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Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Overwhelming Orders

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

He could hear the voices of Tang Xin and her husband coming from behind him. "Has the report been released?" 

"Yes, I saw it just now, and it's confirmed that I'm pregnant. However, there were two indicators that I didn't understand. We'll ask the doctor later," the man answered with obvious excitement in his tone. 

So she's already pregnant? 

I've only broken up with Tang Xin for less than three months, and yet, she's pregnant with someone else's child now. 

At that moment, Zhou Kun's heart was filled with bitterness, but he was also somewhat relieved. 

He knew that Tang Xin's name was really going to disappear in his life.

After sorting out his emotions, Zhou Kun went to the floor that his mother's ward was located at and gave some fruit to the nurses at the nurses' counter. 

"Mr. Zhou, you are so polite. Are you looking for Dr. Shen? I'll call her for you." Due to the fact that Zhou Kun always brought them food, and also because he seemed to be a classmate of Dr. Shen, the nurses at the counter all knew him. 

"I'll have to trouble you then. Please, thank you."

Since Zhou Kun did not visit the hospital the past few days, he decided to ask his classmate Shen Heying about his parents' recent condition. 

"You're here. Your mother has been recovering well recently, but your father's condition is still the same. However, it hasn't deteriorated further." She basically explained everything that he needed to know, perhaps because she had been a doctor for a long time.

"Good to hear. I've been rather busy lately, so I haven't seen them in a few days. I just wanted to ask about their condition." 

Looking at her former classmate who seemed rather dispirited in front of her, Shen Keying, who was never a good talker in the first place, didn't know how to comfort him.

Zhou Kun was once a high-spirited and vigorous young man. He and Tang Xin were in a relationship when they were in high school. The two finally got through a painstaking, long-distance relationship, but to their surprise, something happened, and they didn't end up together.

Today, Tang Xin looked for her with her current husband and asked to get a checkup done because she suspected that she was pregnant. 

She thought to herself that she better not let Zhou Kun find out about that matter, lest he suffered a huge blow. 

However, Shen Keying clearly didn't expect that the two of them had already run into each other in the lobby below. 

"I still have to do my rounds at a few wards. If there's nothing, I'll take my leave now," Shen Keying said, getting ready to leave. 

"Go ahead, I'll go in to take a look at my mother." 

Zhou Kun opened the door of the ward gently, only to see his mother lying on the bed in the ward. Aunt Zhou, the caregiver, raised the bed a little, and the two were watching television enjoyably. 

"Mother, I'm here to see you." 

"Okay, son..." Zhou Kun's mother, Xu Xiujun was very happy to see her son, and she wanted to greet him but realized that she was not even speaking coherently, and couldn't quite move either. 

"Mother, just lie down. Don't bother greeting me," said Zhou Kun who then moved a stool next to Xu Xiujun's bed to sit beside her. 

"Mr. Zhou, you're here. Your mother has been recovering well in the past few days. She can eat and swallow well now too. She has also been eating more than usual." 

After being comatose for a long time, Xu Xiujun regained consciousness, but her body was not functioning too well. It was difficult to even swallow properly. Due to such, Zhou Kun hired a caregiver for her. The caregiver was a woman who was nearly fifty years old and also had the surname 'Zhou'.

She was recommended by the nurses. Zhou Kun had also observed for a long while, and he discovered that Aunt Zhou was very dedicated to looking after his mother.

"I've been rather busy with the business at the shop lately, so I haven't visited you in a few days. Thank you for looking after my mother. I've brought you some fruit. Bring them home when you get off work."

"Mr. Zhou, you're being too polite. This is my job anyway. Since I took your money, I have to do my job well. You don't have to give these to me every time you come here."

"We run a fruit business anyway. These are nothing much." 

"Thank you so much then. Since you're here, accompany your mother for a while. I'll go do the dishes that were used this afternoon," said the caregiver Aunt Zhou who then packed up and left the ward.

"Mother, the business has been busy at the store in the past few days, so I couldn't visit you. You're not angry with me, are you?" 


"It's good that you're not. I found a major client recently who purchased all the cantaloupe that was stored in the warehouse. I earned quite a bit of money from that sale." 

He continued, "I also purchased another batch of high-quality dragon fruit, and now I'm so busy with delivering fruits every day. Uncle came to deliver me food previously and secretly gave me 5,000 yuan, which Aunt didn't know about..."

Apart from the matters regarding the passage, Zhou Kun told his mother about everything that had happened in the past few days, which was something he had to do whenever he visited her at the hospital. 

"Mother, don't worry. I have already started getting used to running the business in the store. By the way, are you hungry? Let me feed you a dragon fruit. This is a new variety, and it tastes delicious."

Zhou Kun was referring to the golden dragon fruit from the other world. 

"I'll eat it..." Seeing that her son wanted to feed her, Xu Xiujun obviously wouldn't turn him down. 

Zhou Kun found a small spoon and used it to feed his mother some dragon fruit. He watched as she finished half of it, mouthful by mouthful. 

Zhou Kun did not mind it and finished the remaining pulp in two bites. After all, the dragon fruit was precious, and he couldn't let it go to waste. 

When he came out of his mother's ward, Zhou Kun went to visit his father, Zhou Jianguo, at his ward for a while.

Seeing his father who was being attached to a respirator and was getting thinner by the day, Zhou Kun suddenly made up his mind. Since modern medicine couldn't save his father, why doesn't he turn to the magical world for help?

The ringtone of his mobile phone caused Zhou Kun to snap out of his thoughts. It was a call from a previous supplier who purchased fruits from him. 

"Why aren't you replying to the messages in the chat group? The dragon fruits you delivered in the morning are selling so well. Hurry up and deliver another 25 kilograms to me. "

Zhou Kun finally realized that he hadn't paid attention to the news in the chat group when he was in the hospital. There were already numerous orders for his dragon fruit in the chat group.

The owner of Red Sun Fruit Industry, Mr. Cheng, said, "This batch of dragon fruit is really not bad. I managed to sell them effortlessly together with many other fruits. Boss Zhou, I'd like to replenish my stock. I'd like to order 15 kilograms." 

Mr. Xu, the owner of Fengxian Fruit Industry said, "Same for my store. I'd also like to order 25 kilograms to replenish my stock." 

"I told you Junior Boss Zhou's dragon fruits are superb. I'd also like to restock. I'm ordering 50 kilograms." Seeing that the other members of the group chat were all placing orders to restock on dragon fruit, Zhuo Xiong instantly felt a sense of honor and pride.

"Don't just care about chatting, lest Boss Zhou forgets when the time comes. I'd like to order 15 kilograms for restocking." 

"Yes, after my message, stop chatting. Just type the amount that you'd like to order. I'd like to order 25 kilograms." 

"10 kilograms." 

"10 kilograms." 

There were more than 20 of such messages in the group chat. 

Zhou Kun could not even remember the last time he received such an overwhelming number of orders. 

Accordingly, Zhou Kun rushed back to the store and tallied the orders before proceeding to deliver the goods. 

After tallying all the orders, Zhou Kun looked at the warehouse behind him and found that he had at most only about 250 kilograms of dragon fruit left in the inventory. It seemed that it was time to purchase a new batch.

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