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66.66% Ascension in dxd world / Chapter 4: GODDESS OF REBIRTH, LIFE AND DEATH , REINCARNATION IN DXD (EDITED)

GODDESS OF REBIRTH, LIFE AND DEATH , REINCARNATION IN DXD (EDITED) - Ascension in dxd world - Chapter 4 by SHIVAKUEN full book limited free


(Haruka's pov)

elliana was just talking to me and suddenly 2 woman that can match elliana's beauty came in my sight one got long white hair that reaches her waist and a beautiful white eyes honestly this was the first time seeing those eyes it was beautiful like a snow and her aura reeks of elegance , her skin is as white as mine that if you touch of bumped into it it will break, her lips are red and kissable, her eyelashes are long and white it was perfectly matched for her eyes and hair, her nose is beautiful that many men will want to kiss it, her eyebrows was sharp and beautiful it was also white and i can't help but gawked at her but it only last a moment.

she wore a loose dress but it can't hide her massive breasts i can't believe that size exist it was a j cup, i don't know if my eyes is playing or fooling me but it was so big that i don't think that even though my hands is kind of big it will not fit even if i use 2 of them at once, her waist is slim and no signs of fat, her legs are long and white as the sky.

her butt is so big but not so bubbly as elliana's but regardless it was still big and if i grab it my hands will sink, her doll like face and radiant smile that is aiming at me her eyes was full of love and i don't know why i am getting that. so i just smiled back at her unconsciously which widens her smile

the other woman was wearing a fit sleeveless gown that highlights her white and dainty arms, her eyes is heterochromatic black and green, still it was beautiful for me.

her face is perfect,so perfect that even gay can get back to being men, her eyebrows was beautiful and sharp her hair was dark and lucious, her nose is also perfect, her eyelashes was long and it was dark as the night

her gown is hugging her seductive body, it was also dark but with a mix of gold that fits perfectly for her, her breast was also large and i can't help but blink two times in there size because it was much bigger than the former her breast was in K cup and every move she make it was moving up and down and i can't help but blush on how shameless my eyes are and i also feel my dragon rising and wanting to go in a very tight "cave", she noticed my gaze and seemingly knowing what was on my mind she giggled and her breast shake again but much more furiously now, her waist is perfect and her bosom was just as huge and bubbly as elliana's.

her gown highlights her seductive body and her long legs because it got a cut on the side of her gown that shows her white dainty legs, her aura reeks a very strong aura of a seductiveness and she is also smiling at me full of love but with seductiveness and i can't help but shiver on how both peerless beauties looking at me like that one was full of love that seems seeing her most precious thing and the other was full of love but her gaze says 'i want to eat you' type and i can't help but gaze at the predator that is eyeing it's prey, I SWEAR TO GOD!! i see her licking her lips when she was looking at ME!!!

( back to the story)

elliana spoke after looking at the both intruders and with a irritated tone " what are you both doing here helian and melian??"

'wait helian? isn't that the goddess of death?' haruka look at the 2 with a surprised and they reply

"isn't it unfair that you are hugging little darling all by yourself?" the girl with black hair said and the white haired continued " i hate to agree with helian but she was right about that and i suspect you are planning shady things when you leave your throne in god realm"

when helian heard the white haired woman's sentence she narrowed her eyes at her and speaker " HEY!!, you are not the only one who is getting disgusted you know!!, i also don't like being with you, hmpp!!"

the white haired woman replied " hmpp you vixen if not for both of us going at the same place do you think i will want to be with you??"

and she continued " besides i am only here for hubby and not for you both old hags"

when helian and elliana heard her they can't help but glare at her and release a bit of killing intent and i feel my body even though I am only a soul i still can feel a huge pressure coming at me even though not directly still it was strong as if i am an ant looking at a giant

getting ready to crush me with a toe

i can also see the aura they are emoting elliana got gold aura , helian got dark green aura and the white haired woman or melian is releasing a pure white aura, i have no time to marvel the beauty of those aura because i was getting crushed now and i can't help but shout " PLEASE STOP!!!!!!"

after they heard me they immediately stopped using there aura and elliana, helian and melian immediately rush towards me because on how i look, i look very pitiful, my soul was shaking and never in my whole life will i feel fear like that not even when i am facing a whole country but against this 3 women i feel endless fear it was truly true, " women are the most dangerous and mysterious creatures"

when they rush towards me elliana immediately hug me,heal me and she said with a worried tone " HARUKA!!, are you ok??, i-i-i am very sorry i-" before she could finish her sentence i cut her off by waving my hand and breathing heavily with a smile " i-i-i am fine, it's just my breathing seems heavy" Haruka said while chasing his breath

when melian and helian see his state they immediately cast a healing spell and i suddenly feel my body being light and my strength getting back again, suddenly they both hug me and my face is getting sandwich in those 2 pair of large breast now that i see it again it was straightened and not loose i can't help but close my eyes and savor those heavenly softness

seeing me like that they both giggles and they suddenly kiss both of my cheeks *muwaa~*

helian in my right cheek and melian in my left chees

and i immediately touch both of my cheeks and my face reddened suddenly, and i feel like i am forgetting something

i finally remember the question i am meaning to ask " umm elliana why they are calling me hubby and darling?" i asked with embarrassment visible in my face

