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29.21% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 26: Chapter 26 - Missing Him

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Chapter 26: Chapter 26 - Missing Him

Chen Ruo Yu felt her face go stiff, she turned to look at Meng Gu for help, but Mrs. Meng had already happily sat down with them at their table.

"How come you are here?" Meng Gu ignored Chen Ruo Yu's pleading eyes and faced his mother to chat.

"I was out meeting with friends."


"They've left."

"So why are you still here?"

"I was going to go, but I went to the bathroom before leaving and then I saw Xiao Yu in the bathroom on the phone, and when she mentioned Dr. Meng, I felt amiable. Then she said Dr. Meng Gu, then I thought, how coincidental that the person is actually called Meng Gu, the same as my son. So I stayed."

In conclusion, she deliberately stayed to listen in on gossip.

She also called her Xiao Yu. After it all, Chen Ruo Yu really wanted to dig herself into the ground, and Mother Meng must have heard everything on her blind date.

"Oh, I could not be sure if it was my son you were asking for help. If I knew it was him, I would have sat next to you to help you speak up."

Chen Ruo Yu shook her stiff face. Dear Auntie, don't you think it was already messy enough?

At this time, Mother Meng tapped Meng Gu's shoulder and said, "Son, shouldn't you introduce us?"

After listening in on her blind date, what better introduction could you have?

"This is my mother, this is Chen Ruo Yu." Meng Gu's face showed no scruples, he did not hear Chen Ruo Yu's heart shouting. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hello, Xiao Yu." Mother Meng good-naturedly said,

"Hello, Auntie." Chen Ruo Yu trembled, hoping this antie would not ask her a bunch of questions, she really couldn't stand any more torture today.

"Xiao Yu has elder phobia?"

Here we go, come, start asking. Moreover, since the beginning, she has already become a laughing stock - the butt of jokes.

Chen Ruo Yu subconsciously looked at Meng Gu, but before Meng Gu had the time to speak up, Mother Meng spoke up again, "It is normal to be nervous around elders, but you don't have to do this around me, look I am so young." Mother Meng said as she touched her face in an exaggerated manner to emphasize her point.

Chen Ruo Yu relaxed and asked, "Auntie, did you have Dr.Meng in your teens?"

Mother Meng laughed and Meng Gu was not angry and said, "Chen Ruo Yu, don't flatter."

Chen Ruo Yu looked at them innocently, she meant it, his mother really looks too young.

"Don't mind him, I really like this kind of sincere praises." Mother Meng smiled and was enthusiastically said, "Meng Gu is my biological child, didn't pick him up from anywhere."

"Mom, I also have to trouble you to pay attention to your image as an elder."

"I'm paying attention. Son, how do you know Xiao Yu?"

"She is Yin Zi's girlfriend's good friend."

"Yin Zi has a girlfriend? Oh, this kid I haven't seen him for a long time, I should invite him out to dinner, the main focus is to see his girlfriend."

"If you say it like that, Yin Zi will definitely not be willing."

"Then you ask and phrase it another way. Anyway, as long as I can see her."

"For me, Yin will be even more reluctant."

"That is, you don't say it directly, you have to be tactful."

Chen Ruo Yu was sitting down, carefully watching mother and son gossip about Yin Zi, she quickly found a chance to interject and said, "That, Dr. Meng, auntie, you enjoy your chat, I won't bother you, I will be leaving first."

Meng Gu nodded, Mother Meng also nodded. Chen Ruo Yu sighed and was just about to get up, when Mother Meng said, "We have to go too, let's go out together."

Chen Ruo Yu peeked at Meng Gu, he didn't have any reaction, it seems he really listens to his mother's words. This kind of obedient son image really stunned Chen Ruo Yu.

The three people arrived outside and Meng Gu went to drive the car up to the entrance. Chen Ruo Yu was going to leave but she was pulled by Mother Meng, "Xiao Yu, the words Meng Gu just said were too rude, I am really sorry. I apologize to you on his behalf."

"It's nothing, it's okay," Chen Ruo Yu panicked, "that's just Dr. Meng's style."

Style? she felt a little embarrassed when she said this, this time she was actually flattering.

Fortunately, Mother Meng smiled and didn't seem to think much about it, "Meng Gu's father plans to also arrange a blind date for him. How about, you come and get revenge?"

Chen Ruo Yu shook her head and waved her hand, "No, no." It's over, it's over, she doesn't know what to do, this type of elder is scarier.

"It doesn't matter, you don't have to hit the table or anything like that. You can just go over during the date and say something interesting like he did today."

Is it interesting to call her a mental patient?

"This trick won't work for Dr. Meng. If I say why didn't you go to the psychiatric department, the other person will just think that he switched from the surgery department to the psychiatric one, and it will not have the intended effect." And what about after she ruins Meng Gu's blind date? Will he suddenly fall in love with her, and lay down his life for her?

