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34.83% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 31: Chapter 31 - Old Wounds

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Chapter 31: Chapter 31 - Old Wounds

Chen Ruo Yu felt that her face was burning. She increased her speed and tried to go ahead, but found that her hand was still holding Meng Gu's, so she took the opportunity to let go and sneaked a glance at his face. Perhaps because he had been drinking, he was smiling lazily and seemed comfortable and somewhat relaxed.

Chen Ruo Yu was angry at the moment, "You're so out of it. If it were me, seeing that my friend was so worried about me, I would certainly feel incredibly guilty. How could I be like you who still so proud and even smug about it?"

She is very fierce but Meng Gu did not mind, only 'hum' twice and then said, "You mean like last time when you canceled your mobile line and hid in the hospital, when no one could find you? You let your friends worry, were you feeling guilty?"

Chen Ruo Yu choked, this person still mentioned her old wrongs so smoothly.

"I am telling you that I had a proper business reason for making those calls to you."

"Oh." He nodded and lazily followed her.

"You forgot to give me Director Liu's note."

Meng Gu gawked, but very quickly nodded, "Oh, that's it."

"Yes, that's it." Chen Ruo Yu finally found a good topic, "You must give me the note, so that you don't forget to again. I have already told Mr. Tang that I will get it today, if I don't then it'll be embarrassing for me."

Meng Gu suddenly increased his pace, Chen Ruo Yu had short legs and had to walk even faster to keep up with him, "Dr. Meng just give it to me now."

"It's in the car, I will go back and get it."

Chen Ruo Yu's mouth twitched, Meng Gu looked at her expression and started to turn around, "Okay, okay, I won't eat, I'll go back and get it for you now."

"Hey..." Chen Ruo Yu saw that he was already going back, he had gone so long without eating, she quickly pulled him, "It's okay, what are you being so petty for, we can go back and get it after you eat."

"So you remember that yourself." Meng Gu had on an expression that says 'you cannot blame me if you forgot', making Chen Ruo Yu want to hit him again.

When they got to the junction and the reached the convenience store, the door didn't open.

Chen Ruo Yu was a bit dumbfounded. Meng Gu looked at her and didn't say anything, she bit her lip, "I don't why they are not open today, they are usually open every day."

"My luck is really good." Meng Gu raised his eyebrows, leaned on a pole and touched his stomach.

"Then, there is a McDonald's just ahead at the front of the street, it seems to be 24 hours, we just have to walk a little further."

"My stomach hurts, I want to eat hot soup noodles."

"Your stomach is hurting and you still went to drink." Chen Ruo Yu wanted to scold him that he got what he deserved, but after thinking about it, she decided to swallow it back.

Meng Gu was very unaware and was not reflecting on himself for making Chen Ruo Yu worry all this time, she really didn't know where to vent her anger, but she was still seriously helping him to think of where they can get noodles now, but after thinking for a long time, she didn't come up with anything.

"It's so late, I don't know where we can get hot soup noodles. Otherwise, we can go back and I will make it for you. I will have to let Sisi know first, how about we do this?"

"No, it's the middle of the night, How would it seem if I run over to her house? If she wants to wear transparent pajamas and prance around in front of me, am I going to eat it or spit it out? I am not going!"

The way this person said it is really unpleasant. Chen Ruo Yu was helpless, although she was thinking that Sisi does like to wear transparent pajamas, but she would not be so unrestrained to...

Well, Chen Ruo Yu really imagined Meng Gu eating noodles and Liang Sisi coming out in transparent pajamas, then posing giving him a sly look.

Alright, alright. We'll just do as he wants.

"Then go home and do it yourself."

Chen Ruo Yu had not finished her words, when a taxi passed and Meng Gu waved the car to stop and pulled her to it, "I know where they sell noodles, it's too far to walk, I'll take you there."

She was quickly bundled into the taxi and they set off.

It took Chen Ruo Yu a while to react and by that time they were already on their way, she was kidnapped.

CHen Ruo Yu was taken to a Japanese restaurant, Meng Gu claimed that they served delicious ramen and two vegetable side dishes, but also ordered a plate of sushi and sake.

***("Sake" is Japanese rice wine)***

"You are still drinking!" Chen Ruo Yu lowered her voice to scold him.

"Sake is not alcohol."

"There is the word wine, so it is alcohol."

"Long Island iced tea has the word tea, but it is not tea."

