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Chapter 12: Final chapter

Adam's eyes shows deep rage and hatred towards Amal.Adam lunges forward with his claws.Amal avoids the conflict with lighting speed..Both starts to exchange blows with the sickle and deadly claws creating shockwaves in contacts.

"Captain what should we do....?"

A soldier asks them,The captain snaps out of

the shock of seeing the unrealistic occurance happened a moment ago infront of him.

"I don't know what to say... Never loose your guard Stay alert"

"I didn't kill her Adam.."

Amal tries to explain to an enraged Adam who almost lost humanity in him to bits.

"Don't try to fool me you pathethic idiot,I can't sense your aura by now you learned the act of camouflage"

"Well,From that you can understamd Iam training I didn't kill her Iam only getting the news now...."

"Shut up..."

Adam slashes in air to create blades of darkmatter and send straight to Amal.Amal hits the ground creating a wall stopping the impact.

"Dynasty Roar"


Before Amal can move the wall shatters and the whirlwind struck Amal.Amal's eye iluminates creating a counter wind extriminating the dark matter.

"Iam a man of my word Adam...I did not kill her"

Adam lunges forward covering his claws with darkmatter.Amal points his finger towards Adam creating an explosion of purple flame around him.

"It is not the reason to slaughter innocent people..You have killed enough"

"I will kill you even slaughter your family"

Adam lunges forward shooking of the flame and scratches Amal's abdomen.Amal's

armour is thick but it is nothing compared to the sinister claws of Adam.He make some mark in his left ribs and it was deep.

"Think straightly Adam..... I can't possibly kill Hawa withoit your attention you were with her all the time"

"Dynasty Roar"

Amal doesn't expect that one as he takes a direct hit from the attack.Amal tosses into a building and hits a pillar breaking it and then hits a wall.

"Kid he won't hear anything you say he didn't even trusts you"

Amal mourns and slowly stand up into his feet..Adam tackles him by breakimg the ceiling above directly Amal into the ground floor.


Adam bites Amal on his shoulder.Amal touches Adam with his devil hand making leaving Adam a burn on his arm as he throws Amal to a corner.Amal flicks his finger.As there was a pentagram sign burned to the arm of Adam starts to glow in golden colour.Suddenly Adam feel numbness full of his body.As he crashes down on the floor.Amal slowly walks towards Adam.

"It is useless Adam,You can't move right now"


Amal make a closes his fist making Adam cunable to open the mouth.

"We need to talk..both you and I know that I didn't kill her"

Adam couldnt even raise his finger he was astonished to see how powerful the host have become by a few days.

"I respect you Adam you are a man of honour and a code..Which most of the people doent have...Which intent attracts a lot of hatred.You are straight forward....You and I are the same.... But you know as well as I know that I didn't kill her..."

Amal releases his fist.Adam stood silent for a moment.Suddenly he stares at Amal

"Dynasty roar...."

Amal wakes up after a moment he can feel several bones in his body broken majorly his leg...He crawls in the road he got tossed out for half a kilometer....he hear footsteps approaching him closer and closer.Adam comes closer and presses his face towards the ground.

"May be you are right..You are right about everything...May be you and I are same...But still my first pledge is to kill you.. After thay I will find out who have done such cynical act to her....."

Adam presses his foot even more forcefully.A hydralic pressure emerges from the groung as Adam and Amal gets tossed again.Amal uses the hydraulic pressure in the ground to escape.

"You have no right to talk about punishment....You kills people like a beast and calls yourself a deity...."

"Is that what you are Lucifer... Torturing people in hell and enjoying their pain"

"We torture people because they are sinners and monsters in the real world like you...Slaughtering people to get my attention for who...I thought ypu were a leader but you are merely manipulated by another guy known as Zeldus..."


Adam lunges forward Amal flicks his fingers again making him immovable and he crashes infront of Amal.Amal quickly closes his fist closing Adam's mouth who was about to use another attack.Amal crawls and

look Adam in the eye.

