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31.46% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 28: Chapter 28 - Thank You Gift

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Chapter 28: Chapter 28 - Thank You Gift

Chen Ruo Yu received a call from Meng Gu two days later, he had already asked doctor Liu to write the note and asked Chen Ruo Yu to come to collect it.

Chen Ruo Yu was very happy that she could meet Meng Gu. She quickly finished her work and deliberately went home early to change clothes. After going through a couple of outfits, stood in front of the mirror, turned left and right, she was finally satisfied with her outfit. When she walked out the door, she looked down at her feet and felt that the pants and shoes did not match well, so she opened the door again and went back to change her shoes. This time, she was finally satisfied and really stepped out.

When she got to the bus stop, she saw a couple. Chen Ruo Yu suddenly thought that she was really sick, what is she being so nervous for? Although she has not seen him for a while, Mr. Tyrannosaurus is still Mr. Tyrannosaurus, he has certainly not changed. There is no need to be weird about meeting him.

When the bus arrived, Chen Ruo Yu got on the bus and carefully guarded the big lunch box in her hands.

For this meeting, she had carefully prepared this gift. She thought it was good for an apology and thank you gift it, it was not too grand, but also not too simple and it suited her usual style. Chen Ruo Yu imagined Meng Gu's expression seeing the gift, she admits that she was also aiming for a bit of mischief in her heart. She was also hoping that after this Mr. Tyrannosaurus will not mention the issue of her biting him later.

As the bus approached the hospital, Chen Ruo Yu received a call from Meng Gu, he said that there was an impromptu meeting and that she would have to wait a bit and that she should go to his office to sit in his office. Chen Ruo Yu did not want to go to his office, she still had some knots in her heart regarding the nurses, so she said she would wait for him in the hospital's atrium garden.

"The garden restaurant?" The place where the birds are chirping with beautiful flowers.

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but laugh, it seemed that there was a secret coded language between them, it made her very happy. "To thank you, I have brought some food."

"A sweet dinner again?" His tone immediately made Chen Ruo Yu imagine up a frowning expression of disgust on his face.

"Not sweet. Anyway, you don't like sweet things."

"Hey, so you know. Since you know I don't like to eat sweet things, you deliberately did that on purpose last time, right?"

"It was your own request, I was helpless." Very good, today she was very articulate and clever and has wiped clean her former shame. Chen Ruo Yu was very satisfied with her performance.

"Okay, I won't argue with you. I'll go to the meeting, you can also wait on a bench."


Today, Mr. Tyrannosaurus was very easy to handle in conversation, Chen Ruo Yu felt very happy and waited for Meng Gu to hang up the phone.

But he didn't hang up, and suddenly asked, "What is it this time?"

"You will know when you see it." She was really afraid that he will not come down if he knew.

"A surprise?"

"Yes." Sort of, she thought.

"I am worried there will only be a surprise but no joy."

"It is naturally your personality that is not very cheerful, so you can't see or feel joy."

"I am going to the meeting."

"Okay, I'm almost at the bus stop."

"Oh." He paused on the phone and then said, "The meeting may run a bit longer, our director is very wordy."

"Dr. Meng, you are also very wordy, don't blame your director."

"Hang up." The man who was criticized for talking too much hung up the phone in a slightly crude and rude manner.

Chen Ruo Yu was in a good mood, put her phone back in her bag and waited for her bus stop. This Mongolian doctor has a bad temper, say a word and he becomes unhappy.

Since Meng Gu will not be coming down for a while, Chen Ruo Yu was not in a hurry, she slowly and steadily headed to the atrium garden to see if there were any new flowers and was looking here and there. She also teased a cat that was hiding in the flowers, then she looked at her watch, only twenty minutes have passed. She sat on the bench at the end and stared at the little shrub in front of her.

"Xiao Yu." While her mind was wandering, she heard someone call her. Chen Ruo Yu turned her head to the direction of the voice, and to her surprise it turned out to be Meng Gu's mother.

"Ah, Ah...auntie." It's over, her elder phobia began to act up again, Chen Ruo Yu stood up to greet her and had found herself stuttering again.

Mother Meng walked over to her with a smile, "Oh, my memory is very good, I didn't remember the wrong person. Is Xiao Yu here to see a doctor?"

"" The clinics are all closed now, she should also know that she isn't here to see a doctor.

"Do you have a relative or a friend that is hospitalized?

"Do-n't...don't have."

Mother Meng narrowed her eyes and smiled, "Are you here to see my family's Meng Gu?"

"Oh...yes." Chen Ruo Yu did not know where her guilty conscience was coming from, but she thought she needed to explain and added another sentence, "I asked Dr. Meng to help me with a favor."

"Oh." Mother Meng seemed to have no interest in what the help was, or why Meng Gu was not here and she was here alone, instead she said, "I have to wait for his father to get off work, it's boring so I will just sit with you, you don't mind, do you?"

