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100% Anime Multiverse Dimensional Chat Group / Chapter 273: 273. Kuroneko Is The Queen Of Gacha

Chapter 273: 273. Kuroneko Is The Queen Of Gacha

It was a clever strategy to gather the Akatsuki members in one location and then unleash a missile barrage, catching them off guard. This tactic allowed Izumi and his team to inflict damage on their opponents while minimizing the risk of direct confrontation.

The Akatsuki members engaged in a tense conversation as they tried to make sense of the recent event.

Pain inquired, "Do any of you know who that boy was, the one who was seen with Kisame?"

Konan shook her head, signaling her negative response to Pain's question.

Sasori and Kakuzu were quick to respond, their voices laced with anger, "It doesn't matter who he is. They must be killed!"

"Agree. Moreover, that bastard Kisame and probably Itachi as well. If they've betrayed us, they must pay for their disloyalty."

Tobi turned to Pain and spoke, his voice somewhat muffled by his mask. "Boss, about the village in the middle of the sea that we eradicated. There's a connection between it and the boy we encountered earlier. I suspect they might have a larger group behind them."

"Hmm, that village? The village with a lot of Kage-level ninjas according to our intelligence, which could threaten our way?" Pain asked to confirm.

"Yes, that's the one," Tobi replied, nodding behind his mask. "The boy was clearly not alone, and they had advanced weaponry and technology. We should investigate further."

Certainly, Tobi's act as an intern within the Akatsuki organization, despite being the actual mastermind, was an interesting dynamic.

Zetsu's voice rose as he expressed his thoughts, "Their group is shrouded in mystery. It's likely that they knew about our plan due to Kisame, but we're still in the dark about their true purpose. Moreover, they have this uncanny ability to seemingly materialize out of thin air and vanish without a trace, leaving us unable to track their whereabouts. All we found was their abandoned village."

Pain contemplated the situation, aware that not long ago, Izumi and his group had seemingly allied with Konohagakure. However, it was becoming increasingly evident that they possessed extraordinary power. Their ability to thwart Orochimaru's plan, even with his alliance with Sunagakure, showed that they were not to be underestimated.

The Akatsuki's recent attack on the village was driven by their desire to locate Izumi and his group. However, despite their efforts, they couldn't find a trace of them.

Yet, the sudden attack by Izumi's group took the Akatsuki by surprise, given the group's seemingly fearless demeanor even in the presence of a Rinnegan user. The fact that Kisame joined their side further fueled the mystery surrounding this group. Clearly telling that Izumi's group was far from ordinary.

Pain recognized the extreme danger posed by Izumi's group and decided to keep a close watch on them. He assigned Zetsu, a master of espionage, to track and gather information about the mysterious group, regardless of the effort required.


A day later.

Izumi stood in the abandoned shrine, his surroundings engulfed in a serene yet eerie atmosphere. The dilapidated shrine, overgrown with moss and vines, held an air of mystery. In his hands, he held the blue talismans adorned with intricate golden patterns.

Izumi clutched the 10 Mystery Amulets in his hand, each one bearing ancient symbols and sigils that held a profound power. These amulets were the key to his connection with the spiritual world. With a deep breath, he began the ritual, and the amulets emitted a faint, ethereal glow as he summoned his Shikigami, each representing a unique and powerful spirit.

Izumi attempted to summon the specific Shikigami he desired with determination. He knew the process was challenging, and it might take several attempts to succeed. Each time he used the Mystery Amulets, he hoped that the next attempt would bring forth the spirit he sought.

Despite his best efforts, Izumi's repeated attempts to summon the desired Shikigami with the Mystery Amulets proved to be futile.

After a period of six hours, the Mystery Amulets absorbed sufficient energy to be activated once more. This was the reason why Izumi rarely summoned them.

Izumi had an idea. It seemed Kuroneko was really lucky in gacha games.

He looked for Kuroneko and asked her, "Kuroneko, you have some incredible luck with gacha games, right? Can you help me summon the Shikigami I need?"

Kuroneko exclaimed with a proud countenance, "What a hapless youth to lean upon me, the Queen of Nightmares, in a gacha."

