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38.2% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 34: Chapter 34 - Good Friends

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Chapter 34: Chapter 34 - Good Friends

After entering the house, Chen Ruo Yu was restless and uneasy, she was afraid that Meng Gu would come up.

She waited for a long time behind the door, no one knocked on her door and no one called, nothing happened. She breathed a sigh of relief and went back to hide in her room. She fell on the bed and after a while, she suddenly thought that she could peek out from the window, she got up and went to the window and cautiously looked down, Meng Gu's car had disappeared.

It's over.

Mr. Tyrannosaurus, who was injured, was retreating quietly? This is not his style!

He did not scold her, did not retaliate, this is too scary. It's over, this matter has gotten bigger.

Chen Ruo Yu became even more panicked.

This is simply the calm before the storm.

Does this mean that Mr. Tyrannosaurus is very angry? She was too angry and did bad things in anger. Although he was in the wrong to start with, it seems that the last person who behaved cruelly was her. She injured him and in such an obvious place too, it will certainly hurt his image and will make him lose face.

It's worse, Chen Ruo Yu started pacing, what if he is asked when he goes into work tomorrow? Does he live with his parents or by himself? If he is seen by his parents, what if they ask about the injury?

Chen Ruo Yu fell on the bed feeling a little anxious.

Well, now with this situation, even if he doesn't remember to seek revenge, others will remind him.

"Dr. Meng, what happened to your mouth?" When others ask him this question, what kind of mood can he have?

Chen Ruo Yu wailed, "Ahh" and regretted it. Why did she act impulsively and commit a crime? They are really very different people, he prank kissed her so gently, yet how can she hurt him with her retaliation?

Sure enough, people must rely on restraint to make up for their shortcomings in order to live well. It was too bad that for her to be restrained, she had to encounter "the fatal event of Mr. Tyrannosaurus", which is really bad.

Chen Ruo Yu thought about how to handle this situation for a long time, should she take the initiative to surrender and apologize, and plead for leniency? Either way, even if she had the mind to resolve this problem, how should she go about saying it?

And obviously, he is also wrong, he started it first.

It's all a mess, she didn't know how to go about sorting out this issue.

At this time, she heard a voice coming from outside her bedroom door, Liang Sisi had come back. Chen Ruo Yu felt that a savior had arrived and she rushed out, "Sisi, Sisi, there's is something I want to ask you."

"Say it." Liang Sisi dropped her bag on the sofa and went to open the refrigerator to get a drink.

"There is a pair of good friends, one of them injured the other, and the injured one is angry. The other one who inflicted the injury wants to apologize. What do you think should be done?"

"Who did you hurt?" Liang Sisi was very straightforward and did not follow Chen Ruo Yu to turn corners.

"Oh...this is not important."

"Where is the injury?"

"Oh, this is not important."

"If it is not important then you don't have to apologize. Why go through the trouble?"

"No, no. No matter who the other person is or where the injury is, it is still very important to apologize." Chen said a little anxiously.

Liang Sisi seeing her like this became more interested, "It must be your boyfriend since it so hard for you to talk and you are so embarrassed to say where it hurts, it must be in secretive place." She raised her eyebrows and smiled, "Ruo Yu, were you too intense and hurt someone?"

"Sisi!" Chen Ruo Yu was so anxious that she jumped, "I am earnestly talking to you about a very serious issue."

"Okay, I'm serious." Liang Sisi shrugged, straightened her face and seriously asked, "So what, in this situation, you don't need to apologize. The injury just shows that you are very passionate, what are you so anxious about?"

"There's no passion, it's really not that kind of relationship."

"If it's not that kind of relationship then you don't have to be so anxious. You don't intend to start dating him, then what are you thinking so much for?" Liang Sisi looked at her and said, "But, looking at you, it doesn't look like you don't have anything to do with him. Hey, tell me, what the hell is going on?"

"Nothing is going on, we are just ordinary good friends." Chen Ruo Yu had barely finished her words when she was interrupted by Liang Sisi.

"Ordinary friends and good friends are two different things. Ordinary good friends don't exist."

"Sisi, don't mess around."

"I am not, I am trying to help you analyze."

Analyze what? She is asking for advice, not an analysis. Chen Ruo Yu took a deep breath, "In any case, he is a good friend, I was not careful and bumped into him a bit and hurt him. I feel very sorry, but I am too embarrassed to say that I am sorry, so I want to ask you, do you have any good ideas?"

"Hit a bit..." Liang Sisi's expression showed that she was clearly thinking something crooked.

"Not below!" Chen Ruo Yu hurriedly said, then thought about it and looked downcast and said, "Forget it, I will just think about it myself."

"Hey, come back. Not below is not below, I also think you would not be so unrestrained." Liang Sisi's gossip heart was completely on fire. She is being so hesitant to speak and being so secretive about the injury, the relationship is not so simple.

"Ruo Yu, Ruo Yu, you can tell me clearly, what was the situation in the end?"

"There's no situation, I went home."

"Oh, then it's not a lovers relationship, then are you a prospective couple?"

"Not, it is impossible. We are purely friends."

"A man and a woman being so close and still bumping into each other, and it's so mysteriously exciting. It's impossible for it to be pure friendship."

"Says who, we are very good friends, good friends who can talk about our worries together." Of course, there is the kiss but that is automatically ignored.

"Well, close enough that you can talk about your worries, bump into each other, mysteriously exciting, but not a couple and you still say it is impossible. That kind of friendship can only be one type of relationship." Liang Sisi leaned back on the sofa and extending a finger.

Chen Ruo Yu was somewhat curious and asked, "What is it?"


