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Imperial Palace Discussion - Assassination System - Chapter 22 by TheAdventurer full book limited free

Chapter 22: Imperial Palace Discussion

Inside a luxurious hall, decorated with deep sea gold and silver, three figures stared at each other, one of the figures wore an outfit painted with pure purple mixed with gold glitters, the staff on his right hand and the crown on his head, indicated his position inside the Imperial Palace.

But now, the Emperor of Dawn was facing a headache. Staring at the middle-aged man who used the Imperial Token to complain against one of the most influential clans in his empire, he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. But still, as an Emperor, he needed to uphold justice and as a result, he summoned the condemned, Dan Longinus inside the Imperial Palace.

"To think that Dan Longinus would do something as despicable as stealing someone's wife..." The young man who sat in the seat, below him spoke in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, since he's evil deeds are widespread enough to provoke even the heavens...It seems like his retribution has finally come..." The young man casually crossed his legs together, staring at the middle-aged man with a glint in his eyes.

The middle-aged man standing on the podium before them said, "Please uphold justice for me, your Majesty! It's been five years since I last saw my daughter and I truly missed her..." The Emperor inwardly rolled his eyes, How could he not know that this farce is the work of this young man, just below him?

After all, he belonged to one of the clans that hated the Longinus Clan the most, along with the Batian Clan.

Jericho Varkaant, the apparent heir of the Varkaant Clan.

Sighing, he could only let the young generation settle their own debts.

"The Young Master of the Longinus Clan, Dan Longinus has arrived!" A eunuch announced at the side. Everyone's eyes focused on the arriving group and when the middle-aged man spotted Natalie, his eyes shone in deep concern and longingness for her, which made her cringe in response. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Her daughter, which clearly doesn't recognize the middle-aged man. Frowned in displeasure when she saw him staring at her mother with such eyes. Dan chuckled in acknowledgment when he saw the two seated figures.

'It seems like the Varkaant Clan is on the move. However, even though our clans have always been at odds, we've been doing everything behind the scenes. This is the first time that they did their schemes in broad daylight.' Dan inwardly thought.

"Pay your respects to the Emperor!" The same eunuch bellowed and everyone kneeled on the ground in respects. With the gesture of the Emperor, all of them stood up as the Emperor scanned them with their eyes before saying, "With my name as the 69th Emperor of the Empire of Dawn, Rodriguez Dragnil. I hereby grant the request of the Imperial Token holder."

Rodriguez revealed the token before confiscating it.

"This man here, complained against the Young Master of the Longinus Clan, with the reason that he found his wife, sleeping with the former. Is that true?" The Emperor glanced at the middle-aged man. The latter nodded his head.


"Since the Empire promotes equality in a trial. I will cross-examine both of your statements and decide with my own judgment as to who is speaking the truth and who is now. Is that okay?"

All of them nodded their heads.

"The complainant, Joseph Astaar. Requested the full custody of his daughter and the death sentence for the guilty party." A severe light flashed within the eyes of the Emperor, Natalie's clutch on her daughter's shoulders, tightened.

"However, if the complainant was the one that is found as guilty, then his entire clan shall be subjected to the punishment that he asked for the condemned party..."

"Now, let the trial start!" The Emperor slammed his staff on the ground, sending a ringing sound echoing across the entire hall as both parties became apprehensive. Soon, two bedraggled people entered the hall, staring at Dan Longinus with an expression of hatred and anger.

"According to the complainant, these two were the people that witnessed you, the condemned, going at the former's wife's stall to eat some breakfast. However, when you left, you also left behind your Clan Token, is that right?" The Emperor's eyes momentarily swept over at Dan.

The latter nodded his head in response.

The Emperor noticed his gesture and asked, "Now, both of you, state your statements, what exactly happened there and just what did you witness?"

Feeling the sensation of the Emperor's gaze landing on them, the two men became anxious as they hurriedly said, "T-t-that day... We saw...We saw, him going inside Madam Natalie's stall and after eating, he even flirted with her and her child!"

"Yeah, that's right! He also left a good amount of tip along with his token, and when he left, he even smiled to himself, knowing that she would definitely follow suit!"

The Emperor nodded his head, Zaramias' expression darkened while Natalie's visage turned pale. Only Dan remained nonchalant as if everything that occurred in here didn't concern him in the slightest.

"Are you sure that both of you are speaking the truth? Remember that if both of you are found to be lying, you would also be punished..." The Emperor said in a grim tone as both of the men, furiously nodded their heads like chicken pecking rice.

"Now then, since the complainant has already given his statement beforehand. It is time for the condemned to give his excuse..." The Emperor stared at Dan with an indifferent expression on his face. Jericho Varkaant's lips lifted in ridicule, 'Let's see how you can escape this...'

One of the reasons why he staged such play was that he realized the talent of Dan, especially when his spies at the Western Guard Camp told him of the latter's prowess. He understood that he needed to get rid of such a threat, as soon as possible.

After all, there's no more time left until that person from the Flowing Cloud Sect arrives. And when she arrived, he must offer something towards her that she would definitely like. And that was Dan Longinus' life.

Dan stared at Jericho and the fuming middle-aged man before saying, "I don't have much to say..." Everyone became dumbfounded, 'Not much to say? Does that mean that you're conceding?' These thoughts ran through the minds of everyone.

Zaramias clicked his tongue, his hand stretched inside his robe, clutching a golden parchment known to as the Imperial Pardon. Natalie stared at Dan with anxiousness visible in her eyes.

But before they could speculate, Dan chuckled, taking something from his chest pocket, he said, "I don't have much to say, but I have something that I want everyone in here to see..." He opened his palm, revealing a faintly shining Profound Imagery Stone inside!

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