How can she say that she minds it? She quickly smiled and nodded, while her heart was beating rapidly.

Mother Meng held Chen Ruo Yu's arm and sat them down together, "Xiao Yu's last blind date, was there any follow-up?"

"Ah, we settled on just being normal friends."

"What kind of partner is Xiao Yu looking for?"

"That is, a good person who is good to me." Chen Ruo Yu didn't know why she was blushing at Mother Meng.

"How do you account for being good to you?" Mother Meng smiled and continued to ask, "Should he be gentle and considerate?"

"Not, not just that, we should also be compatible." Chen Ruo Yu felt her face heating up again. She has not even discussed this kind of topic with her own mother. But actually, seriously thinking about it, her criteria is really not high.

"Hmm." Mother Meng nodded, "There are no specific requests, it is really high."

Chen Ruo Yu's face went a little stiff and awkwardly laughed twice, "hehe." and nodded on the side. It's over, this auntie can hear people's thoughts? How profound, she really can't cope. Chen Ruo Yu averted her eyes, looked at the flowers, looked at the trees and was hoping that Meng Gu would quickly appear.

"A few days ago, Meng Gu also went on a blind date." Mother Meng suddenly said, this topic made Chen Ruo Yu's ears perk up.  

"But I don't like that girl much." Mother Meng face appeared worried and somewhat distressed.

"That, then it's settled?" Chen Ruo Yu's heart tightened and her curiosity was raised.

"Not yet. His father likes her, I don't like her, so it's not settled."

This answer, Chen Ruo Yu really does not know what to make of it, Is it that in the Mongolian's doctor's family, parents still arrange the marriages?

She could not help but speak up for Meng Gu, "For the matter of marriage, you still have to seek Dr. Meng's opinion, don't you? The most important thing is whether he likes her himself, isn't it?"

Mother Meng smiled again, "Yes, the most important thing is whether he likes it, but he didn't give any reaction at all. So I decided to just talk with his dad."

In the end, the person who went for the blind date did not give any reaction and the old couple are fighting about it?

Chen Ruo Yu thought that Meng Gu is also somewhat pitiful, what if he likes her, but the family cannot agree, what will happen?

"Why does auntie think the girl is not good?" She decided to help Meng Gu first sound out the situation.

"She is too delicate, and at first glance, you can tell that she cannot bear hardship."

Chen Ruo Yu was taken aback, is marrying their Meng family the same at entering a dragon's pool or a Tiger's cave, do you have to suffer when you marry? This Mother Meng seems to be a person who is dainty and cannot do hard work, but she dislikes the girl's delicateness.

"Auntie, times have changed, many household chores have high-tech to assist. Even if she can't do it, it doesn't matter, you can also hire a housekeeper or employ a regular cleaning service. Actually, a bride doesn't have to suffer anything these days, the most important thing is whether the two people can live together. Dr. Meng liking her is the first condition, and when two people live together, they will naturally encounter hardship."  

Mother Meng was not angry and was still smiling, "I am not talking about hard labor, being the wife of a doctor is hard. Meng Gu is very similar to his father, so I am the most knowledgable on this matter. If she can endure hardship, then naturally she won't feel bitter, so both people can be happy. If she can't endure hardship, then she will feel that her days are very lonely and difficult, the two people under pressure, how can they be happy?"

Chen Ruo Yu opened her mouth, but not think of anything to say, well, she can't speak in-depth about the topic and she cannot imagine how hard it could be. She had thought that at most it would be dealing with Meng Gu's poisonous mouth a little as he cannot speak nicely all day long, but if he likes the girl very much, he should be able to restrain himself. As long as he doesn't lose his temper, he is a cheerful and funny person, and a man who is so caring towards his patients would not treat his wife badly.

She had thought he was bad before and that women would dislike him so it was nothing shocking for him to be dumped. However, she has also thought that he is very good, helpful, responsible, hard-working and patients like him very much. So now that his mother was saying that it would be hard to live with him and not feel bitter, she spoke on the injustice of it for him.

"Actually, the most important thing is to see whether Dr. Meng likes her. If two people fall in love, they will definitely be strong for each other. Auntie, don't worry too much and draw a conclusion too early, give them some opportunities." She is an outsider and so she can only this much.

Mother Meng laughed again, "Xiao Yu is worried that I will be a bad mother-in-law and bully my daughter-in-law?"

"No, no." Chen Ruo Yu waved her hands frantically, "I mean, give her a chance to prove that she can endure the hardship."

Mother Meng smiled and nodded. "Furthermore, we are elders. Our way of thinking about the problem is really different from that of you young people. However, I don't need to be a wicked person, when she gets together with Meng Gu, she will naturally have the chance to experience it."

Yes, that's right. This time, Chen Ruo Yu enthusiastically nodded her head and agreed in her heart. She had the same thought on this, when Liang Sisi said she wanted to pursue Meng Gu, she had thought the same.

