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64.28% Arthur Liones in Highschool Dxd! / Chapter 18: The date is set and a weirdo messages!

The date is set and a weirdo messages! - Arthur Liones in Highschool Dxd! - Chapter 18 by lazybod full book limited free

Chapter 18: The date is set and a weirdo messages!

Arthur POV

"I don't think you should be looking at your new boyfriend with such hatred" I said to her amusingly.

Raynare quickly turned around with a smile. She looked like a young lady, a year below me with long silky black hair and beautiful violet eyes. "I don't know what your talking about. I was just seeing my boyfriend off". I smirked at her an shook my head "No need to lie to me love. Do as you please. If you werent going to, I would have". Raynare looked at me confused, understanding her confusion I carried on, slightly embarrassed by her misinterpretation "Jesus, what are you thinking! I meant kill him not date him! Fucking weirdo"

Her smile was wiped off her face as she examined me. Her eyes went between me and Ophis. "Oh and why would a human want to kill my 'boyfriend'" she said coldly. "Hm. I just don't really like him to be honest. It would be much appreciated if you'd do the same to his friends after you get him. No need to lead them on though, that's just cruel. Just give them a quick shank and boom! Job done! " I replied, staying calm. I understood that she couldn't do anything to me or Ophis so there was no point in worrying.

Raynare sneered at me "I could indeed. What's stopping me from killing you and the girl like the lesser beings you are?!" I stared at her. "You know, you probably shouldn't threaten the girl on my shoulders." I said to her. Raynare looked extremely confident. Her smug face was starting to piss me off "Oh? And why's that?". I looked at her with a straight face and said "It might have something to do with the fact that one, you are currently threatening Ophis the infinite dragon God. Two, she is currently sitting on the shoulders of her brother, who also happens to be a primordial being"

In the blink of an eye, I had removed Ophis from my shoulders and stood her on the floor, disappeared from Raynare's vision after enhancing my legs with mana, appearing behind her and placing my arm around her shoulder. I could see Raynare's knees buckling underneath her. "So little birdy! Going to keep threatening us?" I asked with a smile. Raynare shook her head, seemingly speechless. "Good girl" I said as I kissed her on the cheek. "You can carry on your mission, thought it is pointless." Raynare turned to me confused, obviously expecting more information. "Hmm. Hyoudou Issei no longer has a sacred gear." Raynare searched my face, looking for a sign I might be lying. Seeing none, she questioned me "why doesn't he have a sacred gear anymore?" I smiled at her question "I didn't want him to have it, so I took it". Raynare smirked "Hoh? So you've got it now? What was it?"

"So many questions! Shouldn't you get to know me personally first before wanting to know my secrets?" I said to her with a wink. Raynare playfully hit my arm before replying "I'd be glad to exchange my date with Issei for one with you if you want to? We can get to know each other better then". I quickly thought of a plan to be able to get rid of Issei and get a date on the same night. "Sure. Still going to have to put Issei down though. I'll give you my number and when you meet him for your date tomorrow I'll show up with you to get rid of him. Afterwards we can have a date! Though no killing me after it miss 'setting sun'. Pftt, why'd you even come up with that?" I asked with a snort of humor. "I don't know! Spur of the moment sort of thing" she said with a little embarrassment. I laughed further and decided to tease her a little. "Ah, to think of all the dirty things you would do with Issei on your date tomorrow! Your a pervert aren't you fallen angel-Chan!"

"I wouldn't doing anything of the sort with that little perv!" Raynare said, trying to defend herself. I let out a chuckle and replied to her in an innocent voice "You'll have to take care of me Yuuma-chan! Your going to be my first ever date so you better not take advantage of me" I ended with a wink. "Mhm, I'll take real good care of you" Raynare said to me, with lust clearly visible within her eyes. I bonked her head and said "Naughty fallen angel"

We looked each other in the eyes and I decided that I should probably introduce myself. "Well then Yuuma-chan, I best introduce myself. My name is Arthur Liones, big brother to Ophis and a primordial being !" I said with a grin. She smiled and replied "My name is Raynare. A fallen angel under Azazel the governor general"

We conversed a little longer and exchanged numbers, but I decided we should leave it there. After all a little neko was spying on us this whole time. "You can go first, I have business to attend to" I said to her with a smile. "Okay, I'll text you" she replied and then left. 'I cant be bothered to deal with the cat right now, I'll talk to Rias tomorrow.

I grabbed Ophis's hand before shouting "Bye bye neko-chan! See you tomorrow".

I felt the aura of Koneko flare for a second before it receded, though I was slightly shocked by how weak she was 'Not surprised they lost against Riser now.' Me and Ophis went towards my motorbike in the car park, it was quiet due barely any students still at school apart from those in clubs. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_20508738905965905/the-date-is-set-and-a-weirdo-messages!_55495505517540547">!_20508738905965905/the-date-is-set-and-a-weirdo-messages!_55495505517540547</a> for visiting.

