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41.57% Ambiguous Relationship / Chapter 37: Chapter 37 - Mom is Sick

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Chapter 37: Chapter 37 - Mom is Sick

Meng Gu's side was quiet for a moment and suddenly sighed, "Uncertain if you can be certain."

What does this mean? A tongue twister?

"What do you want me to certain of?" She asked.

"Certain..." He paused again. "Certain of your courage."

"Don't scare me, I am very timid." Chen Ruo Yu conceded that she was useless without any argument.

Meng Gu was also speechless on the other side.

"Hey, Dr. Meng, What do you mean by being certain of my courage?"

"I'll tell you when you come down."

"Dr. Meng, you teased me again, didn't you?"

Meng Gu sighed again, "Are you going to meet me or not?"

"You have not apologized."


"You see, your attitude is also very fierce."

"Chen Ruo Yu,"


"Come down, let's meet."

"I won't, I want to hear an apology first."

The phone was silent, Chen Ruo Yu's heart was noisy, she does not know what ghost attached to her that is making her very willful and rigid.

After waiting for a while, she finally heard Meng Gu say, "Forget it, this time I will let you win. This man will bow and submit. I'm sorry, Miss Chen Ruo You, I was very rude to you before, I was wrong. Is this all right?"

"You must be kind to me in the future."


"You must be polite."



"Chen Ruo Yu!"

Chen Ruo Yu giggled and felt satisfied and said, "I haven't eaten yet."

"I'll buy you dinner, is that okay?"

"Okay," her tone sounded like she begrudgingly agreed, but her face was full of smiles. She saw Meng Gu open the door and get down. He looked up at her and waved.

"You wait, I have to change clothes." Chen Ruo Yu ended the call and quickly went to open her closet to choose an outfit.

Blue? Not good. Black? Not good. Pink, um, Mr. Peach blossom forest, it seems to be a good match. Oh, no, the pants don't match.

She quickly went to choose again, she was afraid that Meng Gu will too long downstairs. In the end, she chose black pants, she felt that it was fitting, the pants look good and the shoes are a great match.

Chen Ruo Yu quickly got ready, grabbed her bag and took a look downstairs. Meng Gu was leaning on the car and seemed to be leisurely in a daze. Chen Ruo Yu smiled and happened went out the door, she opened the door and locked it and rushed to the elevator.

The elevator slowly climbed up and she anxiously stared at the numbers. The phone rang and she thought it was Meng Gu calling to hurry her up, but when she looked at it, she saw it was her parent's number and she quickly picked it up.

The caller was Chen father, he asked, "Xiao Yu, are you busy this weekend?"

"Not busy, I already got off work."

"Have you eaten?"

"Not yet, getting ready to eat." Chen Ruo Yu was a little vigilant, she did not want her parents to know she was going to eat with a friend, so they don't start asking about it. She feels that it is better to not let her family know about Meng Gu.

"Oh, then you have a good meal/ Dad has something to tell you."

The elevator arrived, Chen Ruo Yu stepped in and asked, "What's wrong? What's going on?"

Chen father hesitated for a bit and said, "The next two days is the weekend, you don't have to work, right? Your mother is sick, I want you to come back to see her."

"Sick?" Chen Ruo Yu was shocked, "What happened to mom? Where is she sick?" It must be serious for them to be asking her to come home, she must be very ill.

"Her heart is not very good, it is better for you to come back."

Chen Ruo Yu suddenly understood, "Is mom still angry with me?" Chen mother's heart has always had some minor problems, but the doctor said that the problem is not serious, and she just needs to maintain a good mood and not tire herself out. There has been no major situation in these years. Suddenly she is ill now, CHen Ruo Yu will inevitably think of her own disputes and unhappy situation with her family.

Is her mother sick because of her?

"Don't think too much, your mother just really wants to see you."

"Okay, okay, I will take the bus back tomorrow morning." Chen Ruo Yu was very anxious and quickly promised, then she asked, "Dad, have you taken mom to the hospital? What did the doctor say?"

"Don't worry, there's will be time to talk when you arrive. I will go talk to your mother to make her happy, hang up." Chen father finished and hung up.

Chen Ruo Yu's heart was anxious, the elevator arrived and she quickly went out of the building. When she rushed out and saw Meng Gu's expression, she saw from his expression that her anxious and worried demeanor must have given him a fright.

"What happened to you?" Meng Gu asked her.

"Dr. Meng, I can't go to dinner with you, my mother is sick, I must go home."

"Sick? What is the situation exactly?"

"I don't know, they said her heart is not good and made a special come home, asking me to come home, it is definitely very serious. I have been unhappy with my family during this period, I lied to them. I disconnected my phone so they couldn't reach me, my mother does not like my job, we also quarreled on the phone, she must have been very angry with me."

Chen Ruo Yu met someone who she can talk to and could not stop complaining about herself.

"Don't worry, don't worry. You know heart problems can be big or small, maybe it's not as serious as you imagine. What is the diagnosis? What did the doctor say? What tests have been done?" Meng Gu put on a doctor's appearance.

"My dad didn't say, he said when I get back we will discuss, is it more complicated, that discussing over the phone is not convenient? Dr. Meng, nothing is going to happen to my mom, right? I, I...I don't want to wait till tomorrow morning, I will go back now..."

"Now?" Meng Gu frowned.

"There is a night bus, the bus to C city is only 4 hours. I, I am very worried, that, I can't sleep this night, it is better to go back now..."

