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Chapter 18: I hate bullies.

Bullies, I never believed they were ceased to exist in this world, like I used to think that bullies are just some kind of stereotype humans used to make in their minds but no, they are kind of real that what we imagined. And honestly, I regretted (Elise started it!) messing him up with simple words in the street food stall, and now, I'm sure he is going to attack and prey in my friends, especially Elise for being so stupid by starting that conversation with the half-troll but oh well, I have faced men twice bigger than him so I guess I can protect my friends but of course, I don't want to kill humans just because of stupid causes, but yeah, we'll just see.

I was currently attending the second class in the morning which is Statistics and Probability, my favorite subject with of course my ultimate sarcasm, with John in my front because we tend to seat in the back and Elise in the middle row because she got to school earlier today for her extracurricular things.

It was so boring, I tell you. Who will ever like listening to an hour and a half lecture full of t-tests, phi squares, tables tables tables wherein when you got a mistake in one of it, everything will be affected and everything will be wrong and also, the teacher of a (no offense) hag like she lived a hundred years old that gave me pity and that I just wanted to tell the old lady 'Ma'am, please rest now, it's okay, you have survived the war in Math' but no, I've got manners even I just subconsciously called the old lady a hag. I was just really bored and yeah, her name is Mrs. Madlangtuta which in English translates to "crowd of dogs". That sucked.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the lecture, the bane of the class just got to class as he opened the door, and like a boss, and walked in without greeting the teacher and closed the door like, once again, a boss. A large thump of a door just sounded because of the strength he closed the door. As I told you earlier, Ethan acts like he owns the school, he goes to class anytime he wants, sits anywhere he wants and does anything he wants as long as it is considerable as fun. It suddenly made me want to smack him in the face for real.

He pointed to a small Math nerd whom I knew as Patrick in the right to Elise "Stand up Einstein, that's my seat." He ordered.

Patrick flinched "But-"

"Or else." Ethan glared at him

Patrick hurriedly stood up with his things and moved into another chair as Ethan sat in Patrick's former chair.

Mrs. Madlangtuta, with a little fear, I think said "Ethan, uh, just behave okay?"

Now what? Even teachers are afraid of this freak? He makes me so mad. He drives me nuts with ferocity.

After awhile, further in the second class, everything seems to be normal, I am doing my best to listen to the lecture, John sleeps and Elise is also listening and jotting down notes. And suddenly, stupid big guy put his arms over Elise's shoulder in which made me hell a lot mad, that I want to stand and bring this guy outside and make him feel hell, but no.

I can't hear them but he is harassing Elise and I hate that, he seems to be caressing his arms like a maniac pervert. After this class, you'll see, I promised that.

John woke up after his very peaceful slumber and he saw what is happening to Elise.

"Ramil," he whispered and pointed to Elise's direction.

I'm furious, I'm mad, I can't stand this but I can't punish this guy now. I suddenly remembered our iced tea awhile ago at the cafeteria for our breakfast, John and I and I suddenly had an idea.

"John, you still got your straw from our drink awhile ago?" I asked him.

He nodded and smiled and he seemed to get my idea. I never did spitwads since grade school but yeah, he gave me his straw as I ripped a whole sheet of paper from my notebook.

I chewed 10 rounds or bites of spit wad paper and I let it soak first in the saliva for maximum effect on the opponent.

After such, I put the straw in my mouth, and then I aimed my shot. And then I pulled the trigger… I mean, I blew havoc.

I blew one after another with a very quick speed and it some hit him in the nape and his nape is very wet because of, you guessed it, drool. Some hit him in the arm that is over Elise's shoulder. John and I giggled and hid the drinking straw as quickly as we could and then we acted naturally as we pretend that we are listening innocently to the lecture.

Ethan realizing the warm stringy drool in his back removed his arms to Elise and suddenly looked at our direction. Elise glanced at me and did the sign language saying 'Thanks' and also 'stupid man pervert not cool', because we learned ASL from the past months to as our communication towards very boring lectures. But yeah, I got the message.

