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39.32% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 35: Chapter 35 - Qi Yao

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Chapter 35: Chapter 35 - Qi Yao

Chen Ruo Yu's heart flared up.

The sound of her "I want to" was very enthusiastic. She wants to go over and scold him to his face and also grab her pork shoulder and lunch box.

Won't give him to eat, won't let him smell it.

You shouldn't be nice to some people, Mr. Tyrannosaurus is a perfect example.

He not only teased her, but he also molested her...

Well, anyway he just took advantage of her being nice to him and bullied her! She is not smart, but does he think she is so dumb?

Chen Ruo Yu got on the bus and headed for the Meng Gu's address. As the bud swayed, her heart suddenly cleared up, just as if her ren and du meridian points were suddenly opened up, and she suddenly gained wisdom and could see things clearly.

***(Ren and Du Meridien points...are acupuncture points that control blood circulation and adjusts the function of the heart, liver, and kidney)***

She is being so childish and of course, that dead guy is also childish. But she thinks that he really wasn't being childish, he did it deliberately to mess with her and she was so emotionally stimulated and nervous that she behaved childishly that she didn't think of it. Actually, all this is his fault, he is injured and he deserves it!

The more Chen Ruo Yu thought, the angrier she got. After she gets back her stuff, she is going to ignore him for a month, until he realizes his mistake and apologize to her and promise not to tease her anymore, only then will she reconcile with him.

She was going to use this momentum and put on an imposing manner and set out her boundaries, she cannot be weak anymore.

Chen Ruo Yu rushed to Meng Gu's home. It was a high-end apartment complex not far from his hospital, it was clean, beautiful and elegant.

Chen Ruo Yu was not in the mood to admire the surroundings, she quickly found Meng Gu's apartment building and took the elevator up.

As soon as she got out of the elevator, she heard Meng Gu's voice. She didn't even have to look for the door number, she just followed to sound and made her way there.

When Chen Ruo Yu just took a step forward, she heard Meng Gu say, "Leave."

She froze, this tone, who is he talking to?

She kept walking and soon saw Meng Gu's door. The door was open and Meng Gu was standing at the door in front of a young woman.

"Meng Gu, I have met with old friends and old classmates. They all said that you..."

The woman's words were not finished, before Meng Gu cut her off, "No matter what they say, it is not what I said. I also am not interested in listening to the gossip that you exchanged after not meeting for a long time." He said this and looked up at Chen Ruo Yu and then said, "My friend is here, it is not convenient to entertain you. Leave."

The woman heard this, turned her head and looked, Chen Ruo Yu met her eyes and couldn't help but sigh in her heart, she was indeed beautiful.

Tall and slender body, black and bright eyes, shiny black hair with a small face, giving off a stylish and capable feeling.

Chen Ruo Yu somehow figured that this woman is Meng Gu's first love. Although she had joked about this person with Meng Gu, but seeing her now, she really could not express how she felt in her heart.

The woman saw Chen Ruo Yu, looked her up and down quickly, suddenly smiled and cordially greeted, "Hello, my name is Qi Yao. When Meng Gu was in medical school, I was his junior and...friend." The two syllables for 'friend' were prolonged when she said it.

Sure enough, the legendary first love ex-girlfriend is very beautiful and her personality is very strong. Chen Ruo Yu nodded and replied with her own name.

Qi Yao looked at her, smiled and turned to face Meng Gu and said, "They said that you don't have a girlfriend."

Meng Gu glanced at Chen Ruo Yu, hinting at something, "I don't need to report to them on whether or not I have a girlfriend."

"They also said that the two girls you dated were completely different from me." Qi Yao also glanced at Chen Ruo Yu also hinting something.

Chen Ruo Yu listened very well on the side. She was obviously an outsider. Why are these two people dragging her into the middle of their fight?

This Qi Yao keeps saying, "They said, they said", she just wants to say that she has verified with others that Meng Gu has not gotten over his feelings for her. And now that she is back, the two of them can once again get together. It's really annoying to going about it in such a roundabout way and speaking directly.

"I said what they said has nothing to do with me, what kind of girlfriend I dates has nothing to do with you. I know what you want to say, but you really don't have to put gold on your own face. Leave." Meng Gu said as he reached out and pulled Chen Ruo Yu into the house and placed her behind him. To put on a show, see now I have a partner, so hurry up and leave.

This is the third time Chen Ruo Yu heard Meng Gu say "Leave", but obviously Qi Yao still did not mean to leave, she opened her mouth intending to say something, but CHen Ruo Yu could not help but speak up.

"Miss, I am sorry but I have to interrupt. Do you know the saying, the future is long? Now in this situation, there is no use saying more. Since you know where he lives, you are free to block him every day. But now I am here, you are in front of me, a former classmate ex-girlfriend, don't you feel you are being very rude? It's dinner time, it's fine if you don't want to eat, but I still feel hungry. You want to talk about personal issues and discuss your feelings, can you please find another time?"

