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12.38% Apocalypse - Zombie Cultivation System / Chapter 26: The Gynecologist Howard?!

Chapter 26: The Gynecologist Howard?!

After those men walked away, two similarly burly men emerged from the neighboring booth.

They looked at Isaiah with faces of disdain and mockery.

One of them even stood in front of Isaiah, placed his hands in front of his abdomen as if grabbing something, and then forcefully thrusted his hips.

Then, the two knocked on the door.

Blossom opened the door with a cheerful smile and welcomed the two strong men inside.

When she saw Isaiah still standing at the door, she glared at him and scolded, "Why haven't you left yet? What are you lingering around for? Don't hold up my workout!"

With that harsh remark, she slammed the door shut.

Soon after, a crisp 'slap' sound could be heard from the room, like a hand hitting flesh, followed by a burst of men's laughter.

Isaiah couldn't quite describe how he felt.

If those men were bullying Blossom and she sought his help, he would rush in even if it meant risking his life, despite being outnumbered.

But now…

Blossom seemed to enjoy dealing with this group of physically strong men who still needed a woman to take the lead in situations. If he were to burst in, it would only anger her.

Isaiah felt especially distressed, standing still, unsure of what to do.

Remembering that Howard and Miranda were waiting at the third floor elevator, he finally lowered his head and left the place.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Howard. My girlfriend is quite clingy, my apologies!" Isaiah said as he turned the corner, adjusting his emotions and putting on a relaxed smile.

"No worries, I understand. After all, any girl would be touched by someone who'd risk searching for food for her," Howard said, patting Isaiah on the shoulder encouragingly.

Of course, he had no idea what had just happened.

Yet this comment made Isaiah's heart twitch again.

"Um, she... she really is bold, but let's not talk about her now. I'll take you to meet Cyril!"

"In this apocalypse, just surviving is already a big challenge, and to be alive and see an old classmate is indeed a stroke of luck!"

Isaiah said, quickly leading the way ahead.

They walked through an artificial bamboo forest and reached the innermost booth area.

"Cyril, guess who's here? You'd never expect to see an old classmate at this time!"

Isaiah shouted excitedly.

"Shh, keep it down, your sister-in-law is resting!"

Cyril emerged from one of the booths with a worried expression and carefully closed the door behind him.

"Ah, sorry, sorry! Is she feeling any better?"

Isaiah symbolically slapped his mouth a few times and then asked with concern.

"It's the same, she's had a high fever since yesterday, keeps complaining about hunger, but refuses to eat anything!"

Cyril held a packet of sugar and a freshly torn ham sausage in his hand.

"Right, let me introduce you. This is Howard from our high school!"

"Now he's a doctor. Maybe you should let him take a look at her? Maybe he can cure her!"

Isaiah's eyes lit up as he clapped his hands.

"Howard? Howard from class 7?"

Cyril also recalled Howard, seeing him in a white lab coat, plus Isaiah's embellishing praises, made him somewhat believe.

"Are you really a doctor? What's your specialty?"

Cyril asked cautiously.

After all, his wife was the one lying inside.

The two had known each other since high school, had a long-distance relationship through college, and finally ended up in the same city after graduating.

However, his wife's family was very conservative, not allowing intimate contact between them until marriage.

So, having dated for so long, the two always treated each other with the utmost respect, never even holding hands.

However, Cyril didn't mind at all; after all, such conservative and self-respecting girls are very hard to find.

How many girls are willing to save their first time for their husband on their wedding night? And how many can actually accomplish that?

A girl like his wife was rarer than a giant panda.

Thus, Cyril not only didn't blame her but cherished her all the more for it.

Unfortunately, their wedding was interrupted by a zombie outbreak.

After a desperate escape, they found a place to rest.

His wife suddenly developed an unremitting fever, making Cyril too worried to think of anything else, certainly not to take advantage of her.

So, to this day, his wife remains a virgin, even preserving her first kiss.

Initially, when Howard met Cyril, he intended to be honest and tell him that he was merely wearing a doctor's coat.

But seeing Cyril's face, which showed no warmth but was filled with wariness, changed his mind.

Back in school, Howard had had a disagreement with Cyril over the school beauty, Qin Lulu.

Seeing Cyril's distrust now annoyed him.

At the same time, Howard overheard the conversation between Isaiah and Cyril about his wife's persistent fever.

And this location was exactly where a Class A female zombie was marked on the map.

Could it be… Cyril's wife was in the process of turning into a zombie because of a zombie bite?

If that was the case, he could indeed cure this disease!

But Howard wasn't one to take things lying down. If the other party didn't trust him, he felt he needed to retort properly, so he blurted out, "I studied gynecology. Do you want me to send you my diploma and degree to prove it?"


Hearing Howard mention sending his diploma and degree with such confidence, Cyril couldn't help but believe him a bit more.

But a gynecologist treating his wife? That seemed a bit unreliable!

Isaiah, seeing Howard and Cyril on edge as soon as they met, quickly tried to smooth things over: "Oh come on, Cyril, does it matter if he's a gynecologist or whatever? He's medically trained, so he can handle the basics!"

"Besides, she's so sick now, you might as well let Howard try."

"Do you have anyone else who can treat her?"

This left Cyril speechless.

Though he still didn't fully trust Howard, thinking of his wife suffering from high fever and hunger, he gritted his teeth and said, "Alright, then please take a look at her condition. I hope you can cure her!"

Now that he had decided to let Howard treat her, Cyril couldn't be too proud.

Being in need, he even used the respectful 'you' when addressing Howard!

"Alright then."

Howard shrugged, his demeanor somewhat reluctant.

Then he followed Cyril, pushing the door into the booth.

Inside, about a dozen chairs were arranged against the wall to form a makeshift bed.

A beautiful woman in a snow-white wedding dress lay on it, her low-cut gown accentuating her full bosom, her white thighs peeking out from under an apron, and her feet in silver high heels studded with tiny diamonds.


Seeing the bride's face, Howard couldn't help but exclaim.

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