"You are mentioning Long Island iced tea, now we are talking about sake! It is alcohol!" Chen Ruo Yu wanted to hit him again.

"Oh, it is alcohol." Meng Gu leaned back on the chair, "But I want to drink."

Chen Ruo Yu stared at him, after a long time she finally said, "Then you will not be allowed to drive, take a taxi back."

He looked at her and suddenly smiled, "Okay."

"Hand over the key." She stretched out her hand for him to hand it over to prevent him from secretly driving it away when she is at home.

Meng Gu laughed out loud this time, he pulled out the key and placed it her palm.

She smiled and put the keys away and then reached out again, "Give me taxi fare, otherwise if you leave later, I will have no money to pay for the ride home."

Meng Gu laughed again, this time he brought out his wallet and put it in her hand.

Chen Ruo Yu took the wallet, opened it and pulled out a couple of banknotes and then returned it to him, "This is not a loan from you. You brought me here, so you should be responsible for sending me back, so you should pay for the taxi."

"Oh, right." Meng Gu kept smiling and did not protest.

Him simply agreeing like this, Chen Ruo Yu was a little embarrassed and whispered, "It is."

"I didn't say it's not."

Chen Ruo Yu stared at him and really regretted that she worried about him today.

Meng Gu was still smiling and was looking at her, she suddenly didn't know what to say and so she was quiet.

As she was starting to feel awkward, the wine arrived.

Meng Gu poured two cups and pushed a cup towards her, she said, "Don't drink on an empty stomach. Since your stomach is hurting wait until the food arrives, to eat and drink together."

"Chen Ruo Yu, do you a have younger brother or sister?"

Chen Ruo Yu gawked, "How do you know?"

"You like to give out orders a lot."

Chen Ru Yu's face went red and she didn't say anything. Meng Gu was obedient and did not touch the cup of wine.

He didn't drink so he just leaned back and looked at her. Chen Ruo Yu seemed to be getting more red, and she regretted stopping him, it is better to let him drink. What is going on with this restaurant? Why are they so slow to serve the food?

She was just about to use the bathroom excuse to try to hide for a bit, but Meng Gu spoke up first, "Chen Ruo Yu, your ex-boyfriend broke up with you, do you hate him?"

She thought for a long time then answered, "I don't hate him, he no longer has anything to do with me, I'm not so free and would it pay me to hate him?"

"If he comes back to find you, what will you do?"

"I haven't thought about it."

"Think about it now?"

She thought about it for a while, then replied, "I don't know, I can't think about it when it hasn't happened."

"What did you used to like about him?"

"He was actually very good, he was very polite to people and good-natured, hard-working and very patient."

"Do you like this type?"

"If I didn't like him I wouldn't have been together with him. I was planning to marry him at that time."

"He didn't want you, you did not beat him up?"

"No, at that time I was particularly sad, and there were some other things that happened, I did not have the time to be sad about him, I did not want to think about him anymore and then I came here."

The noodles finally came, the sushi and side dishes also arrived. Chen Ruo Yu urged Meng gu to quickly start eating. Meng Gu gave her chopsticks and told her to eat the sushi.

Chen Ruo Yu didn't think he had ordered it for her, she was a little happy and thought of this as the compensation for the dinner.

"How come you're so happy to eat?" Meng Gu saw her happy expression and commented, "What did you eat in the evening?"

"I cooked noodles for myself after I scolded you for two minutes at the entrance of my apartment."

Meng Gu laughed and almost choked, "What did you scold me for?"

"I won't tell you." She ate two pieces of sushi, she was in a good mood, took a sip of sake, the taste of the wine is light but it is also really good, she emptied the small cup.

Meng Gu was really hungry, he finished the bowl of noddles between 2 to 3 minutes and cleaned the bowl, then started to eat the side dishes and drink.

"What about you? If your ex-girlfriend came back to look for you, what would you say?"

"I thought I would say a lot, but in the end, I didn't say anything."

Chen Ruo Yu gawked, what does he mean by this? Does this mean that he forgot his phone in the car because the old friend he met was his ex-girlfriend?

Chen Ruo Yu couldn't help but take a mouthful of the wine to calm her mind.

"Does she want to get back with you?"

"She has that intention, but she was not so direct. She said she just wants to be friends ." Meng Gu knew that she had guessed who he was with tonight and did not avoid the topic.

"What did you say?" Chen Ruo Yu's ears perked up.

Meng Gu suddenly smiled, "I won't tell you."

