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9.7% An adult in Pokemon / Chapter 8: Dark Forest Part 3...a Voice..

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Chapter 8: Dark Forest Part 3...a Voice..

Tricia fused with Luxray and dashed into the forest. With the speed, she moved Gray couldn't catch up with her if he tried.

"Well dammit. I hope for the best for you." Gray said in the direction she traveled. Reaching in the bag he pulled out some basic earbuds and synched with the Pokegear. Pressing play the sequence on Pokesouls, and Poke fusion Played. Securing his clothes and bag he sprinted in the other direction.

Gray and Tricia were separated now. Trying to figure his next step was a doozy. His Abra was almost completely useless here. Pidgey was worn out to a great degree. The best thing to do was allow it to recover. He needed to catch a new Pokémon if he stood any type of chance.

As Gray traveled alone he found a stream of water. Stopping to fill his canteen he saw someone floating in the water. They were holding on quite fiercely to it.

'I can get to them but is it a trap? Damn it whatever I am already screwed as it is.' Gray thought to himself as he put his bag down and jumped into the water.

Swimming overall he could feel was the chilly water. Gray still acted like he was back home. He needed to remember the waters here generally had Pokemon in them. As soon as he reached the person he felt a shock on his leg.

"Oww what the hell," Gray screamed out. It dawned on him at that moment that something was in the water.

Little yellow Pokemon started to pop out of the water. They had little blue eyes with little beads on their forehead. One would think those were eyes as well. No teeth could be seen but there was a mouth with a little shine of pincers present maybe through all that fur. Its little points that extend past its feet allowed it to walk on water as it made its way to Gray who grabbed the log.

Gray kicked the one that appeared next to him. He continued to paddle across the embankment the rest of the way. Activating his aura he sent a wave to the other Pokemon.

"Hey, why did you bite me or prick me?!" Gray said as he climbed ashore. Reaching over he pulled the other person free from the log.

"Chk chk chk ch ck." This is our territory! Leave at once. The Pokémon said.

"I will. Just let me go over and get my bag from the other side." Gray said as he stopped trying to wake the other person.

"Chk chk" Leave now. It said. The other Pokemon started generating more electricity as well. They moved closer to Gray and the other Trainer.

Gray boosted his aura causing a weird silhouette to appear behind him. This caused the other Pokemon to back away. They were threatened by the power it showed.

"I cannot leave without that bag! My Pokemon and my life depend on it." Gray said as he prepared himself to fight.

'Wait, allow me to talk to them.' A voice said to his mind.

"Go for it then," Gray said as he raised his guard and tried to determine where the voice came from. It may have projected in his mind, but it came from somewhere. He was willing to take all the help he could get on this.

After a few minutes, the tension died down. The Pokémon stopped discharging electricity and spread out some. The bag Gray had, floated in the air over from the other side of the shore. It landed on his lap.

"Thanks whoever you are," Gray said as he searched his bag for the capsules to wake the Trainer up.

'Those Pokemon need something from you. I need you to do this. Can you check them over for me? You are a Pokemon Breeder correct?' The voice transmitted.

"I am but how do you know that? Well, a fledgling Breeder that is." Gray asked as he noticed the other Trainer was still out cold.

'There isn't much that doesn't escape my notice in this forest. Help them and we can converse in the meantime. This place is safe you do not have to worry about any pursers here.' The voice transmitted.

"Fine then. I will get started. Tell them to send the most hurt this way first. My supplies won't last for the non-critical ones. I have to check my Pokemon first then I will treat them." Gray said as he releases Abra and Pidgey.

Both Pokemon were fast asleep. Gray set up some new formula with the new ingredients that were in his bag. It would help improve Abras growth from baby to toddler. With that, if he had to use her in a battle it wouldn't be as dangerous.

"Alright, let's see about that wing Pyron. With all the craziness in this forest, I hope you haven't been exposed to it." Gray said as he checked over Pidgey.

Finding nothing wrong from the cursory inspection he reached into the bag pulling out a Poke Reader. This device from the information in his head said that it would be able to check for parasites or any type of disease that would show up. The drawback, it corresponds with his level. The lower his level the less information he receives.

A few blue bubbles appeared to his left.

(Joltik the Bug/Electric Pokemon.)

(Condition malnourished. Infection stage 4. Treatment Tanga berry + Basic pokeblock)

'What the hell? Why an infection? Let's see what we can find out with the next one.' Gray thought as he wrote what was wrong with the first one.

(Joltik the Bug/Electric Pokemon.)

(Condition malnourished. Ruptured abdomen. Infection stage 4. Treatment Potion + Tanga berry + Basic pokeblock)

'Whoa, this one is much worse. Let's do a quick scan of these 4 after.' Gray moved the device over the others with the same result.

"Ok, you 6," Gray said getting each of there attention. "You have eaten something you shouldn't have as far as I can tell. You need to eat some Tanga Berries, I don't have any they look like this." Gray showed them a picture out of his breeder handbook. "Also these Poke blocks I have will help if you eat them as well.'

"But you," Gray said seriously "will need this potion as well. After you consume the other two components. Your abdomen has ruptured to much movement will result in a danger to your life understand.

The Pokemon became agitated and the bigger ones started to spread out into the woods. Leaving a few to watch over the younger ones.

"Was it something I said?" Gray said to the rest of them. He placed the Poke blocks and the potion to the side.

"Bring, bring" The alarm went off for the formula.

Gray went over and prepped a bottle. Coming over to Abra he woke her up gently.

