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Chapter 18: Chapter 17 A Whole Month 18+


Author's Note :

So I will just normally call their names from now, I just made it up...

Long Suyin - Primordial Azure Dragon ( Suyin or Yin'er for short )

Houyun Liu-Li - Golden Crow ( Liu-Li for Short )

Mu Ruo - Ice Phoenix ( Rou for short )

Qin Nuying - Vermillion Bird ( Ying'er for short )


As Liu-Li, Rou, Ying'er saw their sister Yin'er doing the first bold move on their husband, they also saw Riku caressing her melons making her a lewd moan, they all wanna be touch by him.

"Sister Suyin, No fair!" Liu-Li pouted.

"Fufufufu~, I never thought Sister Suyin will be naughtier than I am." Rou seductively said.

"Oh my, looking at her, she must be enjoying it real hard." Nuying said as she giggled.

Then they started to play at theirselves rubbing their own crotch by their hands, they started imagining having sex right now with Riku.

While Riku was enjoying kissing, groping her breast and caressing her round buttocks, he also noticed that Suyin's tail is the most sensitive one making her moan a lot.

"Ahh... Dear please... don't touch my tail... that's..." Yin'er shyly said.

"Hehe, if that is your weak spot then I shall attack it!" Riku pulled her towards to his chest and grabbed her tail and started rubbing it.

He started to suck her breast who is right in front of his face.




Suyin kept moaning as he sucked her breast and rubbing her tail, she was like in heaven right now, she wanna do this forever with him, she looked at Riku who was sucking her breast and put her hands on his back.

"Dear... Milk won't come out you know... You never mated with me before." She softly said as she kept moaning.

"You have kept waiting for me?" Riku stopped sucking her breast, but kept rubbing her tail.

"Yes... My purity shall only be taken by you and no one else." She answered, then she pushed him down and move towards to his dragon who was on its peak.

Since she was a lot stronger for now, Riku won't be able fight back.

She hold his dragon and started kicking the tip by her tounge, then she slowly put his dragon to her mouth and kept moving her head up and down trying to take his dragon all the to her throat.

Riku was enjoying being sucked by her and put his hands on her head, and tried making her suck his dragon deeper to her mouth.

A few minutes later, Suyin felt his dragon was about to be explode and she look at Riku who had his expression like trying to hold on, she stopped and remove his dragon from her mouth.

"Don't try to hold it back, release all it inside my mouth."

Then she immediately sucked his dragon back and started to suck harder, Riku was now about to explode and release all of his semen onto her mouth.

Suyin swallowed all of his semen on her mouth not leaving a one drop from her mouth, then she layed on the bed and spread her legs to wait for him to penetrate her, she also widened her pink wet pussy

Riku move on top of her and rubbed his dragon on her pussy.

"Please put it all inside of me, I want you to be inside of me." Suyin softly said.

"Your wish is my command." Riku thrusted all of his dick onto her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh!" She screamed and blood started come out from her pussy, he didn't move and just kiss her to make it more comfortable for her first time.

Suyin happily cried and look at Riku who was kissing her really hard.

Their tounge started to taste each other's sweetness and kept entangling to each other for the moment that they kiss, saliva had started to come out from their kissed.

"You can move now..." Suyin softly said, Riku nodded and started to pound her wet pussy, it was really warm and tight, Suyin's huge breast had started to shake every time he thrust.

He can't resist her huge heavenly breast and started to suck on it while his both hands are caressing her ass causing her pussy to tighten as thanks.

Suyin happily moaned as she got pounded by Riku real hard causing love juices to come out and cover his dick everytime he thrust.

She put her arms around her neck and her legs around his waist to not let him escape, then she felt his penis is throbbing inside of her pussy, she tightened her pussy, since she knew he was about come.

Riku felt her insides are getting tighter every seconds and he was about to come, since her legs are around his waist he will not be able to take it off inside her and only will release in her womb.

"Inside... Release it all inside me... Give me your seed!" She shouted.

"Then take it all!" Riku said as he released all of his semen into her womb causing her stomach to bulge a little when he came inside of her, his semen flooded her womb.

"It's so... Warm..." Suyin softly said, Riku didn't pull his dick out and just let in stay for a while, then Suyin hugged him really tight.

"You can pull it out, they are waiting for you~" Suyin gently whispers into his ears, Riku nodded and slowly pull his dick out from her pussy causing her to moan, then his semen started to come out from her when he pulled it out, there is a slight amount of blood on his semen and started drop on the bed sheet.

Suyin relaxed on the bed and looked at her pussy which was filled by his semen, she smiled and rubbed her belly hoping that she would be pregnant.