"You will never learn will you..."

After a few minutes Amal slowly stands up in one leg and squashes Adam's beating heart like a sponge.Adam's eyes still show the agony of dissatisfaction and rage.

"Time drift"

After a few seconds Amal was lying in his bed bleeding.

"That was a nasty fight...?"

"It definetly is"

"You all the way to yesterday I see"

"It will make me heal and I don't want to miss college and training"

"Are you forgeting something"

"No I did not forget it..Iam a man who is seeing so much of future and changed past..."

"You can't undo all the the time the time limit is for two days in time drift.But if you do that you are feel free to get attacked by the Gods from heaven"

"I know that"

"You are a monster"

"Every one is"

"Is this exactly the next day you killed Adam"

"That is a pathethic way to use future pronounciation"

"Yeah definetly"

"And yesterday you have killed that her...what are you going to do with this anyways"

Amal looks at the disfigured body of Hawa which was lying on the hall.He smirks

"Well,The plan failed to manipulate him to attack the gods he is way too stubborn"

"He almost killed quarter of the population...What if things gone the other way"

"I can't take risk of loosing life anymore not anymore...So this risk is far better"

"You are an actor boy....."

"Everyone acts in life don't they I think he knows that I killed her"

"You changed"

"Well I can't be like him.A man or god with out chamge is just a statue and statues eventually breaks"

"There is more darkness in you than I expected That's why I can't take control over your soul"

"I don't know what you mean by calling dark... If this is what you mean by calling evil well I gladly accept it the world isn't fair Lucifer noone will play by the rules I learned it in the hard way..."

"May be that name suits you more"

Amal goes back into memories or into the avoided future.As he chokes Adam with his left arm.

"Any last word Adam"

Adam couldn't speak as his tongue was rusted by the devil hand.Amal Reads his mind

"I want to know your name"

"Ammm..... Asura"

"It's a pleasurrr"

Amal hits the devil hand through his chest penetrating the ribs and grabs the heart and he rips off it from Adam's chest feeling its last beat.Adam fall down like a huge statue.

"Well You are no hero kid"

Amal suddenly snaps out from the mere never seeing future.

"I don't want to be one if any one finds me they kill my family its only rhing I have left for that I will take any measures".

Far off in an apartment the little child who was killed in the ambuish by Adam sleeps with her teddy bear in her bedroom.

"He is nothing compare to the true gods they keep coming for you it is just a beginning"

"Then I need to train hard more"

Amal's wounds starts to vapourize as he is having the conversation with Lucifer.Hawa's body was staring at him in fear even in its death.

"You become cold boy"

"I calls it to be cunning..I don't want to be a prey".

"No one even knows your existance"

"That is exactly my point"

Amal wakes up and shoves his leg.

"Hmm perfect it is healed"

And slowly walks into the bathroom holding his ribs.

Deep far away in sky Thor comes to the fascinating big room.The room was big and only have a thorn on the edge.The thorn is very huge as we can see a shadowy figure sitting in the thorn.Suddenly a huge man blocks him.

"You know where to stand... Dont cross the line"

A yellow line was seen halfway the hall.

"Watch you mouth or I will break that ugly tongue of you"

The smirk on the huge man diminishes.

"Now now people it is not a good time to take an assault to each other is it...".

Zeldus stands up and walks a few footsteps his voice echoes the empty room.He have golden hair and a handsome face.He wears a golden armour.

"Why did you summoun me"

Thor says in a thuderous voice his voice echoes the room like a lighthing.

"Well it is that I underestimated the host,Those pawns are tottaly useless..Iam going to dismantle them anyway they cannot be trusted well Iam putting a new offer to you ruler of Norse gods....

Zeldus have a white smile but a deep wickedness is hidden in his mind which was mirrored by the beautiful teeth.

**********The End**********

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