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Chapter 3: Feather Sword Art

Glancing around the room, the thousands of manuals made him feel a bit dizzy.

"Cloud Pushing Palm, Broken Air Palm, Rock Breaking Palm, King Kong Fist, Hammer Fist Ar..., The Sword Art of Wind, Leaf Picking Sword, Blazing wind Sword..." Different kind of martial art skills made Xuanyuan Wentian feel confused to choose one or two.

There is a lot of palm art, fist art, sword art and other arts with different skills on a bookshelf.

Shuah! Shuah!

Xuanyuan Wentian flipped the pages of these martial art skills quickly to the first page. This martial art usually had their summaries on the first page.

Rock Breaking Palm, can improve the efficiency of palm strength as hard as mountain rock and produce significant damage. The minimum requirement is the First Stage of the Foundation Establishment. Rank: Middle Rank.

Fire Hand, A close combat attack which can bring the high temperature into the hands of the user, if practiced into full potential then the user's hand will be fiery that can make everything it touches became ash. The minimum requirement is the Fifth Stage of the Foundation Establishment. Rank: Peak Middle Rank.

Sword Art of Wind, attack using swords as fast as the wind, if practiced with full potential and have a high concentration in the fight then the user can stimulate the sword attack using the wind itself. The minimum requirement is the Seventh Stage of the Foundation Establishment and has a high level of comprehension. Rank: Upper Rank.

"Sword Art of Wind... seems pretty good technique"

Xuanyuan Wentian browsed through books on the sword arts. Although he is not a true sword user, at least he can use swords well. He has a high level of comprehension, no matter how difficult and complex the technique is, he can easily and quickly learn its.

The manual of the sword arts had a very high requirement, every stage described in the manual was very agile and complex.

Xuanyuan Wentian grasped the book in the corner of the bookshelf. He saw the name of the book "Feather Sword Art" and then opened its first page to see a book summary.

Feather Sword Art, a sword feather that exuded a murderous aura that is formed from a spiritual qi user, aggressive and bold. The minimum requirement is the Seventh Stage of the Foundation Establishment and has a high level of comprehension. Rank: Upper Rank.

"The Feather Sword Art it shall be."

it was only after a quite and long thought that Xuanyuan Wentian had made up his mind. With his extraordinary comprehension, there was no point in wasting time to learn a common technique. For Xuanyuan Wentian to choose, only the best would suffice.

As for other skills, Xuanyuan Wentian already made up his mind.

Xuanyuan Wentian chooses a movement skill named "Sky Air Movement Technique".

Xuanyuan Wentian feels no need to learn as many techniques as long as he can strike and move fast in battle as he afraid that it would slow his way of the cultivation so he decided to give it up for now. Moreover, he does not have much point contribution at this point just enough for the two books he chooses.

holding the two books in his hand, Xuanyuan Wentian he walked down to the elderly who still sit idly while reading a book in his hand, to register the books.

The elder noticed that Xuanyuan Wentian approached him. He kept the book he was holding and saw the book Xuantuan Wentian hold.

"Feather Sword Art, Sky Air Movement Technique... brat, your preferred martial arts book has high requirements" the elder started to frown and tried to persuade Xuanyuan Wentian, "Brat, are you sure you want to learn Feather Sword Art? This sword arts not only have high requirements, the art user must also have a special sword named "Black Feather Sword", are you sure?"

"What? it is not written in the book, how could a sword art need to use a special sword? I never heard of it, old man do you try to deceive me?"

Xuanyuan Wentian simply does not believe what the elder says. Originally, he had known this old man for a long time since he was an Outer Disciple. It was the first time that Xuanyuan Wentian had entered the Martial Pavilion, and unexpectedly the guardian elder Martial Pavilion suddenly asked 'why did you ask permission to go to the first floor? You've reached the Third Stage of the Foundation Establishment, you should have gone to the second floor instead of to the first floor.'

Apparently, his cultivation that he always hid with all effort easily discovered only with a single look by this elder.

Xuanyuan Wentian panicked fear that the elder thought he was a spy from the outside. So he hurriedly told the elder about himself and his circumstances to avoid misunderstanding. Luckily the elder believes in what he says. From then on Xuanyuan Wentian became well acquainted with the guardian elder Martial Pavilion.

Originally, the elder was Elder Wang, but Elder Wang allowed Xuanyuan Wentian to called him "Old Wang". He has been working here as a guard for Martial Pavilion.

Xuanyuan Wentian has a favorable impression on Old Wang, sometimes when he comes to Martial Pavilion he often chats for a while and sometimes jokes with Old Wang. So it's not strange if Old Wang wanted to try to trick him.

"Sigh... well, if you keep insisting on this skill you can take it. Brat, after you get out of here try to go to Treasure Store Building, among the treasures on display there is a treasure called Black Feather Sword, you better buy that treasure first before learning this sword art" Old Wang did not persuade Xuanyuan Wentian any further, he only advised Xuanyuan Wentian to prove that his words were real.

"...Alright, I will take a look"

Seeing the expression of Old Wang that was not like joking, he finally nodded and decided to go to the Treasure Store Building to take a look.

"15.000 contribution points for Feather Sword Art..."

"10.000 contribution points for Sky Air Movement Technique..."

"Total is 25,000 contribution points"

Xuanyuan Wentian took out the golden card from his pocket and handed it to Old Wang.

Shortly after, Old Wang handed back the golden card belonging to Xuanyuan Wentian, "Here!"

Xuanyuan Wentian took back the golden card and the two books and tried to walk out of Martial Pavilion, but suddenly he stopped as if remembering something, he turned to Old Wang and asked,

"Right, Old Wang, did you see Ba Su finish selecting martial arts techniques?"

"Not yet" Old Wang shook his head.

Xuanyuan Wentian paused, "Old Wang please tell him that I went to the Treasure Store Building first" he ran out while waving his hand at Old Wang.


Looking at Xuanyuan Wentian's back who was running out of Martial Pavilion, he only sighed with a slight emotion.

Initially, when Xuanyuan Wentian first came to Martial Pavilion, Old Wang thought the Xuanyuan Wentian was just an ordinary disciple until Old Wang found out the Wentian Xuanyuan's true cultivation.

Old Wang was quite surprised when he found out the kind of grade like Xuanyuan Wentian mixed in Sky Cloud Sect. Originally, Old Wang thought Xuanyuan Wentian was a spy. However, when Old Wang checked the background of Xuanyuan Wentian clearly, he sighed feeling relieved that Xuanyuan Wentian background was clean without any suspicion. It's just his character who likes low profile that makes him wonder. Actually, if Xuanyuan Wentian shows his true monstrous talent, surely the Higher Up Elders will breed Wentian Xuanyuan without any cost.

But Old Wang did not want to prevent the wish of Xuanyuan Wentian who wanted to live like this. As if the disciples had their own way of developing. If Old Wang forced Xuanyuan Wentian walking into a path that he disagrees with, then he will obstruct the development of Xuanyuan Wentian in the path of cultivation.


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