Just thinking of him misunderstand her intentions, she was afraid he would retaliate afterwards, she can't fight him.

"Of course, you have to change your words, there won't be any novelty if you use the same technique as today. I will help you think about it...ah, yes, you can say, Meng Gu I've finally bought the brand of hemorrhoid cream you use."


Chen Ruo Yu almost choked on her own spit.

Is this really Dr. Meng Gu's mother?

"You think this is a good one, right?"

"Auntie, you are really humorous."

"Fortunately, Meng Gu inherited his impatience and bad temper from his father, but he inherited his handsomeness and humor from me." In short, the good came from her and the bad came from his father.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at her smiling eyes and suddenly envied Meng Gu. If she also had such a lovely mother, she will definitely be willing to go back to C city.

Meng Gu drove the car over and told Chen Ruo Yu, "I have to send my mother back, and then I have to go back to the hospital, so I cannot send you home."

Chen Ruo Yu nodded, thinking that Meng Gu was very filial, at least in front of his mother, he is really a decent person. Mother Meng did not behave formally with Chen Ruo Yu and waved her hand as she said goodbye.

Chen Ruo Yu watched as the car turned onto the main road, then she turned and walked slowly and quietly down the street. She thought, what did she inherit? After thinking for a long time, she settled on stinginess is inherited from her mother, and her timidity is from her father.


That evening, Chen Ruo Yu called Zhao Xia and talked to her about what happened today when she met Tang Jin Cai and his mother. Zhao Xia shouted that Mother Tang was too outrageous, she told Chen Ruo Yu to feel at ease and that if Mother Tang should come looking for her, she knows how to handle it.

After Chen Ruo Yu got off the phone, she suddenly thought of her mother, wondering if she was still angry with her. Her mother's temperament is especially stubborn, it is difficult to get through to her, how can she communicate with them and get them to understand that she doesn't want to go back to live?

Comparing her life with Meng Gu, his mother is warm and caring and his father is strict, his family condition is good, his career is successful and his future is boundless. There is also Yin Zi and Lei Feng who are his close friends since childhood. While me, I don't have many friends, not much salary, the future is uncertain...

Chen Ruo Yu sighed, she felt a little jealous of Meng Gu.

While browsing the internet, she stumbled on an ancient picture. In a peach blossom forest, with lush flowers and petals fluttering around, stood a man dressed in white with his back turned and hands held together behind his back, his demeanor seemed a bit arrogant.

Chen Ruo Yu looked at it and didn't know why but she felt like she was looking at Meng Gu and so she saved the picture on her desktop and sent it over to her phone and set it up as her wallpaper.

After setting it up, she held her phone and looked at it left and right and was very satisfied. Meng Gu said that he had been dumped three times, she was really curious, she wanted to know what happened and wondered if she would ever have a chance to find out.

That night, Chen Ruo Yu closed her eyes to sleep, with the peach blossom forest and the man's slender back still on her mind.

Nothing special happened for the next few days.

Tang Jin Zai did not look for Chen Ruo Yu, nor did he look for Zhao Xia regarding Chen Ruo Yu. Meng Gu also did not make any contact the over the last few days, no phone calls or text messages. Chen Ruo Yu looked at the picture of Mr. Peach Blossom forest and thought it is normal for friends to contact so often. Also if he suddenly looks for her, it must be to give her trouble, so it is better for him not to contact her.

Today, Chen Ruo Yu called her family to greet her parents. Recently, she feels nervous every time she calls home, but she feels that it won't be good if she doesn't contact them. 

Mother Chen asked her when she is coming back, she replied again that she doesn't want to go back. This time, her mother didn't hang up the phone, but she was very upset and said that she didn't understand what she was thinking, said that when she was young her body was not very good and that it had been very hard to take care of her, and the result now is that she is not as filial as her younger brother now, and finished by saying they had worked hard to raise her in vain.

Chen Ruo Yu did not respond but felt very sad in her heart. When she was a child her body was not too good, she used to get sick often and it was hard to take care of her. But as she grew up, when she was at home, she always did all the housework, did the shopping, cooking, washing dishes and was always very an active helper, while her younger brother did not move at all. She bought medicine for her parents, ran errands, poured water and all sorts of little things were all done by her, while her younger brother usually went out to play games or was busy playing games at home.

She works hard, and no matter how much she ears, she still wants to be able to help her family, she wants her parents to eat better and not have to work so hard. She knew that to her mother face was important, and she wanted her to be able to lift her head in front of their relatives and friends, when these elderly people get together, they love to ask about income and ask how much money the child gives to the family, so she gritted her teeth and saved money to send to her family.

Her younger brother has still not graduated university, and even some of his tuitions fees are provided by her. Her mother taking care of her brother was not so tired, because she began to help take care of him since she was young, she has also spent a lot of effort.

But at the end of the day, she got a comment that she was not as filial as her brother.

