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64% Anime Multiverse Dimensional Chat Group / Chapter 15: Reward And The Shop

Reward And The Shop - Anime Multiverse Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 15 by UltimateSenpai full book limited free

Chapter 15: Reward And The Shop

Warrod shocked as he look at izumi. then he look at kakashi. He felt how incredible kakashi's world is. He know how powerful Acnologia is, but to know the world have more than one which is strength match with Acnologia. he also seem can't believe that there's different world.


[Quest completed. Reward can be claimed after you go back to your own world.

You can go back immediately or you can automatically send back to your world in 72 hours]

Izumi, kakashi, and warrod look at each of their phone. now warrod not doubting what izumi said before.

"Thanks Lord Warrod, finally we able to complete our quest" said izumi.

"So your quest is invite me? this thing is very magical." said Warrod with smile on his face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"First, i will tell you that we are people from the story. for the details, we will tell you when we get back. we know Alvarez invasion is also because of the story. As for now we will tell you how to use this device." said izumi. then he begin to tell warrod how to use smartphone, especially the Chat Group.

Time passed and It's already evening. Izumi told warrod so many things. including the Fairy Tail comeback in half year. izumi also asked warrod to protect current Fairy Tail until half year.

After that they bid farewell.

Izumi teleported in his room now. then he heard notification from his phone.

[Quest complete. Reward sent to inbox.

Initializing completion of first quest, Shop will be open in 5 minutes]

Izumi check the inbox, there's mystical chest and 2000 Shop Coin. he claims the shop coin and open the mystical chest.

[Just got Nano Brain Chip]

After got the reward, izumi feel dizzy as the nano brain chip automatically inserted inside his brain. It seem that the nano brain chip increasing the memory capacity and make the thinking little bit faster.

Izumi open the Chat Group.

[Green Mage joined the group]

Kuroneko : welcome new member

Tabane-chan : welcome new member

Kazuma : welcome

Green Mage : hello everyone.

Miyamura Izumi : hello lord warrod.

Kuroneko : hey hey... tell me what reward you've got!

Miyamura Izumi : it's only nano brain chip that seem increase brain storage capacity. how about kakashi-san? where is he?

Kuroneko : does that mean you can be walking encyclopedia?

Kazuma : hey, that's good. next time let me do the quest!

Miyamura Izumi : you should train first dude. your strength is too low, even demon general can slap you to death

Kazuma : I'll show you my strength next time, don't crying if i kick your ass next time!

Miyamura Izumi : this guy must have a screw loose

Kuroneko : True, that guy head seem wrong in many ways.

Green Mage : That kazuma guy is smart

Miyamura Izumi : -_-

Kuroneko : @_@

Kazuma : hey new member is on my side

Green Mage : Of course that was a joke. ohohoho

Miyamura Izumi : Lol

Kuroneko : hahahaha

Kazuma : damn it, even new member making fun of me

Kakashi : hello

Miyamura Izumi : hey kakashi-san, what reward you've got?

Kakashi : It's Tree of Might Fruit. Decent i guess

Kazuma : Tree of Might Fruit? i seem heard that thing

Miyamura Izumi : What the heck, that's cheat reward.. why am I not the one who got that thing?

Kuroneko : That's? the thing from dragon ball world?

Miyamura Izumi : Tree of Might Fruit gives whomever consumes it a massive power increase, and squeezed fruit from the Tree of Might would make a powerful energy drink.

Kakashi : So incredible?

Miyamura Izumi : Yeah, if I'm not wrong, that fruit will increase your power 15× by consume it.

Kazuma : Hey that's fuckin cheat

Kuroneko : I want next quest!

Tabane-chan : Tabane-chan also want next quest

Green Mage : So this is what you mean quest reward. It's amazing. I also got something like Internal Body Cleanser. Ah let me introduce myself, my name is Warrod Sequen

Kuroneko : Just call me kuroneko

Tabane-chan : I'm Shinonono Tabane ~~

Kazuma : Satou Kazuma

Miyamura Izumi : Lord Warrod, you can use your reward when you taking a bath. it can increase your strength and vitality

Just as they introduce each other...


[Shop Open.

Unlocking Shop grant each members a storage space system with maximum 50 item slots.

You can upgrade storage space through Shop.]

[Initializing Login reward. Starting tomorrow. All members will get 1000 Shop Coin each day, and get random amount (3000-10000) Shop Coin each Week]

Miyamura Izumi : Wow, this is big start. Im gonna check the shop first.

Kuroneko : Me too, i didn't expect this big changes.

Tabane-chan : There might be advance technology too.

And then each members checked the new Shop which just opened.

Izumi checking all the search option, there's option like Martial Art, consisting of Sword Art, Blade Art, Dagger Art, Hidden Weapon Art, Twin Dagger Art, Spear and Staff Art, Fist Art, and Leg Art. 8 of those seem Martial Art from different school. Each Martial Art technique has different ranks in order from lowest to highest which is Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Jade. Jade rank in shop seem pretty expensive which need 50k Shop Coin to buy. For the Gold rank need 20k Shop Coin. Silver rank need 5k. And lastly Bronze rank need 2k.

Not only Martial Art, but there are Internal skill too. This internal skill has 3 ranks too which is Silver, Gold and Jade. the price of Silver rank is 10k, Gold rank is 30k Shop Coin, and the Jade rank is 60k. The price of Internal skill more expensive than Martial Art because this Internal skill can be use to train the body (Silver), spiritual/willpower (Gold), and soul(Jade). But there is one Internal Skill Gold rank which has 60k price. That skill name is Five Mental Elements. not only able to train all elements and yin yang element, it also can nurture the soul too.

Well, those Martial Arts might be good for newbie like izumi himself. but he need weapon to use that skill too. well, Fist Art and Leg Art seem the exception.

There is Weapon option in the shop, but those just ordinary steel weapon which can be use with magical energy or chakra.

As for Internal Skill, he need more Shop Coin to learn it. he plan to buy later after he buy several Martial Arts.

Another option is World Item which divided into each world just like Fairy Tail world, Naruto world, Konosuba world, Modern world and Infinite Stratos world. some option still locked, maybe it will be unlocked after going to different world. There also Word Travel Ticket which can be use to cross into different world. and you just need to tear it out if u want to go back.

Izumi look at the item displayed from Naruto World. there is Chakra Paper with the price 10 SC for 5 Chakra Paper. It just the thing what he need, so he buy it immediately. after that, izumi checking Modern world option, he look for any advance technology knowlede. He spent almost 1000 SC for any technology knowledge he needed.

Izumi didn't forgot to share the book he manage to scan when he was in Fairy Tail world.

Izumi look at the clock. it's 20 minutes before the first lesson. so he prepare to go to school.

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