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Chapter 201: Chapter 201: the change in the system

Chapter 201: the change in the system

Then they put on their clothes and left one after the other.

He let her leave first and then he left later.

As for the people that want to come here to get the recording, Vicky doesn't care about them.

Since they want to suffer he would let them suffer.

He did not have anything to do with the power struggle in the Elven city.

So he left here like a shadow and went to meet with his women.

He made sure that there is no one following behind him.

When he came back his women did not let him get close to them.

Instead they ordered him to take a complete and through bath before he could get to them.

For one thing, they did not have any problem with being close to each other.

But the outsider is still an outsider for them.

Vicky sighed and went to take a bath in the ark space.

When he came out of the bathroom the women are there in the bed room.

They are waiting for the news that Vicky brought.

In the ark space usually they would not wear any clothe other than underwear.

Wearing clothes needed them to be washed.

It is not like they did not have enough water.

But it is never enough water in the apocalypse land.

The more water they had the better.

The girls are sitting naked while talking and giggling.

Vicky came out with the towel on his head but his bottom was completely exposed.

His dick is half erect but looked like it can penetrate through a steal plate easily.

Vicky smiled at his women and got on the bed after drying his body with the strong warmth generated from his body using the magic power.

After getting on the bed Vicky told them the important things.

Also he took out the four tier 7 spars and showed them.

When they looked at the spars Vicky told them that the benefits that he got from the blessing.

His energy suddenly heightened and the girls felt the strong energy.

The found that Vicky is very close to reaching 1 star powerhouse level.

This made them happy and they don't have to fear about many things later with the presence of Vicky by their side.

With Vicky's current power he can easily fight against the powerhouses in these three cities.

Then Vicky called pinky to tell him about the benefits that he would get for cucking the protagonist.

"Good job host.

You have completed the quest perfectly.

Based on the request from the host about not getting your women cucking you, the reward of cucking the protagonist is modified.

But the host has to current condition so that you would not get cucked by your women.

The system needs to be upgraded so wait for 6 hours before you get to know the new things."

Vicky and the girls had a bad premonition about this matter that the system was about to tell him.

After 6 hours Vicky and the girls finished eating breakfast and returned back to the real world.

Then they spent some time there and returned back to the ark space right when the system gave a notification that it has upgraded.

"Congratulations host the system has successfully formed a connection with the will of the apocalypse land.

The system has upgraded successfully.

First listen to the explanation of the system and then you can understand the functions of the new system.

There are many protagonists in this world and they have offended many powerful villains.

Also to become a protagonist they have to sacrifice something of equal value that was designated by the will of the world.

Other than a few exceptions all the other protagonists were cursed to be cucked by their mother, step mothers, sisters, step sisters, fiancées and wives….

When host meets these people at the right time, how would be issued a mission to cuck these protagonists.

Also to solve the needs of these women, that are unfortunate enough to be close to those protagonists.

In return for your services your women would be well protected along with many rewards from the system and the will of the world.

Every time you cuck a protagonist you would gain the recognition of the will of the world and your luck would increase.

Since your women are following you their luck would increases corresponding to your luck.

This way host and his women had higher chance of survival when facing the coming disasters in the future.

Also host might get some unexpected benefits.

This is the new upgrade of the system and the name of this kind of system is apocalypse villain system.

Pinky was very proud to tell the host that I can be upgraded to this level.

Host you can still decline this upgrade.

But the resultant consequences would be disastrous for the host and his women.

You have to be prepared for everything.

So make your choice host.


Vicky's face was as dark as charcoal.

Similarly his women also had dark faces.

Also Vicky never expected to become a villain.

He did not have anything or thought that can make him look like a villain.

Well he is ruthless enough to leave the lives of many people to die back on earth after using them for protection.

He also cucked the protagonist once just now,

But all these things are normal in the apocalypse land.

How did he become a villain?

He was sure that he is not a protagonist but still.

He did not understand.

His women had different expression with deep thought in their minds.

Among them Ginny is actually smiling.

Actually she is the first one to accept Vicky to go and play with the Elven princess.

It seem like she has this strange fetish or something like that.

Vicky doesn't know about this but waited for them to decide on their own.

He doesn't want to step on the mine field right now.


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