Speaking of Liang Sisi, Chen Ruo Yu is somewhat awkward and does not know what she is thinking. Recently, she has not raised the topic of Meng Gu, before she used to mention Dr. Meng this, Dr. Meng that, informing her of all the gossip. Now she suddenly doesn't mention anything about it. What did Meng Gu say to her?

Meng Gu is now going on blind dates. Should she tell Sisi? What does Sisi really mean to Meng Gu? Will she also be rejected by Mother Meng for not being able to handle hardship? Well, actually thinking about it, Sisi doesn't really do anything. They live together, cook, share the house and so on, but she does all the housework by herself.

Chen Ruo Yu's mind was distracted, when she suddenly heard Mother Meng's say, "So hungry."

Chen Ruo Yu turned and looked at Mother Meng, she was taking out a small bag of biscuits from her bag, she looked at Chen Ruo Yu, grinned and said, "You see, it is was obviously him who asked me out to dinner, and now he has made me wait until I am so hungry. I still have to bring my own dry rations, otherwise, if I wait till my old man remembers me, I will have already starved to death waiting for him."

Chen Ruo Yu did not know how to respond to this and simply nodded. Mother Meng blinked and then saw the lunch box beside Chen Ruo Yu, "What is in Xiao Yu's box?"

"Ah, this is for Dr.Meng who helped me, so I decided to give him some food."

"Did you make it yourself?" This kind of packaging should not have been bought from somewhere.

Chen Ruo Yu's face went red again and she felt somewhat uneasy. Is it inappropriate to hide the lunch box at this time? She had to nod, "I made it myself."

"Let me have a look."

It's really over now. To open? Cannot. Do not open? Cannot. Chen Ruo Yu braced herself and opened the lunch box.

Mother Meng looked down and somewhat froze.

A feet lunchbox.

Chicken feet, duck feet, pig feet...

Chen Ruo Yu felt embarrassed. Meng Gu did not want to accept her invitation to eat, so she thought up this trick and made a dish for him to take home to eat, so she came up with this dish of a variety of feet, so that he can gnaw on the feet and rid himself of his grievances against her while gnawing on them. In short, although it seems tacky and stingy, she also put a lot of thought into it and was quite relieved too, she was quite satisfied with it.

However, her "special surprise" thank you gift has not been sent out, and now it was discovered by his parent. Chen Ruo Yu felt very embarrassed.

"It looks delicious, can I eat it? I'm so hungry." Mother Meng was not reserved at all and took out a paper towel and started wiping her hand in preparation.

"Oh..." Can she say no?

"Isn't it inappropriate to eat here?" The deputy dean's wife sitting in the atrium of the hospital nibbling on feet, is this okay?

Mother Meng had already started. She took a pig's foot and took two bites, and even complimented Chen Ruo Yu's cooking skills.

Chen Ruo Yu sat beside her watching her eat, and hoped that Meng Gu will be a little longer and not come down to see this scene.

"How did you make it?" Just eating was not enough, Mother Meng began to listen to the recipe.

Chen Ruo Yu began to tell her about her cooking method. Mother Meng also shared a few of her own cooking methods. Chen Ruo Yu was very interested in this topic and her emotions also relaxed and she happily chatted.

After comparing notes about ten dishes, Mother Meng was very happy and said, "Xiao Yu, you eat too, who knows when they will come down."

Chen Ruo Yu thought, anyway, the dish is already being eaten, it should be okay and she was indeed a little hungry. So she was not reserved, picked a chicken foot and began to nibble.

One old and one young were happily nibbling, when a man's voice suddenly came over, "Xiao Dong."

Chen Ruo Yu turned her head in the direction of the voice, it was awful, the dean had come. He found his wife in this extremely embarrassing image chewing on chicken feet in a public place at his workplace, isn't this a crime? Although the bench was somewhat hidden, and there was actually no one around. Furthermore, could she explain that his wife took the lead, and she only nibbled two?

Mother Meng did not care at all, she gracefully put the bone she was gnawing down, wiped her hands with a paper towel, smiled and said, "Are you done with work? Come and taste the dish made by Xiao Yu. It's delicious."

Also has to taste? He won't really taste it, would he?

Chen Ruo Yu feeling agitated, Meng Gu finally appeared.

He looked surprised and apparently did not expect his parents to be here. Chen Ruo Yu followed his line of sight and he was looking at the lunch box between her and Mother Meng, as well as the bones in the plastic bag next to the lunch box.

Chen Ruo Yu's desperate mood turned to the feeling of death. She and people surnamed Meng must have some grievances from the past, regardless of whether it is the father, mother or child, every time something embarrassing must happen.

She saw the old and young Dr. Meng, the two came over, both of them looked at the lunch box. Chen Ruo Yu knew that there are only one chicken foot and duck foot left in the box.

Mother Meng's ability to eat is very strong.

Chen Ruo Yu looked up and caught Meng Gu's eyes, he looked at her with a smile and asked, "This is the surprise you brought for me?"

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