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Chapter 7: Chapter 7 - In The Hospital

Chen Ruo Yu blushed as she realized she made a mistake in her speech.**? She actually meant to say... Little brother? Small brother? Second brother?...

**('little brother' e.t.c are all synonyms for a guy's ** )**

Her face became redder, so much redder that she felt it was going to start dripping blood.

Why did she have to make an embarrassing remark about that part of the male anatomy? How does the female dignity relate to that? Vulgar, ah... so vulgar! She regrets it, she really has something wrong with her brain.

It was his fault. He had made a comparison of a man's dignity to a woman's body and that had caused her to make a similar comparison.

Stinky rogue.., he had rubbed off on her! She's a civilized person and she definitely would not normally say such vulgar words.

Chen Ruo Yu picked up the hot water flask, squeezed past Meng Gu and hurried out.

"Hey.., our conversation is not over yet. What other explosive analogies do you have? I'll listen!" Meng Gu called out as he laughed loudly behind her.

Laughing? What's there to laugh at?

Chen Ruo Yu sped up as if her feet were oiled. She wanted to get far away from him...far, far away...

But in life, sometimes the things you're afraid of are the things that come to you. Not only was Chen Ruo Yu unable to stay far from him, but she was also admitted to she was also admitted in his hospital and her attending doctor was also coincidentally called 'Meng Gu'.

The matter came about like this. Chen Ruo Yu's client who had purchased insurance from her and was involved in a car accident. By right, he should've received have been able to claim damages and get compensation, but there's an issue with regarding the nature of the accident. The responsible party is not clear and so the compensation paid out was much lower than expected. The client is a single parent and Chen Ruo Yu felt that the client trusted her and bout the insurance from her, since there's a problem now, it is her responsibility to step up and help him. So, she ran around looking for the other party involved in the accident, the traffic police and any other relevant departments in this accident.

Since doing this was not an easy task, she had to through various angles and established friendships in order to gather information, as the reports given by the two parties involved were not consistent. There were no surveillance cameras around the area the accident occurred and the traffic police were uncertain about the full details of the incident. After running around for more than two weeks, she finally decided to focus on the main culprit involved, the other party involved in the accident, but the man had fervently denied any responsibility and insisted that it was Chen Ruo Yu's client who had violated the traffic laws and hit him.

Chen Ruo Yu was very bothered over this matter of obtaining the truth. During that period, she had almost broken her legs running around trying to get them to speak the truth of the matter. Also, in the last few days, her mother has been calling her every single day to inquire about her job and the friends she has.

"Ruo Yu, I heard from your uncle that big companies give yearly increments and since your company is a big company, do they do the same? You've worked there for more than a year, is it time for a promotion too? And also, our next door neighbor, Ah Yan's daughter who didn't obtain a good education, was recently promoted to manager level after working for two years in her company. I told them, you're also a manager for a trading company, a big company, a business manager.. right?"

Chen RuoYu sighed in her heart. How's she going to tell her parents? These vain pursuits... out of ten office workers, five will claim to be managers, three out of them will be managers and the other two want to be managers. This title of manager is not really valuable.

On the surface, many people look well-off, but the reality is many of them without others knowing...they stay in cheap rented apartments and eat instant noodles and she's one of them. But she's afraid to tell her parents...afraid of being bothered to death. Is she's not bothered by her parents, she would be bothered by her relatives, and those relatives would unfailingly carry around her story to gossip with their other relatives.

Therefore she lied, she's not an insurance salesperson but a white-collar office worker in a trading firm.

Hearing her mother bring up this talk, made Chen Ruo Yu's mood extremely bad, she hung up the call and sadly squatted outside of the house of the other party involved in her client's accident.

She felt angry with herself. Liar! What's the use of living like this? She was also angry with the other party who refused to take responsibility for the car accident. He did not tell the truth and at the same time, caused someone to be injured as well to lose money, does he have a conscience at all?

Perhaps it because the sun was too hot and so caused her reasoning to be blurry or maybe it was because of her mother's phone call that provoked her spirit. Chen Ruo Yu had originally planned to politely talk to the other party and get them to confess, while secretly recording their conversation as evidence, but things did not go exactly as planned, and the conversation recorded also included her severely scolding the other party.

The other party, was with a friend and they were not civilized people at all, and so they shoved Chen Ruo Yu around when they met her. As they were being scolded, they became angrier and more aggressive, and in the midst of her emotional outburst, due to her own carelessness, the recorder fell out of her pocket during the shuffle. She was caught red-handed and the situation escalated, it turned into a real fight as they tried to grab the recorder from her while she protected it. Therefore she, a woman fought against two big men.

It was a real fight!

and she was beaten up!

