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26.96% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 24: Chapter 24 - Tang Mother

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Chapter 24: Chapter 24 - Tang Mother

"Save you? What is the matter?"

"I'm on a blind date."

"Have you met a gangster?"

"No.. No... more powerful than a gangster." Chen Ruo Yu looked around her. Other than the lady who was washing her hands, there was no one else. She held the phone closer and whispered, "He brought his mother."

The other end of the phone was very quiet. Then Meng Gu's restrained voice could be heard. "So what if he brings his mother? Do you need to be saved? Aren't you over-exaggerating a bit? If he is not suitable for you, you can just leave."

"He is introduced by a friend. I cannot be rude towards him."

"Even if he is introduced by a friend, there is no guarantee that both of you will marry and have children."

"He is not an ordinary friend. This man is her business associate. If I don't handle this properly, it may affect my friend."

"Then you have to tackle it the proper way. Just chat with them and then you can leave. Later, just tell your friend to relay a message to him and say that he is not suitable. That will settle everything, right?"

All this time, she had always known he has a poisonous tongue, does she need him to teach her this?

"No.. No.. I have elder phobia and I can't talk to them, I was stuttering just now. Then after sitting down for ten minutes, his mother had already started talking about giving birth to a baby. In the next five minutes, I'm sure her grandson will already be in kindergarten. I felt I could not breathe, my face became numb and my hands and feet felt cold."

The phone was quiet again. "Drink something sweet." He instructed.

"I had already drunk hot cocoa."

"Where are you?"

Chen Ruo Yu told him the address and after listening to him, she gathered that Mongolian doctor was willing to come and rescue her. Suddenly, she calmed down a lot and said. "Wait a minute. I need someone to come and look for me, pretending to be very anxious and say that a friend of mine is very ill and that the situation is very urgent and that I need to go to the hospital immediately otherwise I won't be able to see her for the last time."

Meng Gu put his hand to his forehead and informed her, "Chen Ruo Yu, this kind of drama can just be played out on the phone "

"Ah?" Chen Ruo Yu suddenly realized. "Right, You are right. Then I don't have to bother you."

She quickly hung up the phone, then dialed Liang SiSi's number but it was turned off. Then she dialed Lan Lan's number. The first time, she did not pick up and the second time Chen Ruo Yu called, it was a long time before she picked up the call. But with the screams of the child and the dog barking all mixed together, obviously, LanLan could not possibly act out the play with her. Chen Ruo Yu told Lan Lan, she will call her later and then hung up the phone.

Well, now there was only Dr. Meng left.

Chen Ruo Yu was in a panicked mood. After thinking for a while, she decided to go out and try to deal with the situation herself.

She braced herself, went back to her seat and found the lady who was in the toilet just now, actually sitting directly behind her. When she passed by the lady's table, upon seeing her, the lady politely nodded and smiled at Chen Ruo Yu.

Chen Ruo Yu forced herself to return her a smile, then took a deep breath and encouraged herself in her heart.

The moment she sat down, Tang Mother asked."Why were you away for so long? Are you feeling unwell?"

"No.. No.. thank you for Auntie for your concern." Chen Ruo Yu felt her stomach constrict. She took a sip of the hot cocoa, it was not too hot but it was terribly sweet.

"Xiao Yu, what other people do you have at home? If you are really to married to Ah Cai, your family will not move in with us, will they?

Cheb Ruo Yu tried to keep the smile on her face. "Auntie, it is now still too early to talk about this. I just met Mr. Tang." As she said, she silently glanced at Tang Jin Cai and he sent an apologetic look her way.

"It's not too early. Ah Cai is nearly 30 years and Xiao Yu, you're not young either, you're already 26, is that correct? You have to hurry up. I find you agreeable, I'm also acquainted with Zhao Xia and we have been working together for a long time, she is a good person and I like her. Since she has introduced you, I'm sure she did not do this indiscriminately. You have good facial features, your forehead is wide enough, your eyebrows are well-formed, your ear lobes are round and your eyes are clear. You have a face of good fortune."

She is so terribly unlucky and this Auntie is saying she is blessed with good fortune. Chen Ruo Yu really could not smile anymore.

But Tang Mother still continued to ask, "Oh yes, how much is Zhao Xia paying you a month?"

"I.... I don't get a salary. I'm just an agent under her and I get commission for my sales."

"Then how much can you earn?" Tang Mother wrinkled her eyebrows.

Chen Ruo Yu lifted up her cup and took a sip of the sweet, heavy hot cocoa drink. She really did not want to answer this question.

"Forget it. This is not a big deal. When the time comes, you can work with us in our company. It is our family business and it's more convenient you don't have to work outside. We don't mind how much our daughter-in-law earns and it doesn't matter to us. You are now 26 and you should have children early. In fact, it is best to have children before the age of 25 and now it is already very late for you."

Then you should look for a daughter-in-law under 25 years of age, Chen Ruo Yu thought.

Chen Ruo Yu could not sit still any longer and felt her backache and pain in her butt.

"Auntie, it is really too early to discuss this. It is better to drink tea."