Tcht! Chen Ruo gave him a look.

But she was really too curious and couldn't help but ask, "Why did she break up with you in the first place?"

She thought that he would say 'I won't tell you', but she didn't expect him to answer immediately.

"Her family condition was different from my family, she didn't have a sense of stability. At that time, we were both studying in medical school. She owed tuition fees, worked two part-time jobs, she never went home during the holidays to save on travel expenses and instead worked to earn money so she can successfully finish her studies. I liked her very much at that time, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I offered to help her with money, but she refused to accept. She only accepted to eat dinner with me every day to save money and she studied very hard so that she could obtain a scholarship. She refused my offer of financial assistance, saying that she was not with me because of my good family condition."

Chen Ruo Yu listened attentively, she remembered that Meng Gu was most concerned about girls liking him because of her external qualities and blindly pursuing him, is it because of this influence?

"I think she broke up with me later, also to prove this. She said that the gap between our families was too big, her family burden is very heavy and that she doesn't think that we can last long together. Also at that time, there were people gossiping about, saying that she fell in love with me because of my family condition. She was very concerned about this, and I was annoyed about how much she cared about it, so we often quarreled."

It seems that the two of them both had strong personalities. Chen Ruo Yu sighed in her heart, they were actually well-matched. Is it that the truth is, that the more you fall in love, the more inferior you feel? There are so many shows on TV, even if the couple is well-matched, there will still be parents or something to thwart them...

"Hey, Dr. Meng, did your family hand out a cheque, saying how much would it cost for you to be willing to leave my son?" She had learned the gestures from TV and copied the motion of writing a cheque and handing it out.

"You watch too much TV."

"It is very possible, it is written in novels. There are so many stories, you did not ask her what difficulties she experienced?"

"My parents are not so idle to go give out cheques or to go about harming others. What she called difficulties, there is nothing much to worthy of sympathy."

Chen Ruo Yu frowned, she did not really approve of this statement.

"That year, she said that when she was qualified to stand alongside me, it then that we could really be together." Meng Gu looked outside the window, it seems that he sunk into his memories, "I tried very hard to persuade her, I couldn't figure out what the problem was, but she put her pride above our feelings and threw my heart on the ground, but she said that she was wronged and that she was helpless. Later, after graduation, she went back to her hometown to work in a hospital as a doctor and I stayed here and so broke up."

Meng Gu poured himself a cup of wine and downed it in one go.

"Chen Ruo Yu, I realized one thing at that time."

"What is it?"

"It is not always the person who cries that is most pitiful."

Meng Gu poured himself another cup, and Chen Ruo Yu handed over her own cup as well and drank with him.

"Today, when I was driving over to Yin Zi's. You called me, I was making a turn so I didn't pick up. I waited until I passed the intersection, then stopped on the side and wanted to call you back, then I saw her standing on the side of the road. She saw me too and came over and knocked on my window," Meng Gu stopped, "She has not changed much, she was still beautiful."

"And then you went for a drink?"

"Yes." Meng Gu nodded, "She got in the car and directed me to a bar. She said that we should catch up and have a drink since it's been so long."

"So you went?" Chen Ruo Yu's tone seemed to be looking down on his lack of moral integrity.

Meng Gu smiled, "Why won't I go? I wanted to hear what she had to say."

" What did she say?"

"She said that her father passed away, and the medical expenses her family owed are now paid off. She finished her master's degree and is now working in A city, she also brought her mother over. She said that she has changed and that she has now become qualified to stand alongside me."

This is a very obvious suggestion, Chen Ruo Yu was very uncomfortable, "What did you say?"

"I told her, you have changed, haven't I changed as well? You came back to walk shoulder to shoulder, but I have already gone far."

"What did she say?"

"She didn't say anything, she just had tears in her eyes, she looked pitiful."

"You are men are the worst, when you see a beautiful woman crying, she is always pitiful." Chen Ruo Yu grinned.

What Meng Gu just said lit a spark in Chen Ruo Yu's head and she suddenly said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute."


"She saw you driving, wanted to catch up with you, but took you to drink and let you get drunk! Even if it's not trying to kill, it's at least trying to get you in jail!" Chen Ruo Yu was very angry.

Meng Gu was dumbfounded, and then laughed for a long time, "Chen Ruo Yu, in the end, you are not looking at what is important?"

"This is very important! It is the most important thing!"

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

LOL I agree with him, her point of view looking at this situation is quite bizarre...

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