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Chapter 41: Chapter 41 - Call Home

Chen Ruo Yu did not sleep well that night. The next day, Chen mother did not give her a good look when she saw she got up early. Chen father found an opportunity to quietly pull Chen Ruo Yu back into her room to talk.

"You don't want to come back, do you still want to drift outside your whole life? Xiao Yu think about it, is it really better out there than at home?"

"If you had a good job out there, or you found someone you could get married to, your mother and I would not say anything to you. Now you don't have a good job, don't how long you can continue to do it and there is no money, you are also no longer too young. In a few years, you wouldn't be able to find a job if you come back here, also when you're older it will be difficult to find a partner. Now when we got out and meet acquaintances, or relatives or friends visit and ask after you, we don't even know what to say."

"I will retire in a few years, then it would be hard for me to find someone to help you. Your mother's body is like this, worrying about you every day, you're having a hard time too. Dad knows that since you were young you have always been filial and sensible, but why you are being so stubborn about this, I cannot understand?"

"You don't know that outside, your mother ran around till the point of breaking a leg for your matter. She is someone who loves face the most, but she also lowered herself to ask for help to find a partner for you. She was also picky, others even chastised her that she herself was not good, when she came back, thinking about losing to people made her heart and lungs feel suffocated and she could not sleep well. This time with great difficulty she was able to find one that she was satisfied with, afraid of missing this opportunity, so we quickly called you back."

"If the man is not good, even then, his family condition is similar to ours, and the other party is also a filial child. I heard that his appearance is upright and his temperament is also good. Your mother is afraid that you have been in A city for a long time, and you cannot look towards young men here. In this case, Zhou Zhe also stays in A city, he has vision and has seen the world, you have nothing to dislike. It is rare that the other party is satisfied with you, you can also get along in A city and come back later, isn't that good?"

Chen father said with some annoyance at the failed expectations, "I advised your mother yesterday so that she would not affect her heart, our children are grown and they have their own plans. But you are really wrong about this, you said it yourself, that you have nothing tieing you to A city, right? What is so good there? You had an unpleasant experience here and you are not happy with your friends, this I know, you also broke up with old Zhang's child and you were wronged, this I also know. But are you saying that for your whole life, you are going to suffer because of these events? You don't want your father and mother when you come across trouble? You're going through hardship by yourself, is this not punishing yourself?"

Chen father said it all in one breath, Chen Ruo Yu did not speak. But when she heard this, she couldn't help but argue, "Dad, I haven't suffered in A city, don't think too much. I did really well, I am very happy at work, it is not such a low-grade job. Many of my clients go on to become my friends, I can earn money and live well. Life is good and I also have very good friends there..." She said as she rubbed her eyes and suddenly thought of Meng Gu, she was a little sad.

"Don't you have friends here? Can't you have a good job here? Your parents are also still here!" Chen father angrily said.

"Dad, I know what you mean, I understand that you are really concerned about me. But you should also understand me, I really like it there, I am very happy there."

Chen father did not speak, he looked at his daughter for a long time and then said in a hard voice, "Anyway, that's what happened with your mother, you should think about it yourself, don't say anything else. Is Zhou Zhe that child not good? You don't like him? Dad will say, don't take on a contradictory stance, if you think he is good, seize the opportunity. Mom and Dad will always be here, we won't run, but good men are not easy to find, if you pass this village, you won't find this store again."

Chen father painstakingly finished advising and left.

Chen Ruo Yu was in a daze in her room for a while and eventually decided to go out for a walk.

She went to find her close friend, Yang Yang. That time, when she disconnected her phone and disappeared. Yang Yang tried every method to try to find her, she finally went to Gao Yu Lan's family and got in contact with Gao Yu Lan and so they finally found her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chen Ruo Yu only thanked Yang Yang on the phone after the incident. This time, she should really find her to have a good chat.