"because you are" a woman that got a gray with a hint of blue hair and golden eyes spoke

i look up to where the voice where and i immediately got shocked because another beauty has descended and i think to myself 'seems like women will not stop coming here'

she got the same body as helian but her aura was ethereal if elliana got a divine aura, melian got a elegance aura and helian got a seductive one

i don't have time to appreciate her beauty because a whole silence fell on the five of us






then suddenly i scream "WHATTT!!!!!!" never in my life will i imagine me being married much less on multiple women, then she smiled at me and said "oh by the way husband my name is reana the goddess of rebirth"

next to introduce was the black haired seductress " i am the goddess of death, helian, and i know that you want the shadow monarchs power so it was kind off easy you just need to pass his trial to get the full power and some benefits and if you don't want to you can just get his power but no benefits, also he was my bushin so take care of him, fufu~ he was kind of lazy and like to rest a lot."

the next one is the white haired women " i am melian the goddess of life and i was so sorry hubby if i hurt you" she said with her head down and i reply "n-n-no it was ok plus i am still alive hehe" helian interjected " yeah because if you die we don't know how many sisters of ours will want melian to get killed fufu~"

"and for your question on how did you became our husband simple, because you are the one that is in the divinition of the goddess of fate feian and also did elliana didn't tell you??" she said while narrowing her gaze to elliana and elliana replied " i was about to say that to him when this 2 idiots barged in"

"HEY!!!" both helian and melian replied

reana nodded in understanding and elliana continued " plus it was in the favor that i was about to say after i explain some things about how to become a ascender and what are the grades of the body, physique, and bloodlines was"

"s-s-so that was the favor!!!??" i asked in surprise and she nodded bashfully, all in my mind now is just what kind of divinition did they see and how come i became a married man now i was only on my early twenties before i died roughly 22 to be exact, i know i also loved some women in my past life but we didn't cross the line because of my identity so thinking about it i can't help but smile wryly because maybe that was my biggest regret in my past life and now this goddesses are saying i am there husband just WHAT THE FUCKKKKK!!!!?

reana spoke " as for the divinition, husband it was a secret so kindly don't ask and plus worry not we will let you enjoy your new life for 7 quadrillion years so worry not" i asked " umm goddess can i ask?"

she nodded, and said " no need to say goddess just call me reana or wife, actually i prefer wife so just call me that ok?" i just nodded because god knows what will happen if i reject her but i can feel 3 piercing gazes on her and when i look at where it was coming i saw 3 woman looking at her with killing intent and she was smirking victoriously, all i can say ARE YOU ALL YANDEREEEE!!!!

" just how can i reach that age??" she answered " it was quite simple well let's just say once you unlock some of your bloodlines your life span is gonna increase also, hell even if you only got the god's bloodline you got there it got a life span of immortality but i doubt you can unlock it easily"

i asked " so you are saying the more bloodline i unlock the more my body will change and i will never be human again??"

she answered "yes and no, yes because yo yare partly right that you will never be a full human again but be mindful that even though you will change your humanity will still be the major bloodline you got an that is the heavenly hero bloodline"

"and for our question will you accept the favor??" she asked with puppy eyes and all of the people in there look at me with puppy eyes and anticipated gazes and suddenly my system ringed.


[ host can't reject the favor]

i asked "why!!?"

[ because host accepted the warnings and this was one of the warnings host must do ]

"and what will happen if i reject??"

[ host will die ]

i shivered when the system said that, i just died and i will die again?? NO WAY!!!!

'i rather got those peerless beauties rather than die again besides it was still on 7 quadrillion years' i thought to myself because this seem to be a win-win situation....that was what i thought

i answered "y-y-yes?" and suddenly the system gave me a title

[ ding]

[ host has completed a hidden quest





[ does host want to receive the title?? ]

i just nodded because right now i can feel my feet shaking not because of excitement but because of fear, because elliana explain the population of the Goddesses in god realm that everyday many goddess will be born to live there and also there low servants, servants and apostles and even there slayers are all personal so that will be so many women, so many that he thinks he got the most biggest harem in the whole realmverse hell even issei didn't got that many women he only got a women with 2 digits at most but him? hell forget about 2 zero,everyday his harem will increase and it will last for about more than a million years

(a/n: HARUKA YOU LUCKY BASTARD, I WISH I AM YOUUUUU!!!!!, and also author note the more goddess will be born in god realm many creatures in the realmverse will also be born 100 to 1000 times more the population in god realm which means there, bushins,low servants, servants and apostles will also increase)

[ ding!!!

title received

"the one loved by the goddesses"

effect: ?????? ] ( i will explain this after his 4th birthday)

reana, elliana,helian and melian all smiled lovingly at me and i just smiled wryly towards them and just accept what that damn divinition make them see about me!!!