"Young people like you don't understand the urgency, so that is why all of you only become mothers in old age. Children born to middle-aged mothers are not smart. Oh yes, talking about children..... when I chose a name for Ah Cai, I had also prepared several names. They are very good, so when the times comes, you don't have to worry about choosing names for your children. I have prepared everything. In addition, now that kindergartens are not easy to get admitted into, the child's place has been to be booked in advance. There is a kindergarten near our district and I have visited that place. Later, you can leave the responsibility of taking care of the child to me, you don't have to hire a babysitter and you don't have to ask your family for help..."

"Auntie, I'm sorry. I have to go to the restroom again." Chen Ruo Yu could not stand it any longer and she quickly made an excuse to escape.

She hid in the restroom to make a call. She was falling apart and her stomach was in pain.

"Dr. Meng, I really don't know what to do. Please help me." Chen Ruo Yu had long forgotten that just now she had impolitely hung up his call and had instead called SiSi and Lan Lan for help.

"How do you want me to help you?" Meng Gu was not in a good mood but he did not hang up on her. It seems that there is still hope and Chen Ruo Yu was touched by him.

"It won't be too much of a trouble for Dr. Meng. You just have to make a pretend call to me and act out this play together, saying something like there is a terrible emergency that requires me to leave immediately."

Meng Gu sighed. "Chen Ruo Yu, if you need to act out a play in the phone, you can do it on your own.

"No.. No.. I can't do it alone. I can't pretend to talk on the phone when not on a call. Anyway, it will look more real when the phone rings and I pick up the phone to answer. You don't know, his mother is extremely powerful and she can talk and talk non-stop, regardless of whether others want to listen to her or not. She is talking about kindergarten and following this she will talk about elementary school, then college and then eventually she will be carrying her great-grandson. I really can't do anything. When she speaks, I feel her my head going numb and I can't think straight. If there is no one to act this out with me, I will definitely expose my lies and by that time, it will be embarrassing."

"Chen Ruo Yu, what should I say about you?"

"Say what you want but don't say it now. Today is already a bad day for me. Dr. Meng just hold it in and we can discuss this later but now, you have to help me."

The phone on the other end was quiet for a few seconds. "Okay, wait for me."

Chen Ruo Yu heaved a sigh of relief and put away her phone. She washed her face with cold water and became more alert. She mentally prepared herself again before returning to her seat.

Tang Mother once again was concerned about Chen Ruo Yu's health. This time, She directly asked whether there was any problem with her kidneys. Then she talked about the difficulties the Tang family faced when they started their business. Although their company is small, the business is pretty good. Then she also arranged a position in the company for Chen Ruo Yu and then began to tell her about her duties in the company. At the side, Tang Jin Cai tried to put an end to the conversation but was fiercely reprimanded by his mother. When Chen Ruo You saw this, she did not dare to say anything more. Secretly she took out her cellphone and looked at it under the table. Meng Gu's call did not come in.

Tang Mother started to talk about meeting Chen Ruo Yu's parents. Chen Ruo Yu stammered and said that it was too early since Tang Jin Cai and she just met and there was no way it could be arranged, this made Tang Mother unhappy. Then the topic switched and she said that Tang Jin Cai is an only son and she wants that the both of them will stay with the family after they get married, so they will not be buying a new house. Since young people did not know anything about wedding banquet feasts, so she wanted to talk about these arrangements with Chen Ruo Yu's parents.

Chen Ruo Yu started to sweat. Her cellphone had not rung even once and her heart sank. Meng Gu had actually promised to help but he did not rescue her yet. She could not tolerate anymore and said to Tang Mother. "Auntie, I'm sorry. Suddenly I remembered I have something to do. I have to leave immediately. Why don't we meet again some other day, I will invite you for tea again?"

"You have something to do? How can you have something to do all of a sudden. Is it because Auntie is annoying? That's why I say, elderly people like us like to nag a bit but it is also good for you young people. If I didn't come today, what will the both of you talk about? Just meet each other and take it slowly? How long will you drag on before getting married? I am a straightforward person and if you have any conditions, just speak up. At least in this way, both of you know what to except, isn't this better?"

"No.. No.. I really have something to do. I... I just forgot. I only just remembered."

"Then Miss Chen should hurry to settle whatever matter you have to do. We will not hinder you." Tang Jin Cai tried to mediate in this situation and Chen Ruo Yu nodded at him in gratitude. When she was about to beckon for the bill, Tang Mother who did not believe her, continued and asked, "What is so important?"

Chen Ruo Yu was feeling desperate. She made up her mind to ignore Tang Mother and leave straight away. When she raised her head, she saw Meng Gu's handsome figure walking in.

Her tears nearly flowed down. Thank God..! Thank Dr. Meng Gu for his conscience.... no, no.... thank Meng Gu for his compassion.

He did not call because he had come in person. Just now she had accused him wrongly.

He must have felt she would not be able to play the act well and embarrass herself, so he had come to rescue her in person.

He is a hero! He is a good and kind person!

Meng Gu stood in the doorway of the cafe and saw Chen Ruo Yu's gloomy face with her eyes gleaming with tears of gratitude. He strode over in big strides and stood in front of Chen Ruo Yu's table.

Chen Ruo Yu looked up at him and hoped he would quickly say that someone had met with an accident or someone had jumped down from a building.... anything as long as it was imperative that she leave immediately to see that someone before they die.

The result was..... Meng Gu said. "Why didn't you go for the consultation today? Director Liu of the Psychiatric department said that you had made an appointment but you didn't turn up."

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