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Chapter 12: Bath

"What's that sound? What are you doing to Miranda?" 

"I'm telling you, if you dare to bully her, I'll make sure you pay for it!" 

"If I find out Miranda is missing even a single hair, you'll definitely pay for it!" 

Nina hadn't heard Miranda speak throughout, unable to gauge her condition. Now hearing strange noises from both Miranda and Howard, she grew even more anxious.

"I don't have time to chat with you. Miranda is waiting for me to give her a bath, that's it!" 

Howard hung up the phone abruptly.

I was willing to communicate with you, considering you're Miranda's sister, but you imagine me as the villain. 

And you dare threaten me?! 

You didn't even touch her with a single finger. 

I just applied shower gel to Miranda, not just fingers, but toes and everything! 

Not just touched, but rubbed, kneaded, played with! 

And what about the missing hair... 

With that in mind, Howard reached out and gathered Miranda's loose hair together, holding it in his hand.

To be honest, except for the times in school when he pulled the braids of girls in front of him, this was the second time he had done something like this. 

But pulling her hair this time felt different, with a touch of charm.


Watching Miranda's continuously wriggling buttocks, he couldn't help but reach out and give them a firm pat.

Originally he wanted to treat Miranda more gently.

But Nina's words ignited Howard's desire to conquer Miranda.

The more you try to stop me from touching you, the more forcefully I will touch you.

Moreover... Nina and Miranda are twins, they should look exactly the same.

When we reach the safe zone, I will make sure both of you sisters kneel before me.


After two loud slaps, two bright red handprints immediately appeared on the raised buttocks.

However, Miranda did not get angry because of this; on the contrary, she actively twisted her waist and frantically rubbed Howard's abdomen.

Her gaze also became blurred.

No longer the playful and cunning look from before, but rather, it contained a special kind of affection.

"Let me try the limits of human physical fitness!"

Howard felt somewhat ironic, the strength he had obtained through Miranda, before he could use it on zombies, was instead first given back to Miranda.

He held Miranda's slender waist with both hands, suddenly penetrated her, and with speeds ranging from slow to fast, continuously challenged his own limits.

Miranda, struck by the powerful force, trembled incessantly, her soft chest quivering chaotically as she uncontrollably let out soul-stirring cries.

Meanwhile, in room 503 of the same apartment building.

This room was directly below Miranda's room.

A skinny man sat on the toilet.

This man was Greg, Miranda's devoted admirer.

In order to get closer to Miranda, he had initially wanted to rent the room opposite Miranda's, so that he could see her coming and going every day through the peephole.

Unfortunately, it was rented out, so he had to settle for the apartment directly below Miranda's.

He had been calling Miranda all day, and Howard hadn't picked up.

He sent countless WhatsApp messages, but there was no reply.

Now he could no longer restrain his inner impulse; could it be that man had done something to his woman?

He must rescue his goddess from the clutches of that demon!

He threw the ball of paper in his hand into the toilet, flushed it, locked his phone, and picked up a knife.

"If it were me in the room instead of that man, I probably would have succeeded by now!"

"It's all because of my bad luck that I didn't rush upstairs to protect her in time!"

"But no matter, I will correct this mistake!"

Greg, disregarding his slightly weak body, stood at the door with the knife, taking a deep breath.

"Killing zombies, isn't it? If others can do it, I surely can too!"

With courage mustered, he slowly opened the security door.

By this time, the sun had already set, and the corridor was pitch black.

Greg instinctively stamped his foot.


In an instant, the corridor's motion-sensitive lights all turned on.

The noise attracted all the zombies in the corridor, and the light illuminated their horrific, ghastly faces.

Their looks towards Greg were filled with greed, anger, and madness! "Awooo!"


Two zombies screeched and charged towards Greg.

"You can do it, you definitely can, it's just two zombies, you have to pull yourself together! You can do it, Greg!"

Greg kept encouraging himself, his hand holding the kitchen knife trembling slightly from nervousness.


As the zombies got closer, in a matter of seconds, they were upon him.


The zombies crashed heavily against the security door.

In the final moment, Greg closed the main door, choosing to abandon the fight.

He still couldn't do it, even with the motivation of his goddess, he couldn't face these terrifying zombies directly.

Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang!

The zombies outside were frantically hitting the security door, causing the dust on the door frame to fall down in showers.

Greg, terrified, ran back to the innermost bathroom, where the knocking sound seemed not so deafening.

On the other side, in the bathroom of room 603.

After a series of rapid thrusts, Howard suddenly stopped.


Miranda turned her head, looking puzzled at the strong man behind her who had nearly exhausted her.

"Change direction!"

Howard had Miranda press against the bathroom's glass wall, her soft breasts immediately leaving round water circles on it.

Then, everything continued!

Miranda's hands left trails of fingerprints on the bathroom glass wall, her pretty face pressed against the glass exhaling mists of ambiguous warmth.

Her chest seemed as if it was going to burst the glass, fluctuating in size, full of movement.

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