Chen Ruo Yu did not speak, but Mother Chen continued, she asked how the insurance was sold, does she bow and beg people to buy every day with a smile? What she said did not sound good, but Chen Ruo Yu did not even have the energy to defend herself.

She used an incoming phone call as an excuse to end the call, Chen Ruo Yu felt too tired to be bothered.

After ending the call, Chen Ruo Yu sat on the edge of the bed, she was sad but she did not cry. She always feels like crying, and once she gets used to crying it would be difficult to control. The more she cries, the weaker she feels and so she tried not to cry.

She has actually been thinking all this time of how to find a way for her family and her to be happy, but after thinking for a long time she could not come up with a solution. She doesn't like her parents' ways of doing things, nor can she live up to their expectations, and since she doesn't meet their expectations, they want her to return to their city and live by their mandate, which she couldn't do.

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly thought of Meng Gu, missing his callous expression that made it seem he didn't care about anything, missing his poisonous tongue and missed his scolding.

If he was here, she would not be so sad. Although he would make her annoyed, after getting angry, she would always feel good and relieved afterwards.

She missed him.

She wondered whether he went on his blind date? What kind of person was his blind date? Could it be the hospital head's daughter? Ah, then their child could be named Meng Yuan Zhang. Chen Ruo Yu thinking this felt a little happy. Otherwise, it's okay to still use Dr. Meng, a family of doctors.

***("Yuan Zhang" means hospital head.)***

She looked at her phone and the Mr. Peach Blossom forest who still stood arrogantly on the screen. She missed him but didn't want to call him. There's nothing to talk about, in case he says something again like, 'Chen Ruo Yu, you have nothing to do and came to quarrel with me, do you want to die?'

Chen Ruo Yu imagined his tone of voice and smiled. She hoped that in the future the hospital head's daughter will shout at him, 'Meng Gu, you still have not changed the child's diaper, do you want to die?'

Chen Ruo Yu put the phone aside and laid on the bed. She will definitely live a happy life, she definitely will. She can't be pessimistic and negative. She can't be sad, she is so young and her days are still very long.

Although her mother's words were harsh, it was because she felt bad for her. Although her dad does not dare to voice any opinions against her mother's decision, he still leaned towards her side. Although her younger brother is a little troublesome, but he is still good to her.

Therefore, she should cheer up and be more energetic.

Chen Ruo Yu felt much better. The last thought she had before going to sleep was that she would call Gao Yu Lan tomorrow and ask how she and Yin Zi was doing recently, maybe she can find a chance to get together with them, everyone could get together and maybe Meng Gu will also come.

Chen Ruo Yu really did this, but Meng Gu did not come, on the day of the meeting, Meng Gu was on duty. Chen Ruo Yu was embarrassed and could not say that they will wait for Meng Gu to be free to hang out again. So, she passed the lively night, without Meng Gu and she somewhat felt a sense of loss.

The next day, Chen Ruo Yu picked up her phone to look at it from time to time. She was hesitating to call Meng Gu, she could say she's calling because their friends had gathered together yesterday but he did not come, so she's calling to greet him, is this a justifiable reason? but it seems to be too deliberate.

She thought and thought again, hesitated and hesitated some more, and she was very inefficient at work due to this.

While she was still debating, she got a phone call. It was actually from Tang Jin Cai.

He, first of all, apologized for his mother's performance that day. He said his mother was not trying to be malicious, it's just that it is how her character is, she is quick-tempered and likes to plan everything effectively and once she gets an idea, she likes to settle everything immediately.

Chen Ruo Yu was polite, but she was also worried that he had not given up on her even though she was painted as a mental patient.

Tang Jin Cai did not mention anything about dating. After he said some polite words, he said something unexpected to Chen Ruo Yu. He said that his uncle has been suffering from depression for a long time because of past events. He has seen a lot of doctors, but it seemed that his condition has not made any improvements. The most famous psychiatrist in the city is Director Liu of a certain hospital. He asked if Chen Ruo Yu's appointment that day was with that hospital's psychiatry department's Director Liu.

Chen Ruo Yu felt a little foolish, she didn't have an appointment, how would she know? However, the hospital's name was the one Meng Gu worked at, so she was definitely sure of it.

"Director Liu is very famous in the country, an appointment with him is really difficult to get. In the past two days, my aunt has come to my house to discuss this, she said that she has tried for several months. My mother suddenly remembered that you had an appointment that day, that your friend had come to pick up must know Director Liu, he had said that Director Liu told him that you did not show up for your appointment."

"Um, he should know him."

"That, can you please do me a favor and ask your friend to help us get an appointment? I am very worried about my uncle's illness, the whole family is worried, so if you need a reward or something, you can name it."

At that moment, Chen Ruo Yu felt that she was not very kind. Her first thought was not to sympathize with the patient, but that she finally had a legitimate reason to call Meng Gu.

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