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Chapter 21: Mutated Zombies

"Baddie, dead for sure!"

Miranda felt both embarrassed and angry, yet incredibly comfortable.

She had intended to tempt Howard, making him unable to resist taking the initiative to hold her down and then watch his wild performance.

But unexpectedly, in the end, it was she who was seduced by Howard, leaving her burning with desire, struggling to control herself.

"Now, I've provided the treatment plan and tools. How to improve the circulation of your qi and blood, you figure it out!" Howard said, hands clasped behind his head, looking like he was enjoying the show.

"Hmph, I'll show you!" Miranda glared at Howard resentfully, then slowly unbuckled her denim shorts and slid them down.

Her two snow-white thighs were completely exposed in front of Howard.

She spread her legs and sat on Howard's lap.

"Ah!" The sensation of her circulation improving made her body shiver, and she felt indescribably comfortable.

Then Miranda began to display her exquisite riding skills. Sitting on Howard, her calves hanging in the air, she vigorously moved her thighs.

Her waist, extremely flexible, twisted with exaggerated amplitude like seaweed under the surge of towering waves.

She half-removed her blouse, pressing her bare softness against Howard's face, as if seeking revenge.

Howard also felt this little one's desire. First, he rewarded those two soft mounds as they deserved, then he lifted his head and passionately kissed Miranda.

Howard's tongue invaded Miranda's mouth, but she sucked on it fiercely, not letting go of any saliva, cleaning it off completely before reluctantly returning her tongue to Howard's mouth.

Since she came to him, Howard naturally wouldn't let her leave so easily.

He trapped her supple, fragrant tongue in his mouth, entangling it thoroughly before finally, with a string of saliva, they parted reluctantly.

Two large hands vigorously kneaded Miranda's snow-white buttocks, wishing to penetrate into the deepest part of her body and pierce her thoroughly.

After their passionate moment, Miranda breathed softly, her back weak and covered in beads of sweat, her entire body limp and boneless as she lay in Howard's arms.

Her eyes were filled with love and supreme satisfaction.

Occasionally, the muscles in her abdomen would still contract and twitch, reminiscing the recent indulgence.

Howard, holding Miranda's delicate body, gently caressed her back, occasionally grabbing her snow-white buttocks.

Such a fine woman truly left an indelible impression.

"Ding! Miranda's intimacy level +10, currently at 75! You are eligible for a lottery draw, would you like to proceed immediately?"

"Proceed with the draw immediately!"

"Ding! Congratulations, you've drawn a skill level-up, 'Intermediate Gathering'!"

Intermediate Gathering: Allows you to gather not only food and water but also medicinal products, daily necessities, chemical, and biochemical products, and even produce the aforementioned items.

Able to gather medicinal products now?!

Howard was delighted. He helped Miranda dress and then emptied the medicines from his backpack, gathering all the pharmacy's medicines together.


"Ding! Congratulations, you've obtained 1729 biochemistry points!"

With a thought from Howard, two pills containing the daily required vitamins and dietary fiber appeared in his palm.

Howard consumed one pill and gave the other to Miranda.

"Vitamins are very helpful for whitening, maintaining tender skin, fighting fatigue, and so on!"

Although Howard didn't know whether non-humans needed to supplement vitamins, since it was beneficial for him, he wanted to share it with Miranda.


Miranda didn't wait for Howard to explain; she directly grabbed the pill from his hand and swallowed it.

In her eyes, the man before her was her destined partner and master for life.

Even if Howard was holding poison, as long as he wanted her to eat it, she would swallow it without hesitation.

Trust is unconditional and doesn't require a reason.

"You this guy!"

Howard felt Miranda's trust and was somewhat moved in his heart.

Thinking about the madness of the previous night, grabbing her hair, pressing her against the glass, and even lifting her feet off the ground, he felt as though he might have gone too far.

He hugged Miranda and asked softly, "Did I go too far last night? Are you mad at me?"

Miranda smiled and shook her head, somewhat nervously saying, "Actually... I like it when you treat me roughly. I think you're so powerful, and that thrill is so crazy!"

"Do you think I'm a pervert? Do you only like those quiet and shy girls who blush at the slightest touch?"

Howard smiled and lightly kissed Miranda's lips, shaking his head, "I like you just the way you are!"

"Hee! You're so good!"

Miranda, with her tender little mouth, leaned down and gave Howard a thorough cleaning.

The two hugged each other in the chair for a while before leaving the pharmacy and walking out through the alley.

Across the street was the Dofu Grand Hotel.

The entrance of the hotel still had a somewhat deflated red arch, seemingly there was a grand wedding taking place when the zombie outbreak occurred.

Between the hotel and the alley was a wide road with ten lanes in each direction.

In the middle of the road, two buses had collided, turning over the metal barrier in the center of the road for dozens of meters, with shadows flickering inside the buses!

Without a doubt, that was two full...

Originally, due to the presence of the hotel, the traffic in and out of this location was already congested, and then came the zombie outbreak.

Almost all vehicles were stuck here, some burnt down to just their metal frames, still emitting wisps of blue smoke, with the ground covered in limbs and bloodstains.

One could vaguely see, through the gaps between vehicles and over their roofs, the shadows of zombies wandering around.

"There seem to be a lot of zombies here!" Howard said, frowning.

Within sight, there were at least a few hundred zombies.

On the distant road, there appeared obese zombies with bloated bodies.

Their bodies looked like balloons that had been inflated, with eyes bulging outwards, and their clothes torn apart by their expansive flesh, making them appear round and swollen.

The most concerning aspect was that these types of zombies weren't just one or two.

As they walked, even the ground slightly trembled. Sometimes, if they accidentally bumped into the abandoned cars in the middle of the road, they could even push the cars aside!

"We could use the old method, and I'll lure them all away," Miranda suggested.

"There are too many zombies on this road, including mutated ones. We don't know whether these creatures can spit, explode, or if they're just pure tank-like fleshballs. We have no idea!"

"Rushing in recklessly not only puts your safety at risk but could potentially attract all the zombies in the street, making things even more troublesome," Howard analyzed, still frowning.

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