away. This time she did not owe the hospital any money, so she can run off with boldness and confidence. If the symptoms of her heart palpitations still persist tonight, she can always go to another hospital for consultation tomorrow.

When She had thought up to here, suddenly she heard someone speaking outside the room. One of the voices sounded familiar. Immediately after, someone entered the room and that familiar voice was Liang SiSi's.

"Ruo Yu...Ruo Yu!"

Meng Gu turned his body around and used his free hand to pull open the bed curtain. Chen Ruo Yu was startled and quickly released his hand.

Liang SiSi had found Chen Ruo Yu, she had also caught sight of their hands separating. She looked at him and then looked at her and then smiled. "This must be Dr. Meng. I am Liang SiSi, Ruo Yu's roommate."

Meng Gu nodded and with a kind expression, he said. "I am Meng Gu."

"I have always heard about you from Ruo Yu. Today we have an affinity and I am able to meet you in person." Liang SiSi smiled like a flower, pretty and natural.

"SiSi..!" Chen Ruo Yu was shocked. When did she always talk about Meng Gu? She had always hidden her thoughts at the bottom of her heart. Even if she had unconsciously talked about him, it was only one time.

Wait a minute. Why did SiSi come and why does she know Meng Gu's name?

"When you were unconscious, Miss Liang called and I picked up the call for you."

"Dr. Meng said you were in, so I quickly came over."

These two people were really a match. One spoke one sentence and the other completed it. In the end, they looked at each other and smiled. Then they simultaneously said. "Sorry to trouble you."

Wow... this is really.....

Chen Ruo Yu looked at them. A handsome man and a beautiful lady, standing side by side. One upright and handsome, the other charming and pretty. The atmosphere was harmonious and they were extremely happy to meet each other. In her mind, an indecent phrase came to her mind, something about a man and a woman.

Well, she is self-reflecting, her heart is dark and evil. In fact, she had to admit to herself, these two people standing together really look perfect.

"Are you alright now?" Liang SiSi walked over and asked.

"En, much better. Let's go home."

Liang SiSi did not reply instead she turned to Meng Gu and asked. "Dr. Meng, can Ruo Yu go home in her present condition?"

"Her heartbeat rate is a bit fast. I suggest she do a check-up again. Do an ECG, It's safer."

"Okay, then do it." Liang SiSi swiftly answered. "I have to trouble Dr. Meng."

Chen Ruo Yu sighed. Meng Gu looked at her and then went out.

Liang SiSi watched as his back disappeared at the door. Immediately, she turned around and pulled Chen Ruo Yu's hand excitedly. "That's him, right? That friend's friend, that annoying one. Wow... Ruo Yu, your description of him is too subtle. This is not called a little handsome but very handsome. With his white coat on, he looks classy, isn't that right?"

Yes, he is very dignified, very well-dressed but that.....

"Did you see his eyes? So deep, so charming....."

Ah? it's obviously more on the evil side.

"When he laughed, his teeth looked white and neat."

You are not buying a horse, why admire his teeth?

"His figure looks good and his arms look very strong."

They need to be strong, he's an expert in amputation.

"Ruo Yu, why are you so dispirited?" Liang SiSi finally noticed Chen Ruo Yu's weird mood. "Are you feeling unwell?"

"There's nothing wrong. I'm much better now."

Liang SiSi nodded and suddenly lowered her voice and asked. "Are you sure you really don't like him? You don't have any feelings for him?"

"He's not interested in me, so I'm not interested in him."

"I understand." Liang SiSi patted Chen Ruo Yu's arm. "Then I will go for him. You will not object, right? I like his type."

Chen Ruo Yu thought for a moment and remembered she had also this thought initially. This type handsome, humorous and also a doctor. "Get to know him first before you say anything." Experience his poisonous tongue, his temper and his personality first.

"Of course." Liang SiSi said with confidence. "Men also need some fine-tuning. I'm already prepared. Ah, when I think of this, I suddenly have a lot of energy. I will go and look for him to ask him about your condition." She winked at Chen Ruo Yu and ran off.

After Liang SiSi went off, a young man came in pushing a small trolley with an ECG machine. Although he was wearing a white coat, he looked like a student. There was also a female nurse who followed him.

The little doctor asked for Chen Ruo Yu's name and looked at the list in his hand. Then he nodded and said. "I am going to do an ECG. Roll up the hem of your pants, pull up your clothes and take off your bra."

His words were business-like but the doctor seemed to be a little nervous and tense. This made Chen Ruo Yu embarrassed and nervous too so she asked. "Are you a fresh graduate or an intern?"

The little doctor only said. "An ECG is very simple. I will not get it wrong. The result will be given to my teacher." No doubt his teacher must be the qualified experienced doctor Meng Gu. Chen Ruo Yu knew about this as she had seen this when she was in this hospital before.

"Are all the doctors on duty tonight male doctors?"

The little doctor thought she did not want him to do the test. He looked at the female nurse and then stuttered. "No female doctor. I... well, if you are not at ease, I can call my teacher."

The nurse who was standing by the side was helping Chen Ruo Yu to roll up her pants. "It's okay. The test is very quickly done. If you are embarrassed, I am here."

Chen Ruo Yu secretly sighed and rolled up her sleeve. "It's alright. I was just asking."

Calling for his teacher to come and if it's Meng Gu, she would lose face again.

Dead Mongolian doctor, this is all your fault.

The test was completed quickly. When Chen Ruo Yu asked for the result, the little doctor told her that her heart rate was a little too fast but there were no other problems. "The report will be out soon. I will have to wait for my teacher to confirm first. If something's wrong, my teacher will let you know." The little doctor went out pushing the trolley and the nurse helped Chen Ruo Yu to get dressed before she left.

Chen Ruo Yu sat up and drank a few mouthfuls of water. She was in daze When Liang SiSi ran in. "I got his phone number!"

"Oh.." She must be talking about Meng Gu's phone number. That man has no integrity as long as it was a beautiful woman, he would give his phone number.

No integrity! I Spurn him a 10, 000 times over!

"I also gave him my number." Liang SiSi was in a good mood. " I have completed the first step."

"Congratulations to you." Spurn you both a thousand and one times over.

"Ruo Yu, what is the result of your ECG? Do you need to be hospitalized? If you are hospitalized, are you going to be in Dr. Meng's ward? I can use this excuse to visit you and come to see him every day."

Chen Ruo Yu had no more strength and her spurning heart had disappeared.

These two people are actually very well-matched, aren't they?

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