The ride home was simple. Nabe was awaiting mine and Ophis's return from school standing next to the door, just like yesterday. "Welcome home Arthur. Any plans for tonight?" she asked me curiously. "Nope, none tonight Nabe. Anything planned for dinner?" I replied. She shook her head "no, is there something in particular you would like?" I pondered for a moment before I turned to Ophis who was still holding my hand "what would you like Ophis?" Her face remained impassive though her eyes glistened "Chocolate".

I laughed and turned to Nabe "Well! You heard the little lady, she'll have chocolate for dinner! Me and you can order a pizza and we can all watch a movie together if you'd like?" I said to Nabe, walking over to her and encircling my arm around her waist. She smiled at me and Ophis "Of course Arthur. That sounds nice". I smiled back and nodded.

After confirming our plans, I dropped Ophis on one of the couches and went up stairs to get dressed. I put on simple pajamas, not planning on doing anything tonight and went back downstairs and into the lounge. "Sister, Nabe has set up a room for you to sleep in should you require it. Thought I should just tell you" she nodded in recognition.

The pizza had arrived and I had put a movie on for everyone. We were all sitting on the same couch. Ophis was sitting on my lap, making it slightly hard for me to eat, but I didn't mind, and Nabe sat to my left leaning on my shoulder. Nabe had even removed her maid outfit for the night which I was thankful for. She looked great in normal clothing.

We had finished eating the food, though I kept giving Ophis chocolate to eat and now the others were focusing on the movie. I grabbed my phone which was to the right of me on my couch after I heard I notification.

[One new notification! - Message from *random number*

[7:34pm] *random number*- Gabriel, I told you to stop sending me gifts on my birthday! We aren't friends! We are enemies!


I looked at the message confused. 'Huh? *sigh* wrong number I guess. Seems like a tsundere.' I decided to reply to the message and tell the other person they had the wrong number.


[7:34pm] Arthur- Sorry Mr./Mrs. tsundere, Wrong number! If someone is giving you a gift you should be happy about it. Ungrateful brat.

[7:34pm] *random number*- WHAT! I am not! You don't even know me! I am awesome and Gabriel is mean to me when we are alone!


'I mean, I don't really care about this persons problems, but it's entertaining' I thought to myself amused.


[7:35pm] Arthur- Sounds pretty sad, but I don't really care. Just accept the gift and be happy. What did this 'Gabriel' give you anyway?

[7:35pm] *random number*-She sent me a framed picture of me and her together from a long time ago and a personalized message! She's a dummy, we aren't even friends!

[7:35pm] Arthur- Have you considered that she might want to be friends with you? She sounds like a nice person.


Nabe looked over my shoulder "Who is that Arthur?" I tuned to her and shook my head, seemingly clueless. "I have no idea, just some random person who messaged me about someone called Gabriel and her gift". Nabe nodded and looked back towards the T.V to watch the movie.


[7:35pm] *random number*- She isn't! She's trying to manipulate me and then she'll try to fight me! We used to fight each other as enemies!

[7:36pm] Arthur- Okay then. You just sound paranoid. You call her an enemy as if you fought her in battle lmao. Your probably some angry kid with a rival in school. Have fun with fighting your mortal enemy!

[7:36pm] *random number*- I am not just some random kid having petty battles with a child! No one has ever disrespected me this way! Where are you? I'll come hunt you down!

[7:36pm] Arthur- Hahaha! Okay then, come! *Arthur's address* I'll await your arrival and beat your ass kid.

*Picture inserted of Arthur sticking his middle finger up at the camera*

[7:37pm] *random number*- Your in Kuoh! Just you wait, as soon as I'm not busy I'll come and fight you!

[7:37pm] Arthur- Mhm, okay kid.

[7:37pm] *random number*-I will!


I put my phone down again, no longer interest in the problems of some kid getting angry over the phone. However I was interrupted from the movie again due to my phone sounding, I picked it up seeing it was from the same random person messaging again.

[7:39pm] *random number*- Oi, you still there? I'll be coming for you!


'What's this kids problem, they need to go to sleep' i cringed at the person messaging me.


[7:41pm] *random number*- I'm bored at work. What's your name?

[7:43pm] *random number*-Hello? Do you not want to talk to me?

[7:44pm] *random number*- I didn't mean to annoy you. Gabriel just annoys me sometimes!

[7:44pm] *random number*- You still disrespected me though, so I'm still coming for you!

I read the messages I was getting from the person. 'Okay, this fuckers crazy, shouldn't have given them my address. Shit.' I stopped thinking about it, not a lot could happen anyway. The movie had finished and I was preparing to go to bed. Ophis insisted on sleeping in my bed, I didn't mind a whole lot so I just let her. Before going up to my bed, I gave Nabe a kiss and said goodnight.

I was now in my bed with Ophis curled up at my side, sleeping like a normal girl. 'ah, got a date tomorrow. This will be interesting!'

lazybod lazybod

Hey guys, gals and other pals!

Hope you like the chap!

Tell me what you think :)

Got any suggestions? Put em in the comments!

Tell me if there are any mistakes and enjoy!

Bye Bye! Author-san OUT!

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