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Chapter 10: Ch 10 : Mikoto Uchiha

Sharingan could be said as one of the biggest cheats in the Naruto world.

From how its basic state could copy other ninjutsu or predict future movement to its evolution state, Mangekyou Sharingan could easily topple the balance of the ninja world.

However, a strong cheat would be useless if the user was not strong enough.

Just like what happened here.

Inside the main bedroom of the Uchiha patriarch's residence, Rochen was currently sitting on the thigh of Mikoto with Mikoto lying below him.

He was avoiding the stomach to avoid hurting the baby, but damn.. this position was dangerous, he thought.

A few moments ago, Mikoto had activated Sharingan against him. But unable to break through the magic shield, the result of the battle was easily decided. And now was the bargain time between the winner and the loser.

To be honest, Mikoto was not a bad kunoichi, and she could even reach the rank of Jonin. But the fact that she was pregnant and she was oblivious to Rochen's trick made it easy for Rochen to seal this battle.

"Tell me what you want."

Mikoto gritted her teeth. If it was the usual, she would rather die than be humiliated.

But now she was pregnant with Itachi, and she couldn't just let her harmless unborn child die just like that. After all, once a woman was a mother, her mindset would usually revolved around her child.

And this was what Rochen tried to manipulate.

"Wow, easy… I have never said that I would harm you. Rather, you are the one that had attacked me first."

Rochen said as he smiled. However, the glare from Mikoto didn't stop.

What Rochen said might be correct, but it didn't change the fact that he was the one that intruded on her room this late at night.

Seeing his words didn't make Mikoto let her guard down even a bit. Rochen was not shaken at all.

"Rather.. I am here to offer a deal."

Rochen smiled as he took out something from his pocket. It was a strange bottle with red liquid on it, but for some reason, Mikoto felt like it should be something special.

"Yes, a deal, and it should be something that you could not reject."

As he said that, Rochen opened the bottle a bit and chugged it down before he proceeded to forcefully kiss Mikoto on her lips.

Mikoto's lips were soft. It is almost silken and pillowy against Rochen's. Rochen could feel the soft tickle of her breath beneath his nose, his fingers carding through her hair as they breathed each other in.

A few seconds into the kiss, Rochen could feel some traces of resistance from Mikoto. After the initial shock, it was expected that she would try to resist. But After enjoying her lips for some time and putting the chugged liquid into her mouth, Rochen eventually decided to let go of Mikoto.

"You.. damned bastard!"

Mikoto looked at Rochen, full of resentment. The kiss just now had made her somehow able to guess Rochen's intention, but Rochen was just smiling.

"Curse.. Curse me all you want. But haven't you felt the side effect?"

Mikoto was about to curse once again. But here, she suddenly found something.

She felt her vision was way better, and there was a bit of change in her chakra.

For some reason, she felt like she was stronger.

Mikoto was a bit oblivious to what happened until Rochen brought a mirror and put it right in front of her face.


"Yes, this is the effect of the liquid that I poured into your mouth. Are you interested now?"

What appeared in the mirror was none other than Mikoto's face. But in her three tomoe Sharingan, even though she felt it was so subtle, she felt like there was a change in her Sharingan, and it might be the key to obtaining the next level of Sharingan.

Mikoto was silent.

In fact, she really didn't want to do anything with Rochen. But just like he said, the deal was too good for her. And in the end, she could only try to assess Rochen's demand.

As long as it was not too much, she would try to satisfy him if it might help her get the liquid.

"Say.. tell me your offer. As long as it didn't break my bottom-line…?"

Mikoto glared at Rochen.

And at this time, Rochen knew the fish was baited.

He wanted to laugh inside. As long as this was done, the next step was easy.

No longer needing to be afraid of Mikoto attacking him, Rochen stood up and took a seat not far from Mikoto.

"Don't be hasty. In fact, you didn't know what these liquids are used for."

"These liquids are called the bloodline enhancing liquid, and by taking a continuous dose of the liquid, it could help strengthen your bloodlines, or in your terms, strengthening your Sharingan."

Rochen calmly explained. Until now, everything was in line with Mikoto's prediction, so she was still calm.

Yet the next moment Rochen opened his mouth, Mikoto was shocked.

"But that is not all. Since it enhanced the bloodline and not only the Sharingan, it means that the effect could be carried to the next generation. Or, to make it simpler, even your child would be benefitted from this liquid….

Now, are you ready to make a deal with the devil, Mikoto Uchiha?"

. . . . . . . . . .

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