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Chapter 264: 264. The Place Where She Could Reach A Godhood

After successfully integrating the new operating system into Kumoko's body, Tabane removed both ports from their bodies.

Meanwhile, Ariel can't stand the appearance of her benefactor who once saved her from the hands of Potimas who has now become a system.

After seeing how Tabane created a new operating system, Ariel approached Tabane.

"If you can create such a thing, can you transfer the system to me?"

Tabane rolled her eyes, did she think it was so easy to transfer the system?

Even the beta system she created for Kumoko was limited to reincarnators only. Since she had heard from Izumi that Kumoko would become a god or the new administrator, that would serve as insurance for the reincarnators.

Tabane created the system with the note that Kumoko had to become the administrator to be free to operate the system. Giving skills and others can also be done if Kumoko becomes an administrator. And if the system core, or Sariel, was no longer able to survive due to the destruction of the planet, the reincarnators wouldn't be affected since they had different operating systems, unless they still lived on that planet.

"Absolutely no!"

Therefore, after hearing Ariel's request, Tabane couldn't grant it.

It wasn't a matter of her being able to or not, it was because if Tabane did that, it might, or might not, be the planet they were now on would explode.

She gave the system to Kumoko because she was 100% sure that Kumoko could handle it since it was a system that accommodated around 20 people. And the system doesn't give any more skills to the reincarnators as long as Kumoko isn't the administrator yet.

Instead, it's like a shelter, not a system.

"Why? It's clear that you have the ability. Why did you refuse?"

"Let me clarify some things, the system I created for Kumo-chan is a low leveled one. It's a simple and crude system that accommodates only 20 people. The purpose is to separate them from this world's system which is too dangerous if they are still bound by this world's system upon returning to my world. Moreover, Kumo-chan doesn't have full control over the system. And now, this goddess clearly has a whole new level above you. If I transfer the system to you, she will die, you will die, and the system will crumble as well. You're not strong enough to carry the whole operating system of this world."

Tabane slapped Ariel with the truth that she couldn't save Sariel anymore. She felt down and wanted to cry, but she forgot how to cry already.

At that moment, Izumi stepped forward.

"Don't you still have the original plan to save her? If you don't and want to die, I can help you. I'm the agent of hell after all."


Izumi was kicked by Rori as he was thrown to the side.

"Can you have a little bit of delicacy? She purely wanted to save the person she once considered a mother. And she's an elder. Have a little respect for a bit!"


"Hey, I want to lighten the atmosphere for a bit, okay!"

Izumi laid his back on the wall after being kicked. Then he said.

"I understand you want to save her. But would she want to be saved by you if you're the one who's going to be sacrificed? This will turn into an endless loop. You want to save Sariel, but Sariel wants to save all living things on the planet, especially humans. Even if you make a sacrifice and she comes back to life, she will do the same thing to save you."

After Izumi said that, he got up.

"Well, it doesn't concern me at all. After all, we have successfully separated the reincarnators from the system of this world. If you want to be sacrificed, feel free to do so. But, as Tabane said previously, this world will immediately crumble after that, which I don't want at the moment. You know pretty well how the planet's condition is. Are you sure you want to do it?"

And after hearing Izumi's words, Ariel felt doubtful about her decision. She knew very well what Sariel's personality was. And what Izumi said was true. Sariel could have sacrificed her life again for Ariel's sake. It's just that she wondered how Izumi could know that. She wanted to ask but doubted if Izumi would be willing to answer. So she decided to lower her head.

"Well, let's go back for now! Kumo-chan, you will have a chance to transform into a human form after this. So, let's send Ariel back to the castle. After that, we go to a place where you can transform."

"Yes, yes, master." Hearing Izumi's words, of course Kumoko immediately got excited as Izumi wanted to take Kumoko to a place where she could transform.

— — — —

After sending Ariel back to the castle, Izumi then went somewhere with Kumoko using Hiraishin no Jutsu because Izumi had marked the location with the technique formula.

When they got there, Kumoko was dumbfounded when she looked around because what she saw didn't reflect a fantasy world at all. What Kumoko saw was the metallic building underground.

"I-Izumi, are you taking me to another world?"

"What are you talking about? We are in a place untouched by humans. No one has found this yet because this area is far away from continents inhabited by humans." Izumi said. "There is an anti-magic area here. There is also MA energy that operates to control all the robots here. Once finished destroying the robots, you can absorb MA energy because MA energy here is separate from the planet which has nothing to do with destroying the planet and this can make you an administrator. In other words, a god. Follow me!"

Izumi led Kumoko inside.

"Can I transform into a human form after I become an administrator?" Kumoko asked.

"That depends on you. You could transform into a human, and you could become a spider. Or perhaps, you can stay like that as an Arachne."

"Does that mean it's just a possibility?"

"You fool. As I said, it depends on you whether you want to transform into a human or not."

Then, Izumi walked faster toward the building before the alarms switched on throughout the building.

At the same time, the anti-magic field started to activate and patrolling robots began to arrive in front of them.

Izumi activated his IS and started to rampage while destroying those robots using his energy sword. Some drones that appeared from the IS's back also supported him from behind by shooting lasers.

In less than ten minutes, all the robots had been destroyed by him alone.

Upon entering the building, he saw something similar to machines in a factory that could manufacture modules of a product.

As all the machines had stopped operating, Izumi ignored that and walked toward the corridor at the center. It seemed like a corridor that was heading downward.

Izumi and Kumoko followed along the path and saw some sliding doors along the way. And at the end of the corridor, there is a door that seems to have to be opened using a password.

But, Izumi paid no heed. Instead, he brandished his sword, and imbued his sword with his spiritual energy before cutting the door into pieces.

But then, Kumoko froze on the spot. That was because there were countless inorganic eyes waiting on the other side of the door! Tons of gun muzzles were pointed toward them. And they were all being wielded by robots. And then, a flash erupted in front of her.

It was Izumi. In an instant, he destroyed the robots and showed a frightening appearance while standing on the pile of scrap.

He couldn't use the IS inside buildings because the firepower was too great. He was afraid that he might accidentally destroy something he was looking for. So it forced him to activate the Dragon Force.

Buildings like these were scattered across the planet, but thanks to Izumi, Rori, and Tabane, all of them had been destroyed as some of them were Potimas's secret base. And finally, Izumi purposely left a building that has a lot of MA energy but has not been touched.

In the center of the laboratory, he saw a large container emitting energy like the robots earlier.

"Kumo-chan. Here!"

Kumoko approached Izumi and wondered if the large container held MA energy that could make her the administrator. But she didn't doubt that because what Izumi said was always true even though it was sometimes misleading.

"Oh right, we'll meet again when you're done with your apotheosis. In the process of apotheosis, you will gradually be removed from the system and become the administrator. But it takes quite a long time. About 1-4 years. My friends and I can't stay long in this world. So, I'll say goodbye first. If you have mastered the laws of space, you might be able to return to Earth again."

They chatted for a while before Izumi decided to leave and left Kumoko alone.

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