Ethan glared daggers at us and he pointed at us motioned this pointer finger passing through the neck which does not need any ASL things to translate but that doesn't intimidate me or such. The better thing is he stopped pursuing Elise and his perverted manner. He'll see, he'll see.

After some moments, the classes in the morning ended and it's time for our recess and we three headed to the cafeteria to eat our lunch. We sat in our usual table, with John in my front and Elise to my right. I got Beef Calderobo, my mother's greatest dish and the dish she always cooks for me, and some pineapple juice. Elise got her Beef Steak gourmet and John, got the most unusual food of us all, Champorado, or chocolate rice porridge.

John seemed to notice our weird faces looking at the dish he chose "What? It's cold and I want sweets, what's the problem with you two?"

We laughed, started eating my dish "Nothing, you simply order foods with no reference like you ordered pancakes before and stuffs, you seemed to like breakfast meals more than lunch ones. But anyways," I looked at Elise and focused my whole attention to her "Elise, are you okay? Did Shrek hurt you?"

She smiled because of my concern to her "I'm okay doofus, stop worrying about me okay? He's just so perverted. But he'll ease out, nice spitwad accuracy." She laughed.

"Stupid, it's not that, I don't what that guy bothering you."

John with his mouth full pointed his spoon at me while looking at Elise "Your boyfriend does not want you to get harmed."

"He's not my boyfriend John." Elise said as she blushed and glanced at me "He isn't even my type, he's like uh, full of drool!"

"Hey! I am not!" I said.

"Well, you are." As she laughed and she hit me in the arm once again. I like the way she does that. Like another oxymoron. She hits me that makes me feel good.

We ate our foods and finished and stayed there for a bit, time is precious so let's not waste time.

I smiled seeing the place when we first met "That shock really hurts you know."

Elise seemed to get the point "Yeah, it shocked me to my innermost soul, I still wonder about that, like why that happened."

John, as always, butted in "Nah, I think it's just the spark that you two met and you two are really meant to be."

And as always, it is our turn to hit John in his arms.

"Ouch, you guys really are a POWER couple." He exclaimed as he rubbed his arms.

And another one, we hit his arms again and we all laughed.

And for the final straw, I saw Shrek, I mean Ethan glowering at us as he approached us in our table and as he got to our table, he did the very unexpected thing, he grabbed Elise's uh… gluteus maximus.

I stood up but Elise, also did the much unexpected thing, she stood up and she uh, mega slapped the ogre in the cheek and as she slapped him, I don't know but I saw electric sparks in her hands and Ethan fell in the floor with the momentum. Elise seems to be realize what have she done as she covered her mouth with her hands from shame.

Ethan stood up as he held his slapped cheek which is very red now and I think it dislocated his jaw "Damn, you slap well for a lady." And she charged towards Elise but of course, with my speed, I immediately went in front of Elise and protected her.

I noticed the crowds once again in the cafeteria watching us, some taking videos, pictures like it's the fight of Thanos and Captain America.

He laughed "Oh what now, your boyfriend is here to protect you?" I looked up to him for he is a feet taller than me and twice as huge "Your spitwads suck and you'll pay for that."

"Leave Elise alone or you will face consequences."

He laughed once again "Oh no, I'm scared, you will punish me? Come on." And he seemed to see the seriousness in my eyes. He tried doing a hook punch with his right hand but obviously, I know that is coming, I caught his fist with my right hand and I let it go.

He looked surprised and a bit frightened. "You messed with the wrong guy, tiny man. Later, outside the campus gates whoever gets knocked out first, loses and the winner, wins Elise."

I looked at Elise and John who is looking up at me. Then back to the troll, I glanced to my watch "You've got 4 hours to think of your surrender, think wisely."

He smiled with ferocity "Don't be too sure of that."

The battle of the century, after so many months, they met, Genos vs. Saitama.

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