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Chapter 208: Call me Handsome and I will agree

Ever since establishing a connection with Underworld through Charlotte Linlin, although the Beasts Pirates continue to rely on Charlotte Linlin's network, their relationship remains limited to ordinary trade relations.

Even the islands suitable for growing things, which were handed over to the Beasts Pirates by the Big Mom Pirates, were no exception. There were no conflicts between the two parties for the time being, but that was simply because there were no conflicting interests yet.

Once a fundamental conflict of interest arises, both Kaido and Charlotte Linlin would not hesitate to turn against each other, making a large-scale conflict between the two pirate crews highly likely.

Therefore, communication between their subordinates was not always friendly, and exchanging harsh words over the phone was a common occurrence.

Moreover, Perospero was particularly averse to a close relationship between Big Mom Pirates and Beasts Pirates. So, he normally engages in verbal sparring with Queen during their phone conversations.

However, today, he didn't retort, and that was completely unusual.

From the other end of the Den Den Mushi, Queen could hear some sounds of explosions, and together with Perospero's evident fear, he formed his own speculation.

"Muhahaha, Perospero, is Big Mom having a craving fit, huh?"

Apart from this reason, Queen couldn't think of any other reason that could make Perospero so agitated.

"Never mind that. Where can I find your stock of fruits nearby?"

"If you call me handsome and dashing Queen, I'll answer your question."

Queen's mouth involuntarily curved upwards. He had often been unable to out-argue Perospero in the past, and Perospero's response just now confirmed his speculation.

Whenever Charlotte Linlin has a craving fit, it was the members of the Big Mom Pirates who suffers the most. After all, once Charlotte Linlin goes berserk, she attacks indiscriminately.

Wano Country was quite far from Whole Cake Island, and even if they flew, it would still take a considerable amount of time to reach it. So, Queen was not in a hurry at all.

"Enough, Queen, you f*tso!"

"Huh? What did you say? The signal isn't very good. Maybe I should hang up for now, and I'll give you a chance to rephrase your words."

Perospero wanted to smash the phone right away, but when he looked at the raging Charlotte Linlin not far away and the gazes of his younger siblings beside him, he restrained himself.

"Handsome and dashing Queen. Is there an island nearby where there is some stock of fruits?"

"There isn't any. The goods from this period have already been sent out long ago."

"Queen! Don't you f*cking push it too far!!!"

"It's really not possible. Why don't you go snatch from Umit yourselves? After all, the goods have already been sent out. But where are your goods? By the way, we don't lack your stuff."

Although the climate in the Grand Line allows for suitable growing conditions throughout the year, the growth of fruits still requires some period of time.

Big Mom Pirates have the priority, and the batch intended for them had already been sent out long ago. The remaining fruits had also reached various locations along with merchant ships.

"If I could find Umit's shipping route, why would I need to ask you?"

He had actually already thought about this. As long as he could resolve Charlotte Linlin's craving fit, everything else was just a minor problem.

As for the goods originally intended for the Big Mom Pirates, they were stolen by others. With the name of Pirate King Roger spreading throughout the sea, even though he hadn't surrendered himself yet, many people influenced by him chose to set sail.

Those pirates who had set out to the sea long ago also became overly confident and wanted to challenge other overlords. It was then that the transportation ship of the Big Mom Pirates encountered these reckless group of newcomers who had just arrived in the New World.

They were not afraid of Big Mom's flag; instead, they seized the ship. Moreover, they didn't recognize the value of the cargo and simply sank the ship upon discovering it was filled with fruits.

As a result, Charlotte Linlin, who was waiting for her fruit cake, didn't receive the food she desired, and her craving fit spiraled out of control.

So, they had no other options besides looking for the Beasts Pirates, the original supplier.

Once Charlotte Linlin's craving fit started, it was difficult to stop. Either she had to obtain the food she desired, or she would exhaust herself and fall unconscious. However, when she was still a child, her craving fit had destroyed the entire Giant's Village.

And with her current strength, she would probably destroy the entirety of Totto Land.

"Banana ice cream cake!"

Charlotte Linlin grabbed a tower on Whole Cake Island and took a bite. When she realized something was wrong, she angrily raised the entire tower and hurled it towards the crowd seeking refuge in the distance.

Katakuri's body transformed into mochi, and he exerted great effort to intercept the tower thrown by Charlotte Linlin.

"Perospero! Think of a solution quickly! Mama's craving fit is getting worse!"

Katakuri triplets were struggling to minimize the damage caused by Big Mom, but that was merely treating the symptoms and not the root of the problem. It was impossible to resolve the situation without tackling the issue at its core.

"Queen! I don't have time to joke with you. Do you have them or not?"

"We still have a small amount in stock, but it would take about ten days to ship it from here."

"You guys don't have a faster method?!" Ten days? If they were to wait that long, Whole Cake Island would likely be gone. That's why he opposed establishing too many connections with the Beasts Pirates.

The exceptionally delicious fruits had gained Charlotte Linlin's favor, but unfortunately, these fruits were monopolized by someone. Once the stock runs out and Big Mom has a craving fit, the most obvious consequence becomes apparent.

"Ten days is already fast. However, there might be a faster way. We can transport it by air and deliver it within a day at full speed. But..."

"I understand, handsome and dashing Queen, could you please hurry up with the delivery?"

"Huh? So you finally admit it, but let me tell you, air transportation comes with an extra cost. After all, you received the previous goods, and it's not our responsibility if they were lost while in your possession."

"You can set the price as you wish! I want to see the bananas by this time tomorrow!" Saying that, Perospero directly hung up the phone, feeling his blood pressure rise.

"Queen, you just wait. If I get the chance, you'll pay for this."

This time he had no choice but to admit defeat. As for going back on his word after their arrival? That was impossible. It wasn't because he was particularly trustworthy, but rather, if he went back on his word, Beasts Pirates would cut off the supply of goods, which would pose a significant problem for them.

But this incident also served as a reminder. They needed to find a way to prevent such situations from arising again. It seems they would have to stock up on canned fruits, preferably with a shelf life of fifty years.

Meanwhile, Queen looked for Zeraora. It was impossible for him to make it in a day, and Shayna or King flying at full speed should be able to do it. However, King was currently away, and going to Shayna for help might result in getting beaten up.

So, Zeraora became the most suitable candidate.

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