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Chapter 9: Chapter 9 A long Quest

On Riku's side

He was laying beside a tree for the moment and whistling while his eyes are closed, then a notification appeared in his mind.

[ A Quest have appeared... ]

- Train Chu Yuechan And Chu Yueli to reach Peak Sovereign Profound Realm

[ Bonus Quest ]

- Also make them as your future wives.

[ Time Limit : 20 Years ]

[ This Quest can't be declined and will automatically keep continuing till it reached the time limit. ]

[ Rewards ]

- 1,000,000 System Points and Personal Dimension


Riku was fine when only training them, but making them as his own wives.

"I mean I am 10 Billion Years Old right now! Can I even marry a kid like them?" He said, how can he marry such kids, he knew that they are going to be fine woman in the future.

He can't even think positive right now, he was totally like a idiot right now. But the rewards of a million system points, that's so much!

And there is also a Personal Dimension which can make him a lot stronger due to its different time, it's like a gravity chamber but a dimension.

"I don't care if grow older since I have a ageless body, and I never got a girlfriend before! Ok I will do it in a few years or even 10 years!" As he shows he determination.

Since he is gonna live forever, why not make them immortal as well!?

"They are still young girls, but if I gave them immortality they will be like that? Hey Anne can you answer?" He softly asked.

[ Riku-San I recommend that you should give them when they grown to a fine woman, since you don't want a Loli girlfriend, you should do that... ]

Hearing Anne answer, he decided to wait for them to grow to a fine woman and give them immortality so they can live together without anyone dying on old age.

He slowly stood up and swing his arm, a tent appeared out of nowhere when he swung his arm, for the past few months he bought two tents, each tent can fit 5 people in it, the other one is for the girls.

Then he also swing his arm once again appearing another tent besides it, this tent will be Yueli and Yuechan's Tent.

Then his stomach growls all of a sudden.

"I forgot to eat breakfast and I think I can eat a whole horse right now." He said as scratch his belly.

Riku started to hunt some beast to cook their meat and as well eat them when it is cooked, he also hunt more beast to prepare another serving for the two girls later on.


On a very faraway place...

Four figures gathered around in a mythical land with ancient runes around the area.

The figures can be seen that they are women, they are extremely beautiful probably the most beautiful women in existence, all of them had different hair color, faces and body structure, but all of them has a voluptuous body with huge breast around their chest.

They were Ice Phoenix, Primordial Azure Dragon, Golden Crow, and Vermillion Bird, they were all divine beast since the Primordial Era, they were classified as True Gods.

People think all of them are all enemies to each other, but all of them are calling their selves 'sisters'

All of them are on their perspective human form, but at their lower back a tail and and feather can be around it.

They never shown their existence in the world, people think that they are all dead but instead they were just hiding, who knews that four of the divine beast have gathered around the area.

Also each of them have founded their own star realm and all of them are all Royal Star Realm, they never married a man and only thinks of a certain person that is always inside their hearts.

"Sisters, that faint aura we have just sense are almost the same as our father..." Vermillion spokes.

"There is no doubt about it. But can you stop calling him father, We prefer to call him husband" Primordial Azure said.

"Does that mean he finally woken up from his eternal slumber?" Ice Phoenix said.

"Hahaha! That husband of ours didn't even visited us! He only keeps sleeping through the years! How about we gave him a visit to make him feel our loved for him!" Golden Crow said.

"Then let's give a surprising visit!" All of them shouted happily.

The four of them had always treated their father as their own husbands, but they were not blood relate to him, since he only helped them to grow up and get stronger and left them because he wants to go back to his eternal slumber.

They always believe that their husband is still alive and kicking.

But they didn't knew that the faint aura they sense was not their husbands aura, but someone's aura and that is Riku Saito.

The truth is that their Father/Husband have already passed away billion years ago, due to his age, he have died while on his slumber since he doesn't have a body like Riku's Eternal Body, he only has a special one that made him live for a few billion years.

He was also known as the strongest being a higher being that creation gods, all living thing will bow down from him when they see him, they must show their greatest respect for him, but he have already passed away.


Back to Riku's Side.

"Achoooo!" He sneezed very hard and rubbed his nose.

"Is someone talking about me? Meh, who cares! I'm hungry as hell!" He went back to his work by cooking the meat that he chopped from the beast he found and killed it.

After a few minutes, the meat was finally cooked and he gave it a bite, he started chewing the meat on his mouth.

"Delicious!" He commented his own cooked meat, he continued to eat his meat hungrily, he had cooked a large beast and can make him stuff for a whole month.

Then Yuechan and Yueli are now heading towards Riku's place, when they smell a delicious aroma.

"Sister, this smell?" Yueli asked.

"Yes Yueli, Riku-San is probably cooking right now! Let's go quickly!" Yuechan said as they quickly rushed to Riku's side.


Riku was now eating his meal when two figures are rushing towards him, he knew who they were and waved at them while chewing the meat on his mouth.

"Girls! Mnnn... Come and join... Mnnnn. Me..Mnnn..." Riku said as he kept chewing.

Yuechan and Yueli quickly sat on the trunk near him and slowly grabbed the meat to their mouths.

After they tasted it, they felt their body is heating up due to the food they eat.

"WOOOW! This is so delicious!" Yuechan said as she started biting her meat.

"Riku-San, this is the most delicious meal I have ever tasted!" Yueli started to praise his cooking.

"Thanks for the praise, hehehe...Mnnn..." He said as he goes back biting his meat.

RikuSaito RikuSaito

Haha, I just added four pure MILF to his harem....

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