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Chapter 10: 10-Smoker and Reverse Mountain (Edited)

After what happened Gon manage to make his family to pack their things and go to Goa kingdom as it would take some time but it's the safest place for them after they pack everything and got to the port they got on a ship that is going to an Island near the Island where the Goa kingdom in after that they would take another one as money isn't a problem as Gon gave them all the money he gained in his restaurant and God it's a lot even I add some more for them after that they left as for us we got to my ship 'Lost One' and sleep there

the other day we got everything we need and waited for Lafitte to come after some time he came

Jet " OI Lafitte !! You're late "

Lafitte " sorry captain but it's hard to move in this town as it is guarded heavily by marines so it took some time to get the Log Pose also I heard that the marine captain Smoker is in his way here to capture you, seems like your bounty made him interest in you "

Jet " heh let him try he will only end up defeated without even putting a fight "

then Lafitte got in the ship and comment about it " got a great ship I would say the best in the east blue "

Jet said " oh that I got a good man to make it but the design are mine also- "

Then they suddenly heard a lot of foot steps, Jet smiled and said in a lazy voice " Ooh seems like our friends finally came "

then a group of marines leads by a muscular white haired man stopped in front of us 'seems like smoker look different, well it's 6 years before the story of course he would be different '

Smoker stepped up and said in his usual serious voice " Creel D. Jet we are here to capture you and it seems that by luck we found you too Demon Sheriff Lafitte surrender yourselves, or we will use force " as he said that he took out his jitte that is made from sea stone and rushed at Jet, Jet only stayed in his place and didn't move, seeing that his enemy didn't move Smoker didn't mind it as his duty is to capture the pirates, and he would care less for seeing his enemy underestimating him.

Swung his jitte that made from sea stone toward Jet, but he still didn't move Lafitte and Gon observed what their captain would do,

And what happened shocked them as Jet (their captain) blocked the jitte with his hand but this wasn't the end as the pressures it slowly till he broke it with merely his strength (limited at that) .

Jet was still smiling as he looked at Smoker face that was still shocked he extends toward him, Smoker seeing that the other party want to capture him by his bare hands didn't move as he though that he can't touch him due to his Logia Devil Fruit, but he was mistaken as he sees Jet grabbed his open jacket collar and left him up looking at Jet, smoker can see that he look serious then he heard him said " Like i always said know who you fight before you fight him why everyone always seems confident in their abilities to defeat anyone looks at you Smoker you are not the first and sure will not be the last to do so my warning for you Smoky you are not my match so stop this it's not like the Marines Justice is the always right this is what I have for you I will give you a glimpse of my power "



Several thunder bolts descents from the sky and their targets were all the marine warships and the canons that are all in the coast destroying all of them after that he sent his Conqueror haki toward the marines alone and knocked them and release Smoker from his grasp he fell to his knees as he open his eyes and mouth wide with cold sweat in his forehead.

Without looking back Jet ordered Gon and Lafitte " let's set sail they can't do anything " saying this he also said to Smoker " know your limit as there is always someone stronger than you also make them raise my bounty I'd like to be already known for the marine HQ to take me more serious as I wouldn't want them to sent someone weak after me then till we meet again "

sailing toward the red line after what happened in logue town Smoker called Marine HQ and informed them about what happened in the town as the calm ended Sengoku was have reached it there was some shock waves on the sea no headache for a strong pirate to merge isn't good new for them as The 'Lost One' reach the red line there as shock waves in seawater, and then they see a big black mountain as they came closer and closer Lafitte and Gon were curious about it then Gon asked

Gon " what a strange mountain and what's it doing here it was not in the map " Lafitte nodded at what he said but Jet laughed at that and said

Jet " it's not in the map cause it's not a mountain but a whale and a large one " suddenly it roared in its deep voice making everything shake

looking at it Jet decided and used his Conqueror haki on it but not in the regular way but instead used it to converse with Laboon as he used it he sends a mental message to the huge whale ' Laboon your crew are dead but Brook still out there you have to stop hitting the red line and wait patiently for him I am sure he will come back but before that I am sure you will meet a new friend in the future till then you have to set and wait for them '

after that Laboon slowly enter inside the sea water until only it's head out and looked toward the ship that in front of him but what he was looking at is Jet he looked toward him to see if he say the truth the other party only smiled and nodded his head then Laboon rise his head up and roared but this time Jet can say that he was happy and he can see his huge eyes fill with tears as he roared again and Jet disappear in lightning and re-appear on Laboon head, and he patted him and said " that's right my big friend he is out there and you will see him in the future oh and I have something for you " taking out paint and brush paint and start to draw on its head it was a skull and not any skull it's his pirates group skull after he ended he disappears and re-appear in the ship again with a smile in his face And Yelled " THIS DRAW ON YOUR HEAD YOU HAVE TO PROMESE NOT TO HIT THE RED LINE OR YOU WILL DAMAGE IT TAKE IT LIKE A PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT HIT THE RED LINE AND WAIT PATIENTLY FOR HIM TO COME BACK " After saying that we continue our way and it seems like the old man Croucs in his stomach well not that I care " let's get going ", " Roger that captain "

after we start to climb the reverse mountain Laboon again start to roar I said " till we meet again Laboon and be sure to take care of yourself well " at that Laboon roard in happiness as he watched them climb the reverse mountain with his head having their pirate flag skull on it not like the lame one that luffy draw in his head but a perfect one

after that we reached the grand line and it's only the start of my adventure in the seas.



The_One_Above_You The_One_Above_You

any idea for some crew members i think Law would be the doctor but need a shipwright and some other members a marksman swordwomen (kuina maybe )


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