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Chapter 119: Chapter 119: Natasha the descendent of progenitor

Chapter 119: Natasha the descendent of progenitor 

So she has to find a good one among them.

Well she has some thoughts.


With the arrangement she survived and place got the herbs and became strong.

She spent the entire time of extreme heat and the start of the extreme cold at the base near Nile River.

After awakening her power and becoming strong she moved from the Nile river strong house and moved the other strong hold houses collecting other treasures on the way.

She constantly consumed them and become strong 

She is currently as strong as Sakura and Radha.

She came to the mountain house base that she specifically constructed for extreme cold.

She will live here till the apocalypse city of four faces is constructed.

She has enough food and supplies.

So she doesn't have to go around collecting more.

She is resting and planning her future here.


In the north in Germany there is another beauty that looked like Esdeath from a certain anime.

But her hair and eyes color is silver.

Also her hair is not long but short that came to her shoulders.

She is a special force soldier here.

She is called Natasha.

But she did not have a good standing because she is a woman.

They did not take her seriously.

She is currently performing a mission and completed it because of her efforts.

But the credit was given to another man that has strong background.

Also he is trying to hit on her these days to bed her because of her hot figure.

But she never gave in.

Well she was not forced as there are many good looking girls with fit body.

She knows that she is hot so she specifically wore baggy clothes most of the time and made some marks on her face like birth marks to escape from those that wanted to bed her.

Well she succeeded in doing that.

She wanted to go and ask the superiors why she was not give the credit instead it was given to someone that is actually hiding outside without taking any risks.

But suddenly she was stunned on the spot.

Many memories from the future returned to her mind right at that moment.

She was shocked from what would happen to her.

She was well trained.

So with all the memories she did not go in to storm off the office of her superior,

Instead she went to the changing room to take a shower.

She has to think about the sudden influx of memories of the future.

With the hot water flowing down her head she started to go through the memories.

First of all she was shocked that there will be apocalypse in a year.

Also she was shocked to find that the pendent that she has right now has a special space inside or it is a spare artifact.

Actually it is the only thing left for her by her mother before she died.

The one that took her credit and wanted to bed her has used money to get one of her friends to steal this pendent from her.

He wanted to use this pendent to get her thinking that it was very dear to her.

It happened after few months.

By the time he wanted to use the pendent to get her it was already apocalypse and that man accidentally got the space from the pendent.

Because of that he did not want to return the pendent to her as it no longer exist.

During the escape in the apocalyptic situation her best friend was abandoned by him.

She was the one present at the situation when her friend was dying.

She told Natasha about the entire thing with deep regret for betraying her for money which did not save her life.

At that time she understood that her stolen pendent has a strange space.

The person that wanted to hit on her stored the supplies and became strong after the start of apocalypse.

Because of the amount of supplies and ammunition he possess they immediately became the core of his family.

At the same time their family became important in the military.

With the apocalypse the rules were broken but the military rules are still there.

So she was fine at the start of the apocalypse.

But later the oppression has increased more and more causing her to lose her trust in military.

She no longer wanted to stay with them.

So she escaped from there using the powers of lightning she awakened.

She excelled in speed and powerful attacks.

She was safe for so long because she awakened the lightning elemental affinity.

She moved out of that place and went to live isolated.

She has some supplies with her.

She can hunt some small creatures with her capabilities and life her life peacefully.

While she was wandering she came across a group of refugees that are travelling to the city of four faces.

She came here and found that her country people were also here in the higher position because of the space artifact.

The person that hit on her accidentally found her when he looked through the new entry women.

Well he is still sitting in the back and fucking the women for small benefits of food and supplies that their family military hunted.

During that time she was started to get hunted again.

Because every country is taking care of their own people they would not take the refuges from other countries into their ranks or protection.

So she did not have anywhere else to go.

Right then she met a weak looking person that saved her from one of the pursuits.

He taught her some disguise techniques that he learnt.

But he was also in a bad situation of living under other people.

Later she survived for another year but finally died when she went out to hunt and get some meat for herself.

She was actually chased by the group of the man that wanted to fuck her right when she went out to hunt.


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