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Chapter 7: 6-bounty and unexpected meeting

after 3 weeks Jet reached Logue town the place where Gold D Roger was executed and the place where everything started as Jet was in the town

when he reached he was suprised why because he have his bounty and it's the highest in the east blue as i remember the highest is luffy with 30 million after defeating arlong with bounty of 25 million beli but his bounty is


Creel D. Jet

72,000,000 Beli

Jet said " i need to find a navigator for me and a cook for now before i go to the grandline then will make a name for myself in the grandline before the storyline and there i will come for nami and if kuina become stronger maybe i will take her and return to take both robin and franky also hachi but not when he was with arlong i will take him in chabaody archepelago"

after that he start going searching everywhere in the town even the underwolrd there and suprising he found someone he know in a bar inside the underworld it's lafitte the demon sheriff if i remember his bounty was 44,200,000 Beli

i think i was lucky to find him i can make him my navigator for now before the story start i don't think he's hard to recuite i approched him and he seems to look at me with his usual smile as i reached infront of him he stand and look down on me i was standing shorter than him i mean i am only 14 year old now he is if i remember in the story before the 2 years his age was 39 and now he should be 33 years old i looked at him and he looked at me and i said " demon sheriff Lafitte " he bowed and said " in your service " i replied " i want a temporary navigator and i chose you for that " he looked at me and smiled before asking " ah it isn't nice inviting people to your crew before introduce yourself " i replied " Jet , Creel D. Jet " he seem surprised i think he read about me in the news " you said temporary navigator " i replied " i already have someone but for now it's still young for sea that is why i ask you to be my navigator for the time being also i need to find a cook and then we will go to the grandline " after saying that he start thinking before he looked at me and said " ok but when my service end can you leave me in a certain island " Jet said " i have no probldm with that let's meet in the port tomorrow " after saying that i left

Jet now is infront of a restaurant and this restaurant is famous with pirates as the pirates come here to eat but no one dare to eat for free or broke the rules of this place cause the owner is strong and all the pirates that was arrogant thinking that they can do what they want thinking that they can beat the owner came out beaten in a miserable way as Jet entred he saw everyone eating their food and thet were surprisingly silent he took a seat beside a window after sometime came a tall man that stood 6,5 feets height and take his order and leave after half an hour he came with it and Jet start eating as he found the food delicious so he order more and more yes Jet was a hell of eater like Luffy and Ace after he order a lot and a lot more a group of pirates came in and they look arrogant as they took their table they called for the owner before the i order more and he go as they order their food they were waiting after some time he came after that they waited for him to put the food on their table but he put it in mine and he got back to them and said " unfortunatly we don't have anymore of what you order as our guest there ordered everything i advice you to order something other " as he said that they looked in rage at him and their captain yelled " ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT FOOD WAS OURS AND YOU GIVE IT TO THAT BASTARD " the owner said " he ordered first " the pirates captain said " I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM YOU THINK I WON'T BEAT YOU BECAUSE SOME WEAK PIRATES FEAR YOU , YOU SHOULD GET OUR FOOD FROM THAT BASTARD OR WE WILL KILL BOTH OF YOU " before the owner said anything Jet voice came from his table " OWNER thank you for the food give me the bill " all of them looked at him and found that he finished eating everything then the pirates in the group start yelling " BASTARD THAT WAS OUR FOOD YOU EAT THERE " " GIVE US YOUR MONEY HERE WHILE KNEELING AND BEGGING FOR YOUR LIFE AND WE MIGHT FORGIVE YOU AFTER BEATING YOU A LITTLE " the owner ignored them and came with the bill and i took out a bag of money and took some gold coins and gave them to him but then the pirate group came to us and the captain said " hehehe kid you seem quite rich come give us 100 million beli and we might forgive you " i looked at the owner and said " can i beat them " he replied " no fighting in my restaurant " as i looked at him one more time i said " would you like to join my crew by the way i didn't know your name " " my name is Gordo Gon and i refuse your invitation " but then the pirate captain yelled again " BASTARDS DON'T IGNORE ME DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM " he took out his bonty and said " i am vandick John the captain of the iron pirates and my bounty is 7 million beli " after saying that he and his group unleashed their swords and guns and aim at us but i didn't move as for Gon he turned toward them and said " last warning no fighting in my restaurant please " but the pirates igonred him and charged at us with their weapons then Gon dodged some bullets easly and punched a pirate in the face sending him through the window out and kick another one after him he dashed toward the pirates with guns at a fast speed ' not bad need a little training and haki and he will be strong he look no more than 20 years old ' as Gon reached the group with guns he start to threw punchs and kicks and he always send them fly through the window after he's done with them he turned toward the ones with swords and rushed at them again and start to sent them out of his restaurant as he finished he turned toward me and then the captain came behind me with a knife in his hand and point it to my throat he laugh his ass out and said " hahahahah you better stay down or i will kill this kid " as the other pirates that still there saw their captain they become couraged and start to shout at the owner " hehehe you have no chance against us the Iron pirates " "kneel and beg for forgivness and we might forgive you after we broke both your arms hahaha ! " " we will take all the womens in your familly and sell them to slave tarders too " 'fools this is your bad luck that made you meet me ' the captain again " hhahah what happened kid scared that you can't say anything " Jet said " how would you like to be burn " all of them start to mock and laugh as if they were the winners

the owner start to make his way toward the pirates ignoring the way they threating him by killing a kid and then it happened after he reached in front of them he punched the one that threaten to sell the womens in his familly as slaves and this punch was a lot stronger than before why because you can hear a something crack and i think that guy's face will be in a horrible state aftef that the others looked horrified and start to shout again even the captain and he stabbes his knife in my throat thinking that he killed me but them he saw no blood coming out and heard a sound like lighting


as the place where he stab me in was turn into a lightning and closed after that he backed a few steps from me with fear and said while trembling " you ... you eat a devil fru- " beford he end his words he Jet was infront of him and his hand waw pointed on his face and then

jet said " 5,000,000 volt vari ! " after that the captain was hit by lightning bolt and ge dropped down all black and black smoke came from him ' i really liked goro goro no mi a lot giving you destructive power and speed the same for pika pika no mi they are the same aah the people in east blue are too weak even the weakest technique Enel have can make you the strongest here ' .

after a while the owner had sent everyone out of the window and came toward Jet and the Captain and took the captain ans threw him out too and turned to look at me



The_One_Above_You The_One_Above_You

sorry guys i wasn't here yesterday i just returned but don't worry i will make it up for you later

thank you for reading

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