reana now explain what are the grades of the special body, physique, and bloodlines

the special bodies, physiques, and bloodlines are divided by 9 grades and 4 rarities

the rarities are low, intermediate,high and peak

common= 1:100 person

uncommon= 1:1000 person

rare= 1:10,000 person

unique=1: 100,000 person

legendary= 1:1,000,000 person

mystical= 1:10,000,000 person

divine= 1: 1,000,000,000 person

celestial= 1: 1,000,000,000,000 person

godly= once in a lifetime

i just nodded in understanding then she continued even though the godly body is a once in a lifetime there is a one bloodline and body that is a godly grade but it was exempted by its rarity and that was the primodal God's bloodline we goddess from the god realm all have that bloodline due to us being born in the primodal origin it's grade was godly and a rarity of peak so it was the most strongest body and bloodline but not physique because physiques are different

i nodded and asked "so you are saying that all of you goddesses are all cheatcodes??"

she said while correcting me " yup and stop being distant just call us wife,darling, honey and many more nicknames you got there but not miss and goddess"

i just nodded cause god knows what will happen to me especially they are all yandere , just thinking about it makes my spine shiver

"so now that you know all of the information you need are you ready for your adventures??"

she said while smiling

and i hurriedly nodded because of fear and excitement, fear because god knows how many favor will they still ask me and excitement because i finally get to start my journey full with mystery and excitement

"very well" suddenly her hand glow a light and my soul or body started exiting this dimension and now i can already feel that i am getting to start all of my journey and MY WAIFUSSS ARE ALL WAITING, GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!!!!!

(meanwhile in the dark dimension)

"so how strong he was?" renea asked the 3 goddesses

"he was strong especially the pressure he emit when he screamed at us looks like his divinity is not yet awaken but his pressure is still terrifying,it will be a very long time to unlock his divinity *sighh* and he can easily defeat a peak primodal god stage easily that is in pure battle prowess but if we also include the energies he can't last for a second against the people of mortal realm due to him not starting his ascension being a ascender got its perks and it was a very huge perk against him so if his enemy include a energy even if it's weak he or she can kill him but let's just worry about that in the future" elliana said and the both nodded

"hmm, as expected of the latest soul made in origin realm, the birthplace of the chaos origin caion and primodal origin fina but i just don't know why he was sent on reality realm and not in god realm or even mortal realm, hell even the divination of sister feian is correct that our husband will come from the most lowest realm and he will be the only god with 2 divinities darkness and destruction" helian said

"that latest soul made 22 years ago was him i am sure of it especially when his soul got 2 locks and divided with the aura of violet and black" melian said Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"hmm but why there is another lock there? though not as noticeable but it was still a divinity " reana said

"hmm, i think it was my divinity due to his wish of infinite wishes he unconsciously get my divinity of creation but still it was sealed like his other 2 divinities"elliana said while the others was shocked

""" WHATTT!!!!?"""

when they heard that they were surprised to the core due to no creature has been recorded by having 3 divinities, being Haruka the first having 2 looks like he was also gonna be the first to have 3 but it was still sealed or asleep, but soon a sense of pride can be seen on the faces of all 4 of them being there husband will be the most strongest in the future.

little did they know another 2 lock is growing in there and waiting to be unlock as well.

" also he made himself a limiter so his strength by now will be unknown hmm let's just wait for some years for him to develop from a cute child to a strong and charming man, fufu~ thinking about i can't wait to give him my purity that I've been preserving for more than centillion of years" helian said

"hey you are not the only one who is pure!! all of us in the god realm are pure even our low servants, servants and apostles and even the slayers are, so don't get ahead of yourself HAGG!!!" melian said while sneering and when helian heard her they bicker for more and it ended up them fighting.

while renea and elliana just sighed at both of them and renea said " hmm we are getting old day by day especially now husband was in illusionary realm, ughhhh!!, why does the time there is slower than the mortal realm"

renea replied " well we can only wait plus it's not that long it was only a 7 quadrillion years"

"yeah right in there but to us the time was much more slower, one day there was a quadrillion of years worth of time" elliana just sighed due to this fact and suddenly what renea said made the 2 goddess who was fighting stop " so why did you take his first kiss??" she said while smiling with killing intent

elliana just smiled wryly and flew away very fast to get away from those crazy women and the 3 chased her even when they are in the god realm, hell due to this information the whole god realm was in chaos for a 1000 years but stopped due to elliana's explanation with a hint of lie

(meanwhile on Shiba household)

a young boy who got a charming girl like face with a violet eyes is walking towards a girl with straight hair and blue eyes

"happy 4th birthday to the both of us,onii sama!!" the girl said while smiling at the boy

"thank you and happy birthday too"the boy said with a smiled while stopping for a while

he continued



end of volume one, hi there this will be the last chapter i will update and the rest i am going to rest to get better i just made this for y'all and thank you for supporting don't forget the power of the stones

peace out✌️

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