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100% An Anomaly / Chapter 18: Chapter 6

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Chapter 18: Chapter 6

"for speeches" 'for thoughts'

All the saiyans then assembeled in front of Royal house only to see it in shambles.The surrounding have become ruins. The saiyans then saw the corrupted saiyans

attacking their fellow saiyans surrounded by sinister red aura. The royal guards are being overwhlemed by the corrupted saiyans. Carla, Sally, Shallot and Yamoshi splits up to help others. In amidst of fights, King Sadala was fighting Kanba and was losing his ground fast. King Sadala lost his footing and Kanba took

advantage of it by firing a giant ki blast at him. Sadala managed to escape it but that ki blast was going to Prince Vegeta.

"NO!!!" Sadala screams.

The Ki blast exploded at him and created a smokescreen around him.

"You...You Bastard" Sadala says in anger.

"Yare, Yare Just made it in time"

From the smoke a voice calls out. The smoke dissipates to reveal Blaze standing protectively in front of Prince Vegeta. Vegeta was still in shock from his near death experince.

"Hey Kid, I know that you are in shock right now. But you really should get out of here."

Vegeta then gets out of his shock.

"Y...yes..." He then goes out the area.

Just then Yamoshi comes in front of sadala.

"Hey, looks like you are getting your ass kicked in here sadala. Did u slacked off in your training. Good thing i did not become King. Haha" Yamoshi says

while laughing.

"Just Shut up and help around. I will handle him on my own." Sadala Spats.

Yamoshi then turns around to kanba and asks him.

" Kanba is this what you want? Kill your own kins? Have you lost your mind to your madness?"

Kanba answers him by punching him in his face. But Yamoshi slowly turns his head to him and transforms into his ikari form.

"Very well then. Sadala i am gonna fight him too. No buts." He then creates a ki blast and punches it in Kanba's stomach sending him to the skies.

"Tch..Just don't get in my way." Then they followed kanba and started to fight him.

Meanwhile Blaze was watching them from a distance and oberving their fights and others.

"Hmm...Kanba has become stronger then what he was before. Maybe he got a zenkai after i knocked him up. Right now he is on par with Yamoshi Ikari form. But,

its still strange how he became this strong. I did not even hurt him that much. He shouldn't have gotten that much zenkai from it. Well whatever lets see

where it goes."

One corrupted saiyan spotted Blaze and rushed at him. Just before he could land his attack, blaze punched his face without looking at him.

"Hmm...lets try something"

Blaze then charged small amount of his god ki and sent it to the downed saiyan. The corrupted aura surrounding him suddenly goes out of his body.

" T..thank you" The saiyan then got knocked out because of excess use of his ki.

"If only i had enough God Ki. I don't have enough of it to heal everyone" Blaze made a note of it. He suddenly sensed a spike in power. Looking up he saw

Kanba charging his ki while shouting. Whole surrounding was getting affected by his powerup. Every saiyan can feel a pressure from his power. Voilet winds

was blowing up all around. Kanba was enveloped in light. After light died down, everyone was shocked to see him

"W..What is this?" Yamoshi exclaims.

"Did he transformed into.....Super Saiyan?" Blaze says while looking at him in surprise.

Kamba's hair has become golden in colour. But his aura was still corrupted and he was looking at Yamoshi in anger.

" Yamoshi show me your true power. Otherwise i will kill everyone. I will drain every blood from your body" Kanba says lost in his bloodlust. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

' I see. He transformed into Corrupted Super Saiyan. Well no wonder he has the gall to instigate an attack of this stage.' Blaze thought.

Kanba then begins to his one sided beatdown against yamoshi and sadala. Yamoshi tried to get an upper hand but the difference was too much between them.

After a while Yamoshi powered down from his Ikari form battered and exhausted from his fight.

"Whats wrong Yamoshi? Is that all the so called strongest saiyan has? I am dissapointed" Kanba says

" I..I am not..done yet" Yamoshi replies while huffing.

