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Chapter 25: Friend?!

Isaiah, along with Howard and Miranda, slipped through an employee exit and took the freight elevator to the fifth floor. 

The fifth floor featured a small pond adorned with an antique-style fountain, and a few fish were raised in the water. 

Now, the fish had floated to the surface, their bodies bloated, serving as a constant reminder to everyone around that the water was not potable. 

The doors of the private rooms were all wide open, and from time to time, weary survivors would step out to get some air. 

After all, the private rooms on this level were designed to be sealed off, without windows, to ensure the privacy of wealthy guests, with windows only in the corridors. 

When they saw the unfamiliar faces of Howard and Miranda, everyone paused momentarily, casting curious glances. 

Since zombies don't use elevators, there were no guards stationed at the elevator doors. 

Just a few tables and chairs were carelessly arranged to symbolically block the path. 

"I'll first take some food to Blossom, wait here for me for a bit, and then I'll take you to meet Cyril!" 


Howard and Miranda waited in place. 

It had only been a day since the apocalypse began. 

Although many people around had been hungry for over a dozen hours, when they looked at Miranda's bulging backpack, they were merely curious, without any signs of greed showing. 

After all, the morals of a peaceful world wouldn't disappear in just a single day. 

Isaiah took a few turns and arrived at a private room, gently knocking on the door. 

Shortly after, Blossom, dressed in a bridesmaid's gown, opened the door with a smile. However, her expression froze momentarily upon seeing Isaiah. 

She then managed a strained smile and asked, "What's up?" 

"Blossom, I found some drinks and food. You must be starving, have some!" 

Isaiah graciously opened the plastic bag.

Upon seeing the food, Blossom's face blossomed into a smile, and she wrapped her arms around Isaiah's neck, giving him a big hug.

"You're amazing, finding all this food—you're so brave!"

"It's nothing, as long as you're happy. I can't bear to see you hungry," Isaiah said, scratching his head sheepishly.

Being praised like this by his girlfriend made him feel that the risks he had taken were worth it!

Just then, sudden rushing footsteps came from the other end of the corridor, and someone shouted from afar, "Catch the thief, grab that man!"

"He stole my bread!"

Following that, a burly man wearing a tank top, his muscular arms exposed, ran frantically toward them, a piece of bread still in his mouth.

He rushed up to Isaiah, pushed him aside, and then charged into the room where Blossom was.

"Get out of here!"

Isaiah shouted at the man.

"Hey, why are you yelling? He's my friend!"

Blossom, puffing out her chest and her expression turning cold, retorted.

"Your friend? Since when did you have this friend and I didn't know about it?" Isaiah said, full of surprise.

"Do I have to report every friend I make to you? We're just boyfriend and girlfriend right now, and you're controlling me this much—no personal freedom, no social freedom!"

"What, after we get married, will I have even less status at home? Just left to cook and do housework, right?" Blossom yelled.

"I... I'm not controlling you, I'm just concerned, just asking!"

After Blossom's retort, Isaiah immediately backed down, his tone also dropping several notches.

"His name is Glover. I just wanted to talk to him about fitness. Our relationship is purely that, nothing dirty like you're imagining!" Blossom fiercely glared at Isaiah.

The irony was that boyfriend and girlfriend couldn't be in the same room, yet Blossom was righteously in a room with a strange man.

Even in broad daylight, the doors to the private rooms had to be locked!

How could this not raise suspicions?

At that moment, several men, armed with sticks and fruit knives, charged over menacingly.

"Let that man in the tank top come out, he stole my bread!" one shouted.

Blossom frowned, then turned to the men and said, "Is it just because he was hungry and ate a piece of bread? It's just a piece of bread, how much can it really be worth?"

"How much can it be worth?" The leader of the men scoffed and said, "First off, this isn't about how much money it's worth, but about theft, which is a criminal act! Stealing a thousand dollars is theft, and so is stealing one dollar!"

"Moreover, bread might not have been worth much under normal circumstances, but now it's the apocalypse, there are zombies everywhere, and every bit of food we eat is one less we have."

"He's taking our food, which is like taking half a day of our lives; he's stealing our lives, isn't that a big deal?!"

The other men echoed in agreement.

"Right, stealing food now is no different from committing murder!"

"What's a few dollars? I'll give you a hundred, go buy a loaf of bread and bring it back!"

"Protecting a thief, you're no good person either!"

As the men were about to force their way inside, Blossom, a single girl, was clearly unable to stop them.

Isaiah was still dazed from being scolded and hadn't recovered.

Meanwhile, the muscular man inside was hiding in the corner like a little girl, showing no courage to face the situation, just selfishly gobbling down the bread, with no intention of coming out to help.

At this rate, the men would definitely break in.

Seizing a sudden inspiration, Blossom handed the bag she was holding to the leader of the men.

"Here, take these as compensation. Does this settle it now?!"

Upon seeing the contents, the man was thrilled to find several bottles of water and two sausages in the bag, and he couldn't stop smiling.


This exclamation wasn't directed at Blossom but at Isaiah.

"Your girlfriend, she's really something! Absolutely awesome!"

After mocking Isaiah, the men happily walked away with the food in the plastic bag.

Isaiah was even more dumbfounded now.

He had risked his life to gather supplies from downstairs.

And now, Blossom had given them away just like that, to help a so-called friend who was also a thief?!

"Blossom, these supplies..."

Isaiah hadn't finished his sentence when Blossom cut him off.

"Weren't these supplies given to me? Don't I have the right to dispose of them?"

"Besides, if the supplies are gone, just go find some more!"

"This is the Dofu Grand Hotel, with so many floors; how could there possibly be no food?"

"It's just a bit of supplies, after all!"


Blossom finished speaking and slammed the door to the private room shut.


Isaiah's face turned from pale to flushed as he suddenly felt that his two-year relationship with Blossom might be worthless.

His care for her, even to the point of risking his life to satisfy her, seemed less valuable to her than a smile from that so-called friend.

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