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12.12% Ann and the secret painting / Chapter 4: Chapter Four : Problem Solved

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Chapter 4: Chapter Four : Problem Solved

Gorge vanished again .

When I arrived to the main hall it wasn't crowded as before, there were around 25 to 26 contestants , the judges were at the stage, but they didn't look happy, if I say so myself.

Then suddenly the competition organizer came from behind the curtains in a fancy way , he just started spinning and dancing and then he said "we have a big problem !!" .

all the kids said at the same time in a worried way "problem !! What kind of problem ??" .

The announcer said "it looks like we will have a (rematch)" .

Everyone felt confused and tense , then I said in a loud voice without me realizing "wait why??" .

I mean you can't blame me , it took me quite some time to realize my dream and not to mention painting it .

The announcer said "well .. miss Ann right ? , it looks like someone stole your painting" .

I couldn't believe it nor did anyone , I mean there were so many guards out side , as for me .. well I wasn't thinking like the others did ,how was it stolen ? , I was thinking why was it stolen? .

I mean it wasn't my best work , and even if it was I could not find a reason , so why did the thief steal the painting .

Suddenly (John Cristford) said "I object" .

Every one looked his way including the judges. he took every ones attention .

Then he said "why should we have a rematch when you already saw the paintings ? , And besides Why do we all have to start form scratch, (the beginning point) Just because of one little girl ? I mean look at her is that an expression form some one who might be kicked out from the competition?, to me it looks suspicious, what if she was the one who stole her painting?" .

At the mean time , I just was trying to find the reason that made the thief steal my painting .

Suddenly, without warning, (John) came out of nowhere and said "are you avoiding me ? You are definitely suspicious" .

Then suddenly one of the judges stood up and said "that's enough mister (John) , as for your question from before , we need all the painting to start judging , you also asked us why do we need the paintings to judge , since we already saw them ?, will the answer is obvious isn't it? , Is there any one who wishes to answer it ?" .

No one wanted to answer, but since I know why , I said "I don't mind answering it mister (Kim)" .

By the way mister (Kim) is one of the judges.

At any case he said "yes , answer it if you may" .

I said "it's because you don't only judge by the appearance of the paintings , but also by the skills that were used in the paintings , am I right ?".

Judge (Kim) answered "well your not wrong that indeed is the answer, so how did you know ? All the kids couldn't answer so how could you?" .

I told him " you said it was easy didn't you?" .

He said "I did say that , but I didn't expect any one to answer , your all kids after all , but you answered this question easily you are very smart considering your age".

Then (John) said "I don't care , whether she is smart or stupid , we refuse to have a rematch , just kick her out.

I couldn't stay shut any more, he insulted me way to much .

So I told him "what are you so angry for ?, could it be that you're araid of losing against me ? , If so then that explains why you're trying to kick me out" .

He said " nonsense, why would I be afraid of losing to you?, It's just that I am tired already and so is everyone else".

I told him " got a point there , fine" .

And I wet to the stage and told mister (Kim) "can I make a proposal ??" .

Judge (Kim) said "sure , but what kind of proposal ?" .

I said " you will find out soon just give me the mike please" .

He gave it to me ,then I said in a loud voice " listen will all of you , whether you are a Judge or a contestant, or even a regular person who came to watch or cheer for a family or a friend, it's my painting that got stolen so let me take responsibility for it".

"Just give me 2 to 3 hours , to find the painting and capture the thief , oh yeah, by the way I already know who you are mister thief , but I still need to confirm it, so don't bother running away I can easily find you , so mark my words I will come to you if you won't come to me".

As soon as I got down from the stage mister (Kim)came to me and said "will you come to room A-6 in the back stage with me ? , The other judges will be there waiting for you" .

In order to catch the culprit I had to go, so I said to mister (Kim) "I don't mind but may I ask why ??" .

He told me " you will know when we get there" .

So I followed him and on the way judge (Kim) said "do you really know the culprit?" .

I answered him carelessly "maybe I do,maybe I don't, what do you think?, Do you think I know them/her/his identity?".

Judge (Kim) said "Ann dear , to be honest with you I really don't think you know ,but I think what you said back there was some kind of plane to find the culprit right?" .

I told him " I wonder" .

after some time we arrived to room A-6 when I entered I felt so out of place I mean all oh them are famous people .

There was the leader of the Hikari group who are known for their high quality painting tools and other art materials .

Also St:Royal Indoor Academy's director was there , not to mention (Levin Layler) the leader of the layler family was there too .

last but not least were the lukis siblings mister (Kim) and his twin sister miss (Selina) who are known for teaching top artists, most of the famous painters and artists were students of there's .

I said without realizing "WOW , am I really suppose to be here?" .

Oh how embarrassing that was .

Then mister (Kim) came to me and said "relax dear" .

He then said "okay every one , this is Ann the owner of the stolen painting" .

after that his sister miss (Selina) said "ohhh.. you were so cool out there I mean If I was the culprit I would definitely return what I stall".

I told her "well, too bad you aren't and I doubt the culprit is that stupid , if he returned it then why bother steeling it?, Them/he/she won't be that easy to handle"

Then she said with a serious face " I told you she is a rare gem" .

Then the leader of the Hikari group said "she indeed isn't an easy one" .

Then Gorge whispered in my ears "I told you , I smell trouble" .

I told him " I have been searching for trouble hehe!".

Then I told them while looking at mister Hikari " do you guys think i am that stupid I already know that you guys have the painting , and I also know where you hide it , and I know who suggested this stupid idea , but nice try any ways , sorry though I won't be able to give you what you want " .

"Oh yeah , you might be wondering about how I knew but let me ask you first am I right mister levin ??"

Mister levin said "what nonsense are you saying?" .

I told him "oh dear is it really nonsense? Those who deny the truth are alway the culprits in my eyes, I won't bother asking why since I already know your reasons but before I tell you the reason can I ask something? ".

"my painting is under the table in the left corner right , if you really didn't take it then why do you guys look so nervous?" .

I walked towards the table and took of the table cover and found my painting .

Thin I said "oh my this really is my painting , How can you explain this ??".

The school's director was the only one who looked surprised , I told him no need for the act ,I already know that all of you are responsible.

First you may ask "how did she know the paintings location of the painting right ?" .

They all replayed "yes" . Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I told them "well it really was simple , the second I entered this room I knew where the painting was , I mean come on people !!, just look at the floor , the sparkle from the painting is all over the place, it made a bath leading to the table, I mean even a kid like me can tell".

" I can't believe adults like you can't see it , actually that sparkle on my painting was a last minute idea , I had no idea it would be useful, thank goodness I used it".

"as for how I knew you guys were the ones who took it , well it was for tow reasons firs most of you have the sparkle on your clothes . But before I say the second reason let me thank you first"

They told me "why ??" .

I told them "because you chose me as the winner didn't you?" .

The director of the school told me "will yes , we indeed chose you, but how did you know that it was a test ??".

I told him "will you took my painting and said it was stolen , hopping that I will find it right ? , I mean there is no way St:Royal Indoor Academy will accept me just for a painting , you wanted me to solve it , to prove that my thinking is above average , I mean this is St:Royal Indoor Academy we are taking about a top school which is known for Producing geniuses so I just guessed" and gave him a smile.

He told me "to be able to calculate this far when you didn't even enter school yet ,it's amazing, St:Royal Indoor Academy will be pleased to have yo, .

I told him " so I really did win" .

he told me "yes , you won the scholarship and the 35,000$ and we will personally provide you with all the things that you will be needing until graduating from our school".

End of chapter four:)

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