Chapter 2: 1-ONE PIECE WORLD

Jet wake up under a tree inside a forest that bside it was MT colubo but Jet still didn't know that but he will know for sure after he meet certain characters here after he examinate the area around him he start to look for water after he search for 30 min he found it and he looked at his reflect that suprise him like his character it had white hair in itachi hairstyle and silver eyes like goku UI (ULTRA INSTINCT) ans he wore a shirt like luffy's after the 2 years but it was black under it was a blue tank top with a grey short and sandals just like luffy but he look badass with his scars (the one likd ban from SDS and the othef that cross from the left of his waist to his right shoulder ) he wondred ' am i copying him by doing this ... nah it's not like i am the one that chose this clothes also i look pretty badass i just need a hat to be unique too as each of luffy ace abd sabo has their own hat '

jet start talking with the system in his mind 'system where is this ??'

[*appologise host but system would not answer your questions as you only wished for states shop inventory and not the complete system ]

Jet then said "just stop calling me host just call me Jet also i don't want tp use my surname so let's change it i shall be called Creel D Jet that's it i will be a "D" system show my states and compare them to MARINE ranks

[ *roger that Jet "STATE OPEN" ]

[ ************

Name : Creel D Jet

Age : 10 years old

Bloodline : dragon god / elite demon (meliodas) / archangel (mael )

STR : 75 captain (str 25 = 250 kg )

STM : 75 captain

AGI : 75 captain

INT : 75 captain

WILL : 250 vice admiral


abilities :

-full counter / - dark matter / - hellblaze / - assult mode / - snatch / - sunshine / - the one mode (remember powers without weakness can get in one mode even in night ) / - D.fruit creation / - dragon god Form ( this form has it's own abilities ) / - 3 haki (advanced = vice admiral haki as for conqueror like hancock )

----system points : 10 000


*inventory (1) .... ]

jet said "okay this is good i can even go in one mode or assult mode without their weakness i mean i will not only stay one minute in ond mode but as much as i want as for assult mode i won't lose my emotions" start to looking for any people nearby maybe a village to a town

this goes for 2 hour after that he just got to check on system and found that he have something in the inventory and asked the system and it answered

[* Jet that's your starter pack would you like to open the "starter pack" Y/N ]

Jet said "hell YES again why would i say no yes yes and yes open"

[ opening the "starter pack" ..... obtain 500 000 system point and devil fruits encyclopedia also " ship creation" + rokushiki training manuel + Kusanagai]

Jet stay silent for a little while before he say " i am suprised with that amount of system points i got here also the encyclopedia if add with the ability D.fruit creation i will creat any devil fruit without expection and i even got to creat my own ship but i will hold it for now i don't need a ship and i wouldn't need it for a while also the rokushiki are usefull in case i don't want to use a devil fruit 'what think i will say when o can't use it hell i won't have a weakness so why would i say that it's just for when i grow bored with the devil fruit i can use other means to fight' anyway all this are good things i even got Kusanagi sasuke sword haihai system store everything i need to find a village or at least shetler for the night even thought we're still in the morning but don't know how much will it take " he start searching for any nearby village as he was going he was reading devil fruits encyclopedia so he can chose his first devil fruit while he was reading about certain devil fruits he said " hm i think i will start with logia and i think my choice will be goro goro no mi as i think it's the strongest logia only luffy wouldn't be affected but i don't care it's not like i will make him my enemy then let's do this "

Jet "system how can i use the ability of D.fruit creation ?"

[*Jet need to imaginate the devil fruit and it will appear in your hand also you have to take in consider that the ability creat D.fruits and not taking them so even if you eat the devil fruit the original one would still exist ]

then he start imaginating the goro goro no mi after a minute of so it appeared in his hand Jet looked at it and without waiting he started to eat it , it was sweet not like a devil fruit taste i think the taste are a weakness too

after eating it he start to search of a way to use it aftef seconds his hand was cracking in lightning after that he start to think about the techniques that Enel used his hand start to crack lightning more he pointed it in front of him and said "EL THOR !!" suddenly


A huge lightning beam shout forward and destroy eveeything in it's path after some time the dust disappear and there was a black path of burned trees and ground jet said " heheheh i like this technique but there is more let me try this one too " his body turn to lightning and he disappair and appeard hundreds meters away he looked to where he was and said " good i can travel by lightning speed too " after saying this he start to move at lightning spees until he reached a big wooden house he looked at the house strangly and said " isn't this .... Dadan bandits hideout isn't that mean i am in Mt colubo good God am i lucky or unlucky who know if the fate lead me here might as well go with it " he said and start to knock the door but strangely the door opened and no one was there and inside was completely dark he used his observation haki and found that the bandits were hidding he laughed inside to thinl this bandits want to attack him by surprise it doesn't matter after all he ate a logia nothing can affect him in this part of sea but there is a certain Monkey can and he would come often here ' yes that's right it's Marine hero Monkey D Garp and his two grandsons are here or maybe they are together with Sabo in their secret base maybe it would be funny meeting them in this time ' anyway Jet entered the hideout after looking inside suddenly someone warpped him arm around his neck and point a knife at his throat .....



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