Yang Yang was very happy to see Chen Ruo Yu, the two talked about many old classmates. Yang Yang told Chen Ruo Yu that Qi Na was too eager to show-off, too arrogant and many of their old classmates are also dissatisfied, moreover, they are starting to realize that Gao Yu Lan's past cheating matter is fishy. She also felt that Chen Ruo Yu was also affected by this matter, and it was really too unjust.

"Ruo Yu, come back, there is no need to hide for this matter. Qi Na also said that she wants to arrange a class reunion, I don't know what she is planning. We also want to make things clear and get you justice. This matter has been going on for so long, you don't have to feel aggrieved by yourself, come back."

"But I am not aggrieved." Chen Ruo Yu had a feeling of uncertainty, "I was very sad when I left, but I'm really good now, don' worry about me."

Yang Yang was looking at her, and her expression made Chen Ruo Yu unsure whether to laugh or cry, so she stresses, "I am really doing well."

Yang Yang sighed and hugged her, "Ruo Yu, you are so reluctant, what is so good there? If you are not happy, come back, we really miss you."

Chen Ruo Yu went home a little depressed.

Why does everyone suddenly want her to come back? Why do they imagine her to be so miserable? She really is not miserable, she is doing very well, why don't they believe it?

And why is so persistent, she really really doesn't want to return. She likes A city, she really likes it.

As she walked into her neighborhood, she looked up and saw Zhang Zi Chun and a woman with a big belly walking. It was this man who sais she too boring and asked to break up, is he married now?

Chen Ruo Yu felt somewhat awkward and gawked. Thinking about it, it's probably her parents were afraid it would hurt her and so did not tell her. Perhaps, her leaving home made them think that she was hurt by love.

At this time, an old auntie who lives in the neighbored that was walking by, came upto Chen Ruo Yu and whispered, "Xiao Yu, you see that old Zhang's child is married, the child will be coming out soon, don't let old matters bother your heart, take it easy. His wife is a reserved person, does not talk much, not as lively as you, so don't be upset."

Chen Ruo Yu looked at her bewildered, this auntie, what are you thinking?

She did not say anything, she smiled and went upstairs.

She missed A city and wanted to go back.

Finally, in the afternoon, Zhou Zhe called her to tell her ready to come to pick her up. Chen father and mother have been unhappy because their daughter refused to yield and return. It was only when they saw that their daughter would be returning to A city with Zhou Zhe did they show slight smiles.

When they left, the old couple also gave Zhou Zhe a bunch of fruit saying that he should take it back to eat slowly. Their hidden meaning in those words were obvious. Chen Ruo Yu felt helpless, but it was hard to say anything.

The car drove up to the highway and she finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Home is a strange place. She really wants to come back, but also cannot wait to escape. What exactly is the problem?

"Mr. Zhou, what made you decide to return to C city?"

"It is time to come back." Zhou Zhe smiled, "My parents are here, the family is here. I have no family in A city, only there to strive. After striving to a certain point, I should return home."

Chen Ruo Yu fell into deep thought.

She has no family in A city, and only is striving.

But she doesn't want to come back, but can she really not come back?

They asked her what is so good in A city, that she must stay.

She couldn't say.

Meng Gu's face appeared in her mind, and she suddenly missed him very much!

The author has something to say: This chapter does not have Dr. Meng. I originally wrote some scenes to contact, but the dialogue was not interesting, so I deleted it. I thought about it for a long time and couldn't come up with interesting content, so this chapter is just like this.

This chapter is a bit heavy and boring, but I feel it is necessary to explain the heart of the characters. Sometimes the family is indeed a wound in the heart, can't say where it is bad, but it just hurts. Perhaps this is due to the generation gap. There is no hard right and wrong line, it's just the way of interaction. If a person feels comfortable in a big environment, isn't this actually what is called happiness?

MiraiSaesang MiraiSaesang

Homeward or not? that is the question...this is actually a question I've personally been debating and something I often get asked by strangers and friends alike (to my annoyance)...Although my life would most likely be a lot easier if I did go home, but I don't think I could happily live out my days there, at least not the sort of life I envision for myself ...*sigh* life is truly a dilemma ...

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