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Chapter 22: A-level girl, here I come!


This was Miranda's first time facing so many zombies, and it made her skin crawl.

Although she was nervous, she still stood a step ahead of Howard, keeping him protected behind her.


As the zombies got closer, Howard roared angrily.

He and Miranda began slashing down from their higher position.

The most terrifying aspect of the zombie horde is their numbers; they attack from all directions, making them difficult to defend against.

However, on the overpass, zombies could only reach them via one staircase, sparing Howard from being attacked from both front and back.

"Squelch! Squelch!"

'Cold Moon' flew up and down, chopping down the foremost zombies like slicing through vegetables.

Miranda, agile as ever, threw the zombies she stabbed down into the crowd below, toppling a large group of them.

The zombies, entangled with each other, slowed down in their charge.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

At that moment, several obese zombies also surged forward, mixed within the horde.

Their large size and strength allowed them to bulldoze their way through, stepping on other zombies as they advanced.


Seeing such monsters appear again, Miranda's pupils shrank in preparation to leap forward and slash open their bellies first.

"Steady, wait for it to come up!"

Howard kicked one zombie down and then stabbed another that was climbing up in the head, slowly retreating to the highest point while fighting.

At that moment, the obese zombie had charged to the front, its bulging eyes giving anyone the creeps.

"Steady, steady!"

Howard, holding onto Miranda, cut down another zombie that charged from the side, holding their ground.


At that moment, the obese zombie had charged to within just over a meter of the two.

It abruptly stopped in its tracks, and its body began to swell rapidly.

"Now!" Howard shouted.

Miranda immediately picked up on his intention.

Together, they lifted their legs and kicked hard against the bulging belly of the bomber.

"??" The bomber probably didn't expect such a maneuver.

Once a bomber begins to increase its internal pressure, it only takes two seconds to explode.

If caught on flat ground or in a narrow alley, there would be nowhere to hide in two seconds; one could only brace for impact.

But on the overpass, it was different; in two seconds, it could be kicked far away!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The bomber rolled down the stairs like a massive bowling ball, knocking down and crushing the regular zombies behind it like bowling pins, creating a series of bone-crushing sounds.


Two seconds were up!

The bomber exploded violently under the overpass stairs.

Clusters of zombies were hit by the viscous blast, their bodies quickly rotting and turning into pools of pus.

But that wasn't all.

Some of the explosive liquid splattered onto other bombers lined up, ready to charge up the stairs.

Thus, a chain reaction of explosions was initiated.

The bombers became bombs buried within the horde, exploding one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Rumble...

The massive explosions echoed continuously between the buildings on the street.

The dust settled.

Hundreds of zombies nearby were completely obliterated in the blast, reduced to skeletons; some were still alive but their bodies had been corroded away, leaving them gaping greedily at Howard and Miranda.

The ground was a bloody mess, like a scene from the hell of carnage.

Shaoking, balls of energy appeared around the zombies that had been blown up.

"Evolution energy?"

Curiously, Howard made his way down the steps, slick with guts and blood.

As he passed the orbs of light, they immediately flew into his body.

At the same time, a notification slowly appeared: "Ding! Congratulations, your evolution energy +1, level up progress 53/150!"

"Ding! Miranda evolution energy +1, level up progress 33/1000!"

Indeed, they could absorb it!

The zombies killed by the bombers also released evolution energy, but this energy had no specific owner.

It would simply attach to anyone who passed by.

Now, there was no one else on this street except Howard and Miranda.

In essence, the recent chain of explosions had just boosted their evolution energy by hundreds of points!

"Ding! Miranda evolution energy +423, level up progress 456/1000!"

"Ding! Howard evolution energy +423, evolution crystals +2, promoted to the first stage of an elementary transcender, level up progress 3/50!"

After leveling up to a transcender, Howard could feel a tremendous change in his body.

His muscles had been strengthened to the limits of human capability and could not be enhanced further.

However, his muscles were now filled with a mysterious energy.

His skin was also protected by a subtle energy field.

Howard picked up a piece of glass from the ground and gently slid it across his arm.

As soon as the glass touched his skin, a force field instantly enveloped it.

No matter how sharply he scraped or stabbed with the glass, not even a white mark was left on his skin.

He had become so strong—it was as if he had superpowers!

In this state, the bites of ordinary zombies were now ineffective against Howard.

The difference in levels was too great; ordinary zombies simply couldn't breach Howard's energy field.

Similarly, after advancing to a transcender, the energy required for Howard to level up had changed.

Previously, evolution energy was obtained by killing zombies.

Now, leveling up requires the collection of evolution crystals obtained from killing mutant zombies.

Howard had just killed six bombers, but only gathered three evolution crystals.

This shows that even for mutant zombies, these crystals don't drop 100% of the time.

While his strength had increased, the difficulty of leveling up had also risen significantly.

Howard then looked over at Miranda.

After the intense battle, her hunger had only increased by 10%!

It seems that after leveling up, Miranda's ability to withstand hunger had also improved.

That was a relief!

Howard secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It wasn't that he didn't want to be intimate with Miranda, a woman of unparalleled allure, but he was considering the future.

Handling just one girl now was manageable, as he could feed her anytime.

But soon, Howard was set to subdue the A-level zombie girl at the Dofu Hotel, and there were four more A-level zombie girls in the city, plus one S-level zombie girl in the southern part of the city.

And that was just one city.

If all these girls got hungry after killing just a few zombies.

He wouldn't be able to do anything else, he'd just have to stand there all day and let them take turns at self-service.

Twenty-four hours a day of continuous sucking—that would surely be swelling!

The thought alone was terrifying!

So, helping the girls level up quickly was crucial!

Looking at the grand entrance of the Dofu Hotel.

A-level girl, here I come!

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