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89.28% Anakdatu / Chapter 24: I should be aware by a Katy Perry song? Oh, it’s not.

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Chapter 24: I should be aware by a Katy Perry song? Oh, it’s not.

I didn't know what happened really, do you know the feeling of extreme anger and perseverance and other mixed feelings when you play a video game? Like for example, when you are in Dark Souls and you've got to fight that boss which took you like so many replays just to finish it and moments after you have defeated that boss, there is another one wherein the music intensifies and you realized you haven't saved your game and you get into rage then after some moments, you just realized that you've defeated all of the bosses in one single blow, phew, that was a very long narration but yeah, you get the point.

I literally just turned into a massive arc of destruction that I seem to enjoy, I felt the hellfire in my eyes, the energy surging from all the parts of my body, my vision seems to see through the 360th degree and also my kinesthetic sense seems to be acting so much, I know where everyone is located, I know who will attack next, I know who is on my back, and I know everything.

I charged them with all my might in which I also got my sniper pistol in my bag so now, with Pagbuaya's tips on how to use a range weapon in one hand and a melee weapon in the other (thanks Pagbuaya!), it really helped me a lot. I shot, hacked and slashed at the same time, wading through their ranks as they try to surround me and as they tried parrying my attacks to them by using a sword that I saw in the armory, the one that looked like a Chinese Dao and one of the heavy swords made by the Filipinos, the Visayan Sundang. Even with its strikes which supposed to be a very hard struggle due to its weight, I seem to have to problem and I even saw some of their swords break into halves.

I really was an arc of massive destruction because I realized I have razed the half of the army, I knew too some of them tried shooting me but of course, I am wearing omnimetal armor but yeah, as always, they are stupid.

After some minutes, I am starting to flicker, I mean my flame is and I'm starting to get tired, like after some time which I thought is long, I started to feel exhausted. And out of a sudden, I realized I left Elise unguarded on the bench, oh my, I face palmed myself, I am so stupid.

I immediately parried and protected myself ftom their attacks as I made my way back to the bench and then I saw Elise, but this time, Elise, she… she is also attacking for our survival, and this time, she seems to be different, somehow, she also got an energy surge I think.

Her eyes glowed with pure light and the winds shrouded her like a miniature hurricane, and also lightning seems to envelope her which made her look like an Avatar in her Avatar state. Which is kinda awesome but I thought of what will she think after this.

I stood by Elise side and she collapsed but I anticipated it so I dropped my gun and caught her by her shoulders as I squatted in the ground cradling her, with my sword in my right hand.

"Nobody comes close." I ordered and as I sliced a wide arc.

But as if on cue, a huge helicopter hovered just above us at approximately 30 feet, and this helicopter, this one is the huge kind one, the one with two propellers, a Boeing CH-47 Chinook because I know my choppers, and suddenly, I realized, the cavalry just arrived.


All the datus slid down with their ropes from the choppers for reinforcements but I saw Pagbuaya jumped from the chopper as he tried to crowd surf the Splinter cell guys, this is hell fun, all of them wearing their standard issue awesome suits and yeah, I wanted to join the battle again, but first, Elise.

I saw Macabulos and Bankaya approached me.

"Boy, I saw your battle footage and you've got to tell me how you lasted defeating and destroying 302 of them." Macabulos told me as he clapped my shoulders.

"I don't care!" I barked my orders, "Bankaya, please nurse Elise to health and Macabulos, stand by them."

He understood my order as he nodded "And you?" he asked.

"I go back to the battle." I said as I handed Elise to them "Take care of her okay? She's still breathing but just unconscious, okay?"

They promised as they brought her to the side walk and Bankaya unfolded a medical bay bed for Elise to lie down and as they examine her.

I picked up my gun and saw the fun that the datus are having right now, and really, it's my first time seeing them, seeing all of us fighting altogether. I saw Lapu lapu, with an M16 in his right and a sniper on the left, and he nodded at me with a smile, like this battle was so fun. I saw Pagbuaya with two gattling guns in his side and a pistol in his mouth and whoah, he seemed to be shooting and pulling the trigger with his tongue, oh well, so much for the weapon specialist. I saw zipping of bullets coming from a high point just above The Hut jr. and I saw Dailisan, our very accurate sniper that seemed to be taking enemy by enemy with just a pull of a trigger. I saw Manooc barking orders to the other datus, Sikatuna, with his stealth, stabbing one of them one by one in their backs, I saw Sumakwel in charge of the chopper above us, the only man missing is just Lakan Dula, oh well, maybe he was left to protect The Hut.

I joined the battle and indeed, it is a disaster, it's a wasteland, so I joined the violence, I shot, hacked and slashed until all of them just turned to dust.

I saw Sikatuna battling John Delmundo sword against sword but John simply was already battered out, he received lots of cuts from Sikatuna as he dropped in the pavement knee first due to his exhaustion.

I approached John and I am starting to feel the flames once again, I want to destroy this guy for what he did and now, I cannot be stopped.

Oh well, I can be stopped, as I approached, Lapu lapu put his hand on my chest to stop me.

"Hey," Lapu lapu smiled at me "You did great Bob! Long time no see anyway, but I think killing that guy won't do you any great, we leave him for interrogation okay?"

I nodded.

"Wow, this is the weirdest battle that the Anakdatu took, they just all turned to dust after every shot and strike, we never had this like ever in history! Woohoo!" Pagbuaya cheered.

Manooc, the captain, approached John "Silence all datus. You little man, what is your cause here?"

John laughed once again, I'm starting to think he is already nuts "You are dealing with the wrong force of nature idiots! Run away and cower as soon as you can!" And he laughed again. Stupid guy.

"What do you mean?" I barked the question to him.

He gave me a look of sinister and it turned to a look of disappointment, "Boy, oh boy, of all people, you should be the one knowing this, and also your parents, you are the chosen one after all." And he laughed once again.

I am really confused, like so much confused. Awhile ago, there are demigods, a Hukluban, my parents and now, I am the chosen one? What is that? Like I will be the next Buddha? That' s kind of stupid.

"Stop answering through riddles and metaphors, young man," Manooc ordered and he's got this nasty drill sergeant voice wherein you can't say no "Answer the questions briefly."

He laughed once again, okay, I will leave him for awhile, he is already nuts "What I said, to you mortals, is the truth and nothing but the truth and I've got nothing to do with that."

Lapu lapu seemed to look quite smug, a look he never bore like ever, like I felt he knew something about this too, just like mom and dad.

"Oh and you," John pointed his index finger at me "beware of the Dark Lord, son of the sun."

As he laughed once again, what a happy man, and then a blinding light just surrounded him and made a vortex. After some moments, he was simply gone.

Dark Lord? Isn't that a Katy Perry song? Ohhh, it is Dark Horse, sorry, my sense of humor acting up once again.

"That… was so so awesome!" I yelled and with my very exhaustion, I fell face first into the pavement.

'The right time' the dream of the Scrawny Santa Claus just ringed through my mind and suddenly, everything is black.

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