Meng Gu and Qi Yao both turned around and glared at her, both had bad expressions.

Chen Ruo Yu looked from one to the other, what are they glaring at? She was not in a good mood, "Is this suggestion not good?"

Qi Yao bit her lip and ignored Chen Ruo Yu's words, but looked at Meng Gu and said, "I will call you later."

"Why waste your phone minutes?" Meng Gu replied coldly.

Qi Yao did not say anything, she looked at Meng Gu again and without saying anything to Chen Ruo Yu turned and left.

Meng Gu closed the door and frowned at Chen Ruo Yu. "What do you mean by, you know where he lives, you can come and block him every day, why did you offer this stupid idea?"

Chen Ruo Yu also frowned, she stared at his lips, the wound is quite obvious, it's clear.

"Even if I didn't propose this idea, won't she still come. I didn't tell her to come here today, why did she come? So, if she comes in the future, remember to think of it rationally, it really has nothing to do with me."

Meng Gu furrowed his brows even more, "I have nothing to do with her. I didn't even give her my number the last time we met. She asked our old classmates for help, I didn't pick up her call, so she came to my door."

Chen Ruo Yu didn't care about these and asked, "She didn't ask how you lips got injured?"

Chen Ruo Yu's tone was very bad, Meng Gu's tone was not much better either, "It's a pity, she really didn't ask."

"It's a pity, the role you arranged for me didn't come in handy."

Meng Gu finally couldn't help it and said, "What's with the temper?"

Chen Ruo Yu ignored him and headed for the kitchen, looked around with her eyes, then opened the refrigerator, found her lunch box and checked her pork shoulder was still inside, she noticed there were many other side dishes in the refrigerator.

Chen Ruo Yu took out her lunch box and turned to the kitchen counter and looked for a bag. She didn't care about the other person, she took a bag and put her lunch box in it and then prepared to leave.

She turned her head and saw that Meng Gu was surprised, he didn't expect her to come over and grab the lunch box.

"Dr. Meng, I really treat you as a friend. I overestimated myself in the past and pursued you, maybe I didn't pursue you sincerely, I just looked at your external conditions and did not think about whether you and I were compatible. But then I was able to slowly get along with you, I think you are very good, you're zealous and responsible and so I cherish you as a friend very much. I know you and Yin Zi are iron buddies, and the way you express your friendship is a bit scary, but I am not Yin Zi or Lei Feng. I have my own method of getting along. Maybe you think that some things I do are ridiculous, but if you look at it as a joke, I will be upset. I will be embarrassed if you go and talk to others about it. Dr. Meng, I am not smart, but I also have self-respect. When you tease me, it may be enjoyable to you, but please think about how I feel."

"Chen Ruo Yu..." Meng Gu wanted to talk, but Chen Ruo Yu raised a hand to stop him.

"Dr. Meng, I am very happy to get along with you. I am very happy, although I did not get together with you, in the end, we can be friends. But friendship, like love, also needs sincerity. Actually, if you need my help, I will be very happy to help, but you asked to come over with such a boring reason, but then you using me to make it seem like you have someone to you first love ex-girlfriend. I feel very uncomfortable in my heart."

"I did not..." Meng Gu wanted to talk again but was interrupted by Chen Ruo Yu again.

"Does Dr. Meng think he has done the right thing to me?"

Meng Gu opened his mouth and did not speak. Chen Ruo Yu gave him a blank stare, "Dr. Meng, should apologize to me!"

Meng Gu couldn't speak and just had his mouth open, Chen Ruo Yu continued, "I have confiscated the pork shoulder. Anyway, you do not have the sincerity to eat it. I will not give Dr. Meng any more food in the future. If Dr. Meng does not reflect and apologize, it will be difficult for us to continue being friends, otherwise, it will be easy for us to have to conflicts and unpleasantness, then I really cannot get along with Dr. Meng, right?

She asked him the question but did not give him the opportunity to answer. She turned to leave as soon as she finished

She opened the door, went to the elevator and pressed the button. All actions were done in one go and Chen Ruo Yu felt a little refreshed in her heart. She was holding her pork shoulder like it was a weapon. She just felt that after saying all those words, she felt light.

"Chen Ruo Yu." Meng Gu actually followed after her.

The elevator door opened, and Chen Ruo Yu looked back at him and entered it.

"If I want to refuse other women, I don't need to use you as a shield. If I want to tease a woman for fun, I don't need to find you to be the target." He thought what he said sounded ignorant and quickly added, "I am not the kind of person to tease a woman for fun."

Chen Ruo Yu grinned and said, "This is simply an explanation, not an apology."

"Hey." Meng Gu frowned.

Chen Ruo Yu smirked at him and closed the elevator door.

The elevator went down and Chen Ruo Yu though of Meng Gu's expression just now and smiled.

Haha, so he can also be anxious! Was he really anxious?

Chen Ruo Yu held her lunch box and felt a little happy in her heart.

She thought that this must be the sense of pleasure in winning.

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