Chen Ruo Yu's only thoughts at the time were of protecting the recorder, she held it tightly in her hand and clutched it to her chest, as she fell on the ground and curled up like a dried shrimp protecting the recorder. The men pulled on her arms and kicked her belly, she felt extreme pain and then heard a passerby shout from the distance, "Hey! What are you doing? Stop! I've called the police!".

She was in a daze and felt scared, she had never been beaten like this before. She felt like crying, but it seemed she couldn't. She heard the police sirens and then someone saying to send her to the hospital. When she somewhat became clear-headed, she found herself at the hospital. She was rolled into the emergency room for examination, dressings, injections, and stitches. After being handled for a long time, she finally fell asleep. When she finally woke up, she discovered she was in the hospital ward.

The police, her colleagues and even her client came to visit her. After her incident, the insurance compensation process seems to be heading towards the direction that she was hoping for. With the recorder that had recorded their conversation, the two men who had assaulted her were also detained by the police. In order to protect himself, the other party had harmoniously accepted his responsibility for the car accident. He had also agreed to pay Chen Ruo Yu's hospital expenses and other related expenditures.

After these matters, she got to know the patients staying in the ward. According to one of them, when Chen Ruo Yu was first admitted to the hospital, her condition was quite serious and she had a high fever, and so she babbling nonsense throughout the night. Chen Ruo Yu felt very embarrassed as she had been noisy and disturbed the other patients to the extent of depriving them of sleep.

Another patient waved her hand and said, "It's alright.., it's alright... It's normal in the hospital. How can it be as comfortable as home? But then, you must be acquainted with the doctor because after staying a few days here in this hospital, I only see the doctor when he comes on his daily rounds. But when you were admitted last night, he was always around and would come in to check on you from time to time."

"Ah.., it could be because I had a high fever and was in a serious condition. Since I had no particular nurse to look after me, maybe the doctor on duty was afraid something might happen to me." Chen Ruo Yu felt dizzy and touched her head. What actually happened last night, she really has no memory of it. She only vaguely remembered that she had held onto someone's hand and talked a lot.

"Yes, you really had a high fever. I heard it was 39 degrees and the nurse also gave you two injections."

Chen RuoYu shook her head and said.. "I absolutely don't have any memory of it."

"You also called the doctor's name and talked about a lot of things."

It's really disgraceful. Chen Ruo Yu sighed. But then a patient who had a high fever is similar to a patient who has a mental illness. Being a doctor, he should have a lot of experience on this matter and shouldn't mind at all.

"You know the doctor, right?" The patient asked again, she was still talking about this matter... "The curtains were drawn and I could not hear clearly but I heard you keep calling him Dr. Meng."

What??? Did she insult the doctor? She opened her mouth, flabbergasted.. "The doctor was not angry, was he?"

"I don't think so. I didn't see his expression but I heard him replying you. You said.. .Dr Meng... something, something... and that Dr. Meng also replied to you."

She was stunned and her mouth opened wider.. "I called him Dr. Meng?"

She's done for now! She wondered which doctor's hand she had held while talking nonsense. What had she said? It was embarrassing that she had treated another doctor as Meng Gu. What had she actually said?

Chen Ruo Yu nicely asked and the patient shook her head. "I couldn't clearly hear what you were saying. I was also drowsy, so I was half awake at that time. You can ask Dr. Meng, he's coming on his rounds today."

"Ask Dr. Meng?"

"Yes, Dr. Meng Gu."

Thunderbolt! This time, Chen Ruo Yu's mouth opened so wide even a duck's egg can be inserted. "Did I really talk to Dr. Meng Gu and held his hand last night?" She asked in shock.

"Yes.. you were endlessly talking nonsense and it took me a great deal of effort to understand what you were saying." Said someone from the ward's door.

Chen Ruo Yu abruptly turned her head around and met Meng Gu's eyes. The big white coat on him made him look very handsome.

Chen Ruo Yu wanted to pretend to faint at that moment but her unyielding female dignity made her stand strong and maintain a straight face, she's not worried and is very relaxed.

Meng Gu came in with two junior doctors to conduct the routine checks. She closed her eyes as she finally realized the situation she was in.

She felt embarrassed. She was assaulted, admitted into the hospital, the ward is very good, the doctor-in-charge is also very handsome and his name is 'Meng Gu'.

She bit her lip. Who can understand her feeling of wanting to die right now? She was clearly determined to break off all connections with him, but why did they always meet under such embarrassing circumstances?

Right now, her fragile self-esteem is like a man's... that thing... like it suddenly being kicked..... No, no..... she's a civilized person. She cannot be like him..... using such vulgar words and analogies.

She is a civilized person.

Chen RuoYu blushed, opened her eyes and looked at Meng Gu. He was explaining to the patient on the adjacent bed, the way to take her medication. He turned around to see her watching at him and he gave her a faint smile.

She turned her head away and reminded herself that she's a civilized person, at the same time she really wanted to give him two kicks.

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