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Chapter 1: Chapter 1. Medicine of death.

"Move out of my way, old man," an angry voice of a young man dressed in a corporate suit came as he pushed an old man out of his way, staring down at the mobile phone in his hands as he continued to move without looking back or apologizing to the old man.

The old man was thrown aback by the push of the young man, falling flat on his buttocks on the floor.

People continued to walk past the feeble old man, who was on the ground grimacing in pain from the fall. No one paid any attention to him as they went about their businesses.

Some even cast a disgusting look at him as they walked past.

Alex, a 73-year-old man, was amongst the crowd and witnessed the incident.

"Hmmm," he heaved a heavy sigh of sadness as he saw the scene. He then walked closer to the old man and stretched out a helping hand.

The old man took his outstretched hand as Alex helped pull him up from the ground.

"Thank you," the old man said with a feeble voice. Alex reciprocated with a slight nod, and then the old man continued on his way.

"Hmmm," Alex let out another heavy sigh of sadness as he muttered, "This is getting worse by the day," shaking his head sadly.

"Move out of the way, old man," a voice came from the distance followed by a "thud" and some youthful voices laughing.

Alex turned towards the direction where the sound came from and saw the feeble old man he had just helped sitting with his butt on the ground once again, with a bunch of teenagers around him making fun of him and laughing.

"Hmmm," Alex once again let out a heavy sigh of sadness as he turned and continued on his way.

The scene that just happened was not something rare nowadays. Respect for the elderly had become a joke, as being old nowadays was no longer a symbol of wisdom and experience, but instead, it was now a trademark for poor and wretched people.

It all started about twenty years ago when world leaders signed a peace treaty stating that there would no longer be war or the production of weapons.

The world leaders then decided that instead of using their money to create weapons and arsenals, they should donate the money to various research projects aimed at improving human lives and making living easier.

Once the peace treaty was signed, all armed forces were disarmed, and special task forces were disbanded without proper settlement.

Bearing weapons became a crime, and even the police no longer had to use guns. They were only allowed to use gentle approaches without the use of force.

Alex was also affected by the peace treaty. He was the captain of a special force named the Python Squad.

His team was popular for handling issues related to drugs, and Alex himself had captured a large number of drug cartels during his reign as the captain of the Python Squad.

After the signing of the peace treaty, the Python squad was disbanded by the military, and Alex was compelled to return to normal civilian life.

However, there was one glaring issue: Alex had no semblance of a normal life.

His parents had passed away when he was still a teenager, leaving him without any siblings or known relatives. He had no wife, girlfriend, or lover to lean on.

Alex had been so consumed by his military duties that he had neglected his personal life.

So, when the Python squad was dissolved, he found himself facing a great challenge.

Despite his numerous accomplishments in the military, he received a meager sum of money to start afresh once the squad disbanded.

He attempted various jobs to make ends meet, but none of them suited him. He lacked skills in any field other than shooting and apprehending drug cartels, which were no longer in demand since the signing of the peace treaty.

His life wasn't entirely terrible, but it certainly wasn't pleasant either.

However, three years ago, a research facility funded by world leaders made a groundbreaking discovery that astonished the world.

They had stumbled upon a key to eternal youth, known as the "youthful elixir." This potion had the power to extend one's lifespan by approximately fifty years and restore the appearance of youth to the elderly.

Initially, many dismissed the claims of the youthful elixir's effectiveness.

Yet, as time went on, desperate individuals who had tried it began to exhibit positive results, confirming its authenticity.

Soon, the youthful elixir became immensely popular worldwide. Some even dubbed it the "Medicine of Death."

People from all corners of the globe began using the elixir to either prolong their lives or regain their youthful looks.

However, a significant problem arose: the price of the youthful elixir was exorbitant, beyond the means of most individuals.

Alex, who had been unemployed for a decade, could not afford such an expensive elixir. Yet, burdened by societal pressure and disrespect due to his age, he resolved to make a monumental decision.

He would sell his house, the government compensation he had received, and the only shelter he had, to acquire the youthful elixir.

Today was the day he would obtain it from EverVital Pharmaceuticals.

Alex believed that once he regained his youthful body and appearance, he would be able to reintegrate into society. He could then search for a new job and eventually save enough money to purchase another house.

Dressed in a tight white long-sleeved shirt that accentuated his muscular upper body, he defied his 73 years of age. His well-ironed black trousers and white sneakers completed his outfit, an unconventional choice for a man of his age. But Alex paid no mind to societal norms. Today, he would reclaim his youthful self, and all else would become insignificant.

Alex's weathered face was adorned with a deep smile as he made his way toward EverVital Pharmaceuticals.

Despite the countless wrinkles that etched his 73-year-old visage, one could still catch a glimpse of the handsome man he once was, with traces of his former allure lingering on his aged and lined features.

His once-black hair, now tinged with gray, was meticulously combed, and his vibrant green eyes sparkled with vitality. The perfectly shaped lips that graced his face added the final touch to his rugged handsomeness, defining his masculinity.

As Alex continued his stride, a sudden commotion erupted behind him, prompting him to turn around and cast his gaze toward the source of the disturbance. What he beheld was a sight to behold—a magnificent AeroLux.

The AeroLux, a sleek and opulent futuristic limousine, exuded elegance and boasted cutting-edge technology.

Its design seamlessly blended aerodynamic curves with sharp lines, resulting in a harmonious fusion of sophistication and innovation.

The car's metallic silver body boasted a flawless finish, accentuated by strips of LED lights that illuminated its sides, lending it a dynamic and futuristic appearance.

Propelled by advanced anti-gravity technology, the AeroLux hovered gracefully above the ground.

Compact and powerful thrusters, emitting a soft blue glow, adorned the car's underside, ensuring a stable and smooth hover experience.

The AeroLux windows were constructed from smart glass, capable of tinting or becoming transparent at the touch of a button, affording passengers the choice between privacy and panoramic views. At present, the windows were tinted, shielding the interior from prying eyes.

The AeroLux represented the epitome of automotive luxury and advancement, with a single vehicle commanding a staggering one billion dollars.

Such a rare sight was not an everyday occurrence, and Alex couldn't help but sigh in response to the opulence displayed before him.

Zoom! The car zoomed past Alex with lightning speed, eliciting a chorus of admiration from onlookers.

Alex, however, simply sighed once more, muttering under his breath, "Rich people."


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