"It's so late, how is it safe for a girl to travel on a bus?"

"It's fine, the people who own the bus company is not the triad, they're no gangsters."

***(The triad is one of the largest organized crime (mafia) syndicate in China)***

"What rotten metaphor are your using?" Meng Gu furrowed his eyebrows, CHen Ruo Yu thought that he was angry.

"I can't talk and what does it matter? The bus is very safe. I will take the night bus, it's fine. I want to go tonight, I am really worried."

Meng Gu frowned and thought about it and said, "I will take you."

"What?" Chen Ruo Yu shouted, "How can you do that? Are you going to work tomorrow?"

"I'm going."

"After 8 hours of driving, you will then go to work, are you crazy? No, no, you cannot take me."

"I also often stay up all night when I am on night duty."

"That is night shift, not sending a friend home. Driving at night is dangerous. It's even more dangerous when you are tired. Don't scare me like that, or I will be worrying about your safety at home and will not be able to sleep."

Meng Gu looked at her, wrinkled his eyebrows and pursed his lips.

This time it was Chen Ruo Yu who was frowning, she continued, "...and you are a doctor. How can you treat people with a tired mind? If you give a wrong diagnosis or prescribe the wrong medication, what to do then? If I knew the doctor who is going to see my mother drove all night without a break and is prescribing medication for her, I will certainly beat him."

Meng Gu laughed and Chen Ruo Yu shot him a glare, "Don't laugh, I am being serious. You are a doctor, not an insurance salesperson like me. It doesn't matter even if I don't rest and I'm tired, but for you, you cannot."

"Okay, I got it. You are so coarse." What's up with always wanting to beat people?

Chen Ruo Yu grinned and felt a little reluctant, "When I come back, will you still take me to dinner?"

"Yes." Meng Gu gave a helpless expression.

Chen Ruo Yu smiled and felt a small pleasure, "Then you go back first, I will go up and pack up and go to the station."

"I will take you to the station." Meng Gu finished, seeing Chen Ruo Yu's surprised expression, he spread his hands and said, "It's not tiring to drive you to the station, right?"

Chen Ruo Yu bit her lip and felt a little happy in her heart and nodded, "Okay."

Meng Gu breathed a sigh of relief and followed her upstairs. Chen Ruo Yu asked him to sit in the living room. She quickly went to her room and packed a small bag. Then she called Liang Sisi to inform her that she was going home and will be back on Sunday night, when she said this, she was being glared at by Meng Gu.

"Night again? If there is nothing going on, then come back during the day on Sunday, if there is anything going on, then please take a leave of absence and return by bus in the day time. Is it really safe to take the bus at night?"

"Okay, I will decide depending on the situation."

"Travel in the day time!" Meng Gu insisted.

"Okay, I will take the bus during the day." Chen Ruo Yu quickly agreed, afraid that this person will suddenly get riled up and prevent her from leaving tonight.

The two people went to the station together. Meng Gu was still not convinced about her taking the bus, he went to inspect the bus and saw that it was clean and his expression was slightly better. Chen Ruo Yu bought the ticket, Meng Gu saw that there was enough time and then took her to the McDonald's next to the station for dinner.

Chen Ruo Yu was very worried about her mother's heart condition. Meng Gu also shared some general opinions with her. He also told her to call him if the condition is very serious, he can help transfer her to A city to be treated here. In short, don't worry if she is sick, he is here to handle everything.

Chen Ruo Yu was comforted by him and her mood was also slightly calmer. She talked to Meng Gu about her family situation and her own problems. She was saddened by the mistakes she made and her failure to meet her family's expectations for her. Halfway through pouring her heart out, it was time to go. She still wanted to continue talking to him, but it was time to board the bus.

Meng Gu escorted her to the bus and patted her head, "When you get home, call me. It doesn't matter how late it is."


"Don't worry, you shouldn't be afraid of illness, there are doctors."


"If you feel anxious and sad on the road, call me."


"Every family has their own difficulties. If there is anything, it is important to communicate well, after all, they are your parents. It doesn't matter, take it slow and explain to them, be a little patient and give them time. They will eventually understand you."

She nodded and felt like there was something caught in her throat and she couldn't speak.

"Go ahead, be careful on the road. Don't fall asleep on the bus, pay attention to your safety."

She nodded again, then took her bag and went to the bus. Suddenly, her heart felt very anxious. When she goes back, will her mother still be angry and ignore her? Will she still blame her? What if she is really sick?

She was thinking and thinking and felt her steps were heavy.

"Chen Ruo Yu." Meng Gu suddenly called her.

She turned back and saw Meng Gu open his arms to her and he said, "Come."

Chen Ruo Yu blinked and blinked again and felt her eyes were hot. She ran over and threw herself into his arms.

This was a comforting and encouraging hug, Chen Ruo Yu was somewhat moved.

"Don't think too much." He hugged her and patted her head again, "I will wait for you to be certain."

Certain about what? She did not ask. The bus was already getting ready to depart. Chen Ruo Yu looked back and ran over. When she ran to the bus door, she turned back and waved at him, "Thank you, Dr. Meng."

She saw Meng Gu suddenly frowning again, she did not know why but she relaxed a lot more.

She got on the bus, sat in her seat and the bus quickly moved. She looked out her window, but she wasn't facing Meng Gu's direction, she sighed and leaned back in her seat.

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