After all she was at Divine Extinction Realm, it would be hard for her to get pregnant, maybe thousands sexual intercourse would be not enough to make her pregnant, but she will never give up being one, she really hope to be pregnant with his child sooner or later.

She slowly slowly sleeps and had satisfied on her beautiful face, it was truly a blissful experience for her first time.


Riku slowly walks to the three who was playing with their selves, seeing their wet pussy make his dragon awakened once more.

"Do you need help?" He said with a teasing smile on his face.

Liu-Li, Rou and Ying'er immediately stopped playing with their selves and look at Riku who was infront of them.

"Yes!" The three of them immediately replied.

Riku smiled and carried the each of them on the other bed, he looks at the three beautiful naked goddess laying on the bed, choosing which one of them to do first.

He saw Liu-Li was being shy and not trying to look at him, he never saw her being shy for a long time.

"So even the naughtiest one can be also embarrassed~" Riku said.

"Fufufufu, Sister Liu-Li have been waiting for you to ravage her for a long time." Rou seductively said

"..." Liu-Li didn't spoke and also remained silence, because she is too embarrassed right now, she had always want him, she always dream of him and she really desire him.

Riku decides to do it with first Liu-Li, he looks at Rou and Ying'er with a face just wait a little longer and I'll do it with you guys later.

Liu-Li who was at the walls felt something rubbing her wet pussy, she immediately turn around and saw Riku who is now on top of her.

"Liu-Li, do you want me to continue?" He began to tease her.

"Yes..." Liu-Li said in a very low voice.

"What? I didn't hear you." He teasingly said.

Liu-Li became shy and embarrassed even more when he started to tease her, her pussy became even wetter.

"I want you to ravage me like a wild beast!" She finally have confidence to say it.

"Then I shall be the wild beast you have chosen!" Riku put all of his dick inside her pussy causing his dick to kiss her penetrate her womb.

"Ahhhhhh!" Liu-Li screamed in pain and pleasure, blood started to come out after the moment he penetrated her all the way to her womb.

Riku felt her pussy was even tighter than Suyin, this was a lot warmer, he quickly move at a fast pace causing her to moan loudly and causing her breast to shake as well.



"Dear suck my breast as well!" Riku quickly suck her huge breast making moan even more, he made his hips move faster causing slapping sounds can be heard.

After a while he was about to come, Liu-Li immediately put her legs around his waist, she knew he was about to come.

"Release it in my womb as well, make me pregnant!" Liu-Li said, then she felt a lot of warm liquid pouring her womb causing her to gasped.

Riku didn't hesitate and released all his semen deep into her womb, he didn't stop moving and released a lot more, her stomach started to get bigger when he released it inside of her.

He was about to pull his dick out of her pussy, but Liu-Li swapped their positions to a cowgirl position, she immediately started to move her waist really fast.

"It seems like Liu-Li really wanna get pregnant." He slowly reach her shaking melons and started groping it real hard, making her moan in pleasure.

After a few minutes later, Riku was about come again, Liu-Li made her waist move even faster, he released once again into her womb.

Liu-Li fell on his chest and hugged him really tight, her womb was now overflown with his semen, she slowly remove his dick inside her causing her pussy to drip a lot of semen and a slight amount of blood.

"The two are waiting for you, go ahead." Liu-Li gently said as laid down on the bed as she caressed her stomach, she slowly goes to sleep and with a blissful smile on his face.

Riku immediately went to Ying'er and Rou who is waiting for him, he fucked them at the same time, blood started to come out as well when he penetrated them, he immediately continue to move around faster.

He released all of his semen onto their wombs causing them to moaned real loud, but he didn't stopped he fucked them multiple times, since they were willing to be ravage a lot more.

They did a lot of position, they were enjoying it really hard when Riku did a doggy style of them, they even told him to get rougher, since they want it he will do it.

He had sex with them for a whole month, the whole room was reek with smells of sex, the whole bed is messy, a lot of love juices and semen can be seen on the floor and on the bed sheets, if someone saw and smell this, they will be covered in lust.

Riku who is laying on the Bed with his Dragon inside of Suyin's pussy, she was sleeping while they were still connected, Liu-Li and Rou was on his left arm sleeping and Ying'er on the right, their whole body was covered in semen.

It was really blissful month for Riku, he never thought that sex that will be this good, it seems his stamina was a lot better than them, he had lost count cumming inside of them.

Maybe 500 or more times he released his semen on their pussy, probably they were now pregnant due to their womb overflowing with his semen.

He caressed each one of them and slowly sleeps while he was buried by four goddess naked.

RikuSaito RikuSaito

Holy Shit, I got a headache for writing a h scene, I am so pathetic!

This took a long time to finish, I don't know what to write on h scene, since I'm not even good writing one.

I know it's a bad h scene, but I will try a lot better next time.


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