***(I'm guessing the word here is "gay"...that's the only thing I can think of that would be so upsetting to her)***

Chen Ruo Yu was dumbfounded!

She did wrong! She shouldn't have looked for a friend whose mind is filled with romantic relationships and love stories to discuss friendship issues.

Chen Ruo Yu's turned and went back to her room, and fell on her bed exhausted to death.

She and he are really just good friends, it's just the feeling between them is good and much better than that of ordinary friends.

And they are the kind of good friends, that was one pursued and the other rejected. So they are both aware of the other's bottom line for the relationship, so there are no scruples and because of this, they are more open with each other.

□! How can this possibility emerge?!

Sisi is really insulting the relationship between them.

What the hell is she going to do? Or should she just leave him alone, wait for him to come to her door and then go with the flow. But won't he be angrier and think that she has not reflected?

Should she give him a gift of apology? NO, she can't send one. he is still in the wrong, he offended her first. She kindly gave him stewed pork shoulder, bought him chewing gum, bought him tissues...

Wait a minute, Pork shoulder!

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly remembered, cannot, this cannot be put off and quickly called Meng Gu.

"Dr. Meng, Dr. Meng, um that, the lunch box I put in your car, it is new pork shoulder, not the chicken feet left over from yesterday. You have to take it out and put it in the refrigerator, otherwise, it will spoil."

She said it all in one breath, the phone was silent for a few seconds, and then Meng Gu with a gloomy voice and said, "Chen Ruo Yu, are you calling just for this?"

"Yes, ah, this is very important. Everything else can be settled later, but the food cannot be delayed overnight. I skipped work in the afternoon today especially to stew this. Did you get home yet? Did you take it out of the car? Be sure to put it in the refrigerator."

"Beep beep..." Meng Gu hung up the phone without saying goodbye.

Chen Ruo Yu was stunned and became angry. This dead Mongolian doctor is actually so rude! His personality is too bad, his temper is too bad! She still had some guilty feelings before but all that had just disappeared without a trace.

For this, he must apologize to her first, or she will never care about him again!

The next day, Chen Ruo Yu was in a bad mood.

She had trouble falling asleep last night, so she was tired. Tang Jin Cai then called her on the matter of the note, it was only then that she remembered the note and arranged for it to be delivered to them.

Tang Jin Cai even thanked her, saying that he must invite Chen Ruo Yu and Meng Gu to a meal. Chen Ruo Yu vigorously shook her head and joked that she was now in a cold war with Mr. Tyrannosaurus, how could they go for a meal together?

This heartless Tyrannosaurus really ignored her all day. There wasn't even a text message, it couldn't be that he's not even planning to return her lunch box?

She listlessly got off work in the afternoon. She had sullenly made it to the bus stop when her phone rang and she picked it up

Meng Gu!

Chen Ruo Yu's spirit began to rise up and her heartbeat accelerated. She calmed herself down a bit, coughed a few times and answered the phone.

"Are you off work?"

"Yes." The monosyllabic remark seemed cool and powerful, Chen Ruo Yu was satisfied with her performance.

"How do you go about eating your pork shoulder? Should I just reheat it in the microwave?

"Use a pot to heat it, there is no marinade separately in it, so just pour it all in the pot with the gravy and heat it together. Don't use the microwave."

"So troublesome." He actually complained.

Chen Ruo Yu was very upset, too have him eat is still too troublesome. If she cooks food for him again, she is a pig!

"Such a big one, I can't finish it." He is still picking out problems.

"You are not allowed to throw it away, it is very expensive and I spent a long time stewing it. I'm warning you, you are not to waste it."

"Okay, the rest will be taken to the hospital tomorrow to share with my colleagues."

Chen Ruo Yu continued to feel unhappy. She worked hard on it and not he wants to give it to others. She thought again that she would really be a pig if she gave him food again!

"That's right, today Nurse Tian asked me about the injury on my lip."

Chen Ruo Yu ears immediately perked up, "Then what did you say?" She knew that others would ask about it.

"She asked me if I hit it against somewhere and I told her I was bitten by you."

Chen Ruo Yu froze.

"What did you say?"

"I said that you bit it."

"Dr. Meng!"

"You don't have to speak so loudly, I can hear you."

Chen Ruo Yu took a deep breath and tried to calm her self down! "Dr. Meng, you are really tactful."

"Well, I just said the facts."

"Couldn't you have the skill to modify your speech?

"No need. Didn't you remind me that Nurse Tian was interested in me? This is just tactfully explaining things to her."

She was used again! Chen Ruo Yu was very angry.

"Nurse Tian already hated me. You saying this has definitely made her hate me more."

"You don't plan to marry her, why are you afraid of her hating you for?"

"So why should people hate me for no reason? I obviously didn't do anything. You were the one who was wrong in this matter, you provoked me first, I just made a mistake and injured you. You telling her that, she would think that I tried to do something to you, my reputation is ruined, how can I still hold on to my dignity..."

"Chen Ruo Yu." He interrupted her words.

"What?" She was fierce, she was boiling with anger.

"Tomorrow I will take the pork shoulder to the hospital. They will also ask me, where I got the pork shoulder from? I have always told the truth, so I must say that you skipped work especially in the afternoon to stew it for me."

Chen Ruo Yu was shocked and opened her mouth. No way, his method of revenge should not be so embarrassing.

"But if this pork shoulder is eaten today, I won't have it tomorrow. Do you want to come over and eat it all up?"

"I want to!"

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

LOL this guy is a trickster, pulling her left and right...don't worry, his upper hand won't last forever...

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