" Pathetic. I guess i will give you motivation to take me seriously." Kanba says while looking at carla who is fighting others.

"No, Don't you dare touch her. Its between you and me."

"Heh..." Kanba then rushes to carla and lifts her above ground and started to choke her.

" HArhgh...."Carla tries to get out of the hold.

" No Dammit Fight me" Yamoshi tries to stand up but too exhausted to do it.

Suddenly Blaze kicks Kanba hard in his guts forcing him out of his stronghold.

"Man i really can't stand this drama"'Although i am sure by letting her die Yamoshi would have achieved Super Saiyan but i am not gonna make him uchiha'

Blaze thought and helps carla to stand up.' I guess we will do God Ritual then'

Blaze then teleports to Yamoshi and gives him senzu.

" Whats this?"

" Something to help you. Just eat it" Yamoshi then eats it and regains his full power along with zenkai.

" Wow amazing i feel a lot better now"

"Okay now you are up and ready. Listen to me very carefully, right now you are no match for Kanba. But i have a plan to stop him. Gather five pure hearted saiyans and ask them to give their power to you. Then you will be strong enough. Me, Sally,Carla,King Sadala and Shallot would be good enough for it.

Now gather them ask about it. In the meantime i will keep Kanba busy." At that time Explosion happened and Kanba burst out of the rubbles and charges towards



"Go now" Blaze urges to Yamoshi who looks unsure about it but still folows to do it.

Blaze then appears in front of kanba

" Well isn't this a small world. Did you forget about your crushing defeat? I guess u have monkey brains afterall"

"Grh... I will Kill you"

He rushes towards blaze and punches him but was blocked by his feets.

"Well it would not be fare for you if i fight at full power so i am just gonna fight you with my feets only. Vegito Style lol" Blaze smirks and folds his hands

and takes vegito's stance.

"Lets see what you got Kanba"

Meanwhile Yamoshi gathered everyone and told them about it. Although skeptical they decided to do it. Yamoshi then shouted

" Hey Blaze, we are ready. "

"Hmm.." Blaze while blocking another of kanba's attack looks at them.

' Man i was starting to have fun but oh well gotta make the timeline correct. Otherwise Chronoa will have my ass'

Blaze then looks at Kanba and says

" Sorry Kanba , times up. Your opponent is gonna be Yamoshi now. So wait like a good boy ok?"

" Huh??" Kanba was confused.

Blaze then took a pose and said

" God Bind" Blaze used his god ki to freeze kanba to his place. ( imagine ssj god goku doing god bind against Broly)

" Well this will hold you off long enough"

Blaze the. arrives to them.

" What did you do to him" Sally asks

" Just something to hold him off. But it will not work for long time. So lets do this.

Everyone then gathered around and tool hold of each others hand started to give their ki to Yamoshi. Winds started to blow violently around them. Meanwhile Kamba was still in bind trying to get out of it. Suddenly each of them started to glow blue and Blaze got the taste of Super Saiyan God.

' So this is power of a god. But its still not enough for me. My reserves are much more than Yamoshi this much god ki is more than necessary for him. I need more .' Blaze thought

Just then Yamoshi glowed even brighter and started to float to the sky. The glow faded to reveal Yamoshi who has become younger with his red hair waving softly. He then starts to inspect himself for any change.

" Is this it?" Yamoshi asks

" Wow look at him. He became like his younger self when i first met him. " Carla says

" Woah! Uncle with red hair?" Shallot says.

" Yamoshi?" King Sadala says

" Yamoshi you are ready to face him. Now go ahead and defeat him. And remember you don't have much time in this form. So do it fast. The questions can be answered later." Blaze says.

" Alright " Yamoshi says

Just then Kanba finally broke out of his bind. He was extremely angry for falling for cheap trick. He bellows out loudly.


" Kanba i will make sure to defeat you and release you of your curse. Thats a promise" Yamoshi says and rises towards him.

Blazerock Blazerock

I am lazy.

Always read the comments.

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