"Empress, wakey wakey ok. Food time." Gray said gently.

'Mm, two more hours.' She transmitted.

"Young lady if you don't wake up now I will give your food away to these other babies Pokemon," Gray said softly but sternly. A split second later Abra was wide awake latching on to the bottle.

She looked at Gray between the slits of her eyes. Didn't take a genius to know that look meant to give my food away I will never let you have a good meal or day for that matter.

"Pid Pid," Morning dood! Pidgey said.

"Morning bud. Did you rest well?" Gray asked. He reached over and threw a Pokeblock to him in the air.

"Pi" Yes. Pidgey said as he caught the block in his beak in the air.

"We will travel after I take care of these Pokemon. If you need to hunt, go for it now. Be very careful about what you eat. There is a strange infection going around. I don't have enough supplies to treat if you get way to sick ok?" Gray said to the flying Pokemon.

"Pid Pid," Ok dood! Pidgey said while taking off higher into the trees.

"Alright, let's see who is next?" Gray gestured to the others.

After treating them all with his current stock, he talked to Abra about Poke Fusion and Poke souls. Good news Abra informed him he had one inside himself, the bad news if they Poke fused something bad would most likely happen. One due to her age, two due to gender. They both were disappointed but it didn't stop them from enjoying the rest of the time while they waited and discussed ways to get out of the forest.

As they continued to converse. The voice or more to say the Pokemon that requested Gray's help. Was watching the interaction between the two. The Trainer was out cold still. But was faking it at this point.

She continued to listen to the surroundings. At one point she thought about asking to trade for his Abra but thought better of it. After she witnessed the interaction between the two, it reminded her of her own Abra that she lost. In her case, it was an Alakazam.

Three hours later.... The adult Pokemon returned with several berries. As well as more Pokemon with them.

Gray had a bad feeling.

'Oh please don't have any more injured Pokemon I don't have any more supplies to spare. Well, guess I can treat them with berries and Poke blocks but that is it.' Gray thought to himself.

'Mmm a few of them have an infection be careful. Also, Pyron is traveling with them. I am going back to bed. That weird energy is making it hard for me to stay awake.' Abra transmitted.

"Ok then. I will do what I can. Have a good rest now." Gray said as he kissed Abra's forehead and gave her a pat before returning her to the Expokeball.

'Breeder they have brought you supplies to restock. Treat them as best as you can. I have to go now. I must stop that female human from making a mistake.' The voice transmitted before leaving.

"Wait a sec.." Gray called out. Before he could try to communicate again he felt the link disappear.

The Trainer next to him jumped up and ran into the woods. "I found you. You cannot escape." She said as she ran through the forest.

If Gray didn't know any better, he could swear she was using teleportation.

"What the hell is she in a rush for. She looks familiar. But where have I seen that hair before? Doesn't matter. It is gonna be a long night or possible day. Can't really tell. Wait, I have a watch duh." Gray looked at his watch before looking back up just in time to catch Pidgey. "So it's evening time now. Thats... Oof"

'Dood. I found some buds out there. This place is crazy. I have so much to tell you.' Pidgey transmitted.

"Wait, how are you transmitting your thoughts? I have my aura turned off." Gray asked intrigued.

'Dood how do I know.' Pidgey transmitted.

'I can answer that for you human. Greetings I am the leader of the flock of Bird Pokemon in this area. You are the Trainer that caught the child of my friend a few days ago.' A very large Fearow flew over landing a good bit away.

"Holyshit you're a biggun," Gray said with his mouth slightly open.

'Thank you.' Fearow responded with its head tilted. 'I have a request for you. I had my flock gather some of the berries and items Trainer's have dropped in the area. Treat my flock and the others and they are yours to keep. Does this sound like a deal?' Fearow transmitted.

"Gulp, sure I will. L...l lets get started." Gray said anxiously. 'If I knew this would have been like this I would have put some more points as a Breeder. But oh well. At least I am safe until I figure my next move.

Gray gave Pyron a quick look over. Seeing everything was fine he finished the Joltic remedy much to the dismay of the Fearow. Afterward, he went straight to its flock next. Everything wasn't so bad until he came to a group of Scyther. A White Scyther with black eyes was fighting several other of its group.

It had the upper hand till. It was attacked from the rear. Slicing its back damn near open. Most of the Pokemon were too injured to help. The ones who weren't. Stopped the fight after It got too serious. Long story short it was left there.

Tension rose until the leaders of various Pokemon groups quelled the fighting completely.

Gray walked over and transmitted his aura fowards as he approached. "I can stop your wounds now if you like. There way to serious for me to completely heal you, but they will do the trick till you can make it somewhere else to heal properly."

The Scyther nodded its head as Gray got to work. The wound was more dangerous than the one Voltic had on its abdomen. After two hours went to work on the other Pokemon.

Unknown to him the Scyther watched him the entire time. It fell asleep once Gray worked on the last bit of Pokemon.

It took all of the rest of the day and mid-morning to finish all the work. The good news he leveled up as a Trainer. His Breeding skills base rose by +3. His crafting Poke blocks became easier. The Pokemon brought some apricots as well. So he could try ball making in the future. Once he finished he went to sleep.

As he slept. Several eyes watched over him. Some from the group of Pokemon some from the forest.

Off in the forest.

"Let Professor Juniper know. We found the disturbance and the other Pokemon. No new info on that Gym Leader or the Elite Four trainees." A Pokemon Trainer said into his Poke Gear.

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