Izumi could only twitch in response. At times, her chuunibyou words were rather vexing when she proclaimed them so proudly.

Nevertheless, Izumi still handed over the Mystery Amulets to Kuroneko. She received and scrutinized them closely before turning to Izumi to inquire.

"Hark, what deeds must I perform with these? Can I indeed conjure Shikigamis with these contrivances? After all, they belong to thee."

Izumi didn't fully grasp all of her words. However, he surmised that Kuroneko was inquiring about the method to summon the Shikigamis using the Mystery Amulets. Thus, he replied, "Simply direct your energy toward those amulets, akin to the way you channel energy for casting magic or ninjutsu."

Understanding his simple explanation, Kuroneko immediately channeled her energy into the amulets.

Kuroneko commenced her incantation,

"O spirit from realms beyond, hearken to my entreaty, and grant me thy strength to cleanse the malevolent forces!"

The Mystery Amulets she cradled upon her fingertips began to radiate with a brilliant glow. One by one, a Shikigami manifested from each amulet.

A little girl with long, straight hair, undoubtedly a Zashiki Warashi, a house spirit known for bringing fortune and wealth. Izumi was elated after witnessing the first summon, but the spectacle continued.

Next appeared a little cat girl with an ample bosom, Kyuumei Neko. Then, a mouse spirit clad in monk's robes, carrying a plethora of gold coins, Tesso. After that, a diminutive figure perched atop a dark, serpent-like creature, seemingly an underwater spirit that stole people's shadows, known as Kagewani. Then, a girl who bore an uncanny resemblance to a fly spirit, Mushishi.

The first five were satisfactory although all of them had R rarity, and five more remained. As the sixth one commenced materializing, Izumi was left utterly astonished by the sight unfolding before him.

The one in front of him was a Shikigami based on the ruler of the afterlife and judge of souls in Buddhist mythology, Enma. No, she's Daiyamaten Enma, an SP rarity, which is literally superior to an SSR rarity.

Daiyamaten Enma has long, flowing black hair that cascades down her back, almost reaching the ground. Her hair is adorned with intricate accessories and ornaments that are characteristic of traditional Japanese style. Her eyes are sharp and striking, with a deep red color that gives her an otherworldly and powerful aura. She often has an intense and stern expression that befits her role as a judge of souls. Her attire consists of a flowing, kimono-style robe adorned with various symbols and patterns. The colors of her robe are a combination of white, black, red, and gold.

"Damn. Kuroneko's luck is so broken." Izumi exclaimed. The luck didn't end there. Successively after Daiyamaten Enma, a bird woman wielding an umbrella sword, Ubume, an elderly man riding a colossal goldfish, Ebisu, and a girl with scorpion arms and a tail, Sasori Onna, manifested. Those three were SR rarities.

Lastly and unexpectedly, an SSR was summoned as well. Based on the Japanese Shinto goddess of creation and death and is portrayed as a beautiful and ethereal character. The last Shikigami was Izanami.

Izanami has long, flowing, silver-white hair that cascades down her back in intricate waves. Her hair is adorned with delicate blue and purple flowers, adding to her otherworldly beauty. She has striking, almost otherworldly pale skin that gives her an ethereal and ghostly quality. Her eyes are a mesmerizing shade of deep violet, and they are often depicted as glowing with an otherworldly radiance.

She wears a traditional Japanese kimono that is a mix of vibrant blues and purples, with intricate floral patterns that symbolize her connection to creation and death. Her kimono is adorned with flowing, diaphanous sleeves that add to her elegant and mystical appearance.

'Damn it! Seriously? It was just one ten-pull. How can she be so lucky? I've never been that lucky in my entire life. If she had been around in my previous life, I would have befriended her and asked her to summon for my game.' Izumi exclaimed inwardly.

Even so, he was genuinely delighted that Kuroneko had successfully summoned them. Nonetheless, as they were merely spirits, their powers were far from their peak. Yet, Izumi recognized they possessed a particular skill he could utilize against D.

With this, he initiated the formulation of a new plan.

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