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Chapter 18: Repaying Kindness with Resentment?

"Let's get started then, Barker. Five minutes, I'll time you!"

"Let's saw it open quickly and get inside, our brothers are so hungry they're sticking their chests to their backs."

"If we starve for two more days, we won't need zombies to come; we'll have starved to death by then!"

The man with the steel pipe picked up his phone and actually brought up a timer.

"Five minutes, don't mind the noise, watch my performance!"

"Ptui! Ptui!"

The man with the chainsaw spat some saliva on his hands, picked up the chainsaw again, and put on safety goggles.


The sharp cutting noise, along with the noise of the rolling shutter door shaking, continuously echoed through the empty streets and buildings.

The man with the chainsaw became more and more vigorous as he cut, insisting on restoring his face.

Time five minutes?

I'll finish it in 4 minutes, to your astonishment, and see who dares to underestimate my skills!

Just as the door was being sawed vigorously, the man with the light tube seemed to hear something.

"Hey, Harold, do you hear anything?"

"No, Shelton!"

"I feel a bit uneasy, Barker, your noise is too loud, try to keep it down!"

Shelton walked up to Barker and shouted at the top of his lungs.

But the noise of the chainsaw was too loud, they couldn't hear what he was saying.

"Shelton, Shelton, damn, zombies! Zombies are coming!"

Harold grabbed Shelton's shoulder and yelled.


Shelton suddenly turned around.

Only to see, in the direction where Howard and Miranda disappeared, a horde of zombies appeared.

He had thought that direction was safe because if it was dangerous, the couple would surely have run back, so he hadn't paid special attention to that road.


"Heh heh!"

The horde of zombies surged through the gaps between the cars, one after another, some even stepping on the cars, rushing forward frantically.

The entire street was filled with zombies.

"Shelton, let's run!"

"Damn it, run back to starve to death? This is about to open, once inside, we'll have more food than we can eat! Hold on!"

Shelton picked up a piece of car part from the ground and threw it hard at the horde.

However, the part only flew a dozen meters before falling to the ground, missing the zombies entirely.

"It's open!"

Barker took off his goggles, proudly stating.


Shelton pushed Barker aside and was the first to crawl through the narrow gap of the rolling door, cutting his arm in the process, bleeding profusely.

"Zombies, Barker, zombies!"

Harold, pointing at the zombies, was desperately slapping Barker, who was still basking in his pride, yelling urgently.

"Ah? Damn, zombies are coming!"

Barker then noticed the horde; they had already charged to within fifty meters of him.

Harold was the first to crawl in, but being too bulky, he got stuck at the entrance.

"Harold, come out first, let me in, and then Shelton and I will pull you in!"

Barker, his face pale, urged as he saw the approaching horde of zombies.

"My stomach is stuck, Barker, I can't go in or out, help me!"

Barker then noticed, the boss's belly was firmly stuck at the edge of the cut door, already bleeding, with a lot still outside, completely unable to get in.

And at that moment, the zombies, with their grim and terrifying faces and mouths full of blood, were getting closer, as if they could pounce on Barker's face at any moment.

Barker, with a heavy heart, raised the chainsaw.

"Harold, in the next life, I owe you!"


Accompanied by the splattering blood and painful screams, Harold was cut in two.

Just as he was pulling out his son and legs, a pair of pale, cold hands grabbed Barker's cheeks.


After saying this, Barker was pressed to the ground by countless hands, feeling intense pain all over his body.

Some of the zombies even shoved their hands into Barker's mouth, madly biting at his cheeks and lips...

"Damn, damn, damn!"

Shelton, who had crawled through the door, saw the half of the body inside and was so frightened that his legs went weak, and he collapsed to the ground.

It took him a while to remember to block the door with the cash register's counter, then he sat there, using his back to firmly hold it in place.

This was the last line of defense. If the zombies got in, he would be trapped with no escape.

But luckily, he now had access to a supermarket's worth of food, no worries about clothing and food!

Thinking about losing two good friends for his own survival, he didn't know whether to be happy or sad.

However, in the next second, he stiffened completely.

Because he saw that the entire supermarket was empty, the shelves were bare.

Even the chewing gum in front of the cash register was completely gone!

"Empty?! An empty supermarket?!"

The man stood up in horror and ran around the supermarket frantically.

Even the warehouse was empty, not even a mouse could find a crumb.

"Damn it, why lock the doors of an empty supermarket?!"

Shelton was on the verge of collapse, having lost two good friends and fought his way in, only to find an utterly empty supermarket.


At that moment, the cash register counter at the entrance was pushed aside, and countless pale hands reached in...

Elsewhere, Howard and Miranda were, of course, unaware of what had happened at the supermarket.

The two of them were flirting and bantering as they arrived at the entrance of the fruit and vegetable supermarket.

However, to their surprise, the fruit and vegetable supermarket, which had its doors wide open when it attracted zombies, was now tightly closed!

At the entrance, there was a plastic bag filled with loose rice, looking to be around ten kilograms.

Next to it was a half-barrel of bottled water.

It seemed to be hastily taken from a water dispenser, with a wide puddle of water underneath and the outer wall covered in water.

Howard glanced at the information on the bottled water and made a mental note of the address; it should be nearby.

Through the closed door, stood about a dozen survivors looking weary.

Leading them was a man in professional attire adorned with a fruit and vegetable logo, followed by a security guard holding a baton.

The rest of the survivors, both men and women, were unarmed and looked at Howard as if he were a plague, as if he and the zombies outside were in cahoots.

"Open the door, let us in!"

Miranda shouted, frowning.

"What do you mean by this?"

Howard flipped through the bag of rice, finding inconspicuous blood stains deep inside.

Clearly, this portion of loose rice was tainted with blood, whether from zombies or humans was unknown.

The people inside, deeming it unsafe to eat, packaged it and handed it out to Howard instead.

"These are our gifts to you, in thanks for drawing the zombies away from us."

"But I am the manager of this fruit and vegetable supermarket, and in these extraordinary times, I must ensure the safety of all items inside the supermarket. Therefore, I cannot allow anyone to enter or leave, I hope you understand!"

The supermarket manager wore a social, fake smile on his face.

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