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Another World's King of Pestilence Another World's King of Pestilence original

Another World's King of Pestilence

Author: DonnEll

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Chapter 1: Gin Yotaka


They were people who have extraordinary powers and abilities to kill monsters. To be specific, it was a job to go inside a dungeon and clear it to avoid a dungeon break.

Ten years ago, January 2030, monsters appeared in this world out of nowhere. This upset the balance of the world and destroyed hundreds of countries around the world. It was horrible. The government tried everything to kill the monsters but nothing works on it. To be exact, it works on weak monsters but it wasn't enough to kill monsters like wyvern.

After a few months, the researchers from America discovered unknown energy in the air. This energy was named Mana. Based on their research, Mana was the only thing that could destroy powerful monsters. It was then that they found that people who were exposed to a high concentration of mana would gain abilities beyond human comprehension. These people who gained superhuman abilities were called mutants. They were used by the government to hunt down the monsters around the world.

That's the summary of the historic event of the world. It was called Turning Point of Era.

"A turning point, wow!" A man with a plain looked said with a blank expression. He had short black hair and black eyes. His build wasn't thin nor huge. He was an average person.

His name was Gin Yotaka. His mother was British while his father was Japanese.

He stood up and looked at his phone. "1 o'clock. I have to go back to class. I will awaken my ability today." He muttered before he placed his phone in his pocket.

Awakening. It was a phenomenon where people awakened their abilities after having a certain amount of mana in their bodies.

A normal person will gain an ability if the mana in their body reaches a certain amount. They will mutate and will become a mutant. This way they could fight the monsters in the dungeon.

A person will become a mutant if their mana reached 10 points. It was the first threshold towards the path to become the strongest.

Gin was twenty years old. A university student at a simple school. He was taking the business management course even though he couldn't understand anything in business.

Why? Because his father told him to take this path.

"Tsk!" He clicked his tongue as he recalled his father. He didn't want to inherit his father's business at all. He doesn't have an interest in that.

What interest him was the dungeons. He wanted to know why did those monsters appear in this world. He wanted an answer. That's why he wanted to become a hunter.

If he awakened a good ability, then he wouldn't hesitate and register himself to Hunter's Association.

"Oh, Gin. I heard that you'll awaken." A voice sounded behind him.

Gin turned his head and saw a tall man. Five inches higher than his height.

This man was Yuu Taroba. A good friend of his. This man also wanted to become a hunter. There's not much reason behind it. He just wanted to look cool and fight monsters like a hero from those movies.

"Yeah, I think that I'll awaken my ability tonight." Gin smiled and nodded at Yuu. He then looked around and asked, "Where's Yumi?"

"Her? I don't know. I haven't seen her this morning." Yuu replied to him while shaking his head.

"Maybe, she's already in the class." Gin said as he started to walk towards their class.

"Tell me what's your ability. I wanted to awaken my ability too." Yuu said excitedly. He was more excited than Gin who's going to awaken.

"Haha, I'll message you later. I just hope that it's a powerful ability." Gin laughed lightly.

The two chatted while walking towards their class. Inside their class, they saw a girl with braided hair and thick glasses. She was Yumi Aragi. A good friend of the two and Gin's hobby buddy.

"Yumi, did you watch the episode yesterday?" Gin asked as he sat beside her.

"Yes, it was great! The execution of the events and the characters were both fantastic!" Yumi said with an excited expression. She was always like this when talking about her hobby.

She was what people called 'Otaku'.

"Yeah, yeah. I learned a lot of things from that episode." Gin nodded in understanding. The reason why he watches anime and read novels was for him to gain an idea about the thing behind the dungeons.

He wanted to know it. The place where monsters came from. Is this someone's plot? The arrival of monsters in this world.

What could he do? The government didn't even know the reason why dungeons or monsters appeared in this world. Maybe they know the answer and they just told the public that they didn't know about it. It's plausible but he wouldn't know it until he investigated it.

"I'm excited to see what will happen in the next episode!" Yumi said with a smile on her face.

"Me too. I can't wait to see how will it turn out." Gin replied to her as he smiled.

The two chatted for a while before the professor entered the class.

The class was over after three hours. The professor left the class leaving the students on their own.

Gin stood up and bid farewell to Yuu and Yumi. He then went straight to his father's house. He was going to awaken his ability in his father's house, no, should he say mansion.

His father was against him in becoming a hunter. He always told him that there's no point in that.

'That man. I hate him.' He thought as his expression turned sharp. He really hated that man. That day. The day his sister died. He wouldn't be able to forget it in his life.

That man didn't even care about it.

"Well, it doesn't matter as I'll awaken my ability today." He muttered as he smiled. He was already in front of a huge mansion.

He opened the door and entered the mansion. He saw two rows of maids on each side. They were here waiting for his arrival.


The maids said at the same time in a loud voice.

"Thanks." Gin said to them as he waved his hands.

One of the maids stepped forward and said, "Young master, Master and Madam are already waiting for you."

"Okay. Guide me." Gin nodded and said.

His father wanted to see the ability that he will awaken. He was hoping that Gin would awaken a trash ability so that he wouldn't become a hunter.

He followed the maid and arrived in front of the room where he will awaken his ability.

DonnEll DonnEll

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