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Chapter 1: Here I Come!

Star Apexious Realm, around Planet Vaiora.

In the middle of space, around a giant planet about 1000 times larger than the Sun of our Solar System.

Above the atmosphere of that planet, giant Silver Clouds, filled with Purple Lightning ominously gather. This phenomenon is known as the highest tribulation one faces before becoming a God and entering the Realm above to be a God.

A young man was bowing in front of another man who looked older than him, only by about four or five years. The older man was sitting cross-legged, seeming as though he was in deep meditation, with closed eyes and a serene look on his face. He had a golden ring on his head, with blue hair and sword-like eyebrows. He slowly opened his eyelids, which revealed sapphire eyes that were filled with happiness.

He was one of the few who cultivated the God-Asura Scripture and survived, even becoming a Dao Immortal. which could be counted on the fingers of your two hands.

This older man was the Venerable Immortal Ye. 

"Master, I think you should wait a few years so that you can stabilize your Dao Immortal Realm. You just had a breakthrough, and I think it's too risky to face the heavenly tribulation now with its great force because it might affect your soul and body. We also might be able to reach a higher cultivation realm in these few years and then we would be able to help you overcome this tribulation."

Huang Yan said with a solemn expression.

"Yes, I know, I considered it before, but I have to do it even if the chances are low. I must do it, whatever the cost is."

Venerable Immortal Ye said.

"Master, why are you so stubborn? There are three of us and Qing'er didn't even come with us. Master, I think you must reconsider."

"Qing'er divined that there might be a problem when you ascend to the Heavenly Gods Realm."

"Please, Master, are you so willing to make us orphans again?"

"Qing'er was crying for weeks after divining about your tribulation." Huang Yan said.

"I know, that's why I told her not to use that technique every now and then. The things that are bound to happen will happen. No matter what path we take, it all leads to the same destination, so you must not stop me."

"We will meet again in the realm above and I want to make a clear path for you to walk on. And take care of Qing'er, I know what is in her heart …."

Ye Quian sighed. 

"Let it be, I won't talk about it. She is the youngest of you all, you must take care of her for me. And tell her that we will meet again." Ye Qian said.

"Master, if that's what you have to say, it's fine, but you must take care of yourself and don't rush. We will eventually follow you and reunite as a family again." Huang Yan said.

'It was possible if I was going to the Gods realm but …' Ye Qian thought and sighed.

"Ok now stay away, I don't want you to interfere and get caught and injured in the heavenly tribulation. Go now." Ye Qian said sternly.

"Yes, Master. Accept this disciple's bow."

Saying that he bowed to his junior brother Zhao Quo and junior sister Qing Yin.

"Rise and cultivate hard; you must not slack off while I am not there, and take care of each other. There might be some who will try to fight you while I am not with you. You must cultivate in our palace; I have set up a formation, but it will only allow the four of you to get in. It will remain locked until each one of you reach the Sky Immortal Realm." Ye Qian said.

"Yes Master, we will do as you taught us and stay together."

The three of them bowed together.

"Now go!" Ye Qian said.


Ye Qian began mumbling excitedly, "Ah... Here comes the moment that I have been waiting the last 5000 years or so for."

"SIGH, it has been quite a while now. I don't know if what the scroll said is true or not, but I have to give it a try. Even if I were to perish, I have to perish while trying to fulfil my promise to her; it already has been quite late. I hope that I can see her again. And my daughter... she might be about four or five years old now. I hope she knows me. Sigh... we'll see."

He let out a sigh and glanced at the Silver Clouds above. 

"Come on what are you waiting for, I have an appointment that has been delayed for far too long."

He shouted, pointing his finger at the Silver Clouds.

To his response, the clouds grumbled and lightning started to flash in them. It looked like cotton candy that was wrapped in a purple net.

Far away on another planet nearby, a man with bushy eyebrows and a beard stood tall with an overbearing aura, draped in golden armour.

"Oh, So you are already facing the Purple Lightning Tribulation; aren't you in a hurry. You should have stabilized your realm first, but it's your choice anyway. I warned you not to play with Purple Lightning, even with your technique. I will make sure no one hurts your disciples while you are gone; that's the only thing I can do for you."

From far away, Ye Qian glanced over him and smiled with a thankful look on his face.

"Goodbye my friend, I hope we meet again."

The man in golden armour said while looking at Ye Qian.

Ye Qian nodded lightly while turning to the Purple Lightning.

"Now is the time for me to keep the promise I made to her." Ye Qian said to himself.


Meanwhile, his disciples were talking to each other.

"Senior Brother, what will we do after he ascends?" Zhao Quo asked.

"What? You don't know? We are going to cultivate fast and follow him!" Huang Yan scolded Zhao Quo.

"Uh, I was saying we must celebrate for Master's Divine Ascension, right?" Zhao Quo asked with a forced smile plastered on his face. 

"Oh, you are right; we must celebrate! After all, we are not going to come out of seclusion anytime soon." Huang Yan said with a pondering look.

"Look, the Purple Lightning is falling." Qing Yin exclaimed while rolling her eyes at her two brothers. 

"Yes, it is." Zhao Quo said.

"We need to pay attention, because we will have to face it in the future as well, right?" Huang Yan pondered.

"Yes, we do." Both answered.

"So, what are we going to say to Qing'er then, umm, about master's departure?" Qing Yin suddenly asked.

"Say what master said; I think her mood will be lightened after that message; it seems like he will accept her in the future." Huang Yan said.

"That might be good for both her and master, she has been waiting for so many years." Qing Yin sighed while shaking her head.


Meanwhile in space is filled with the debris of Meteors and Space rocks.

"Here I come Mengmeng!" Ye Qian shouted.

The first lightning fell and his body felt numb from it, though it was just the start as its might would continue to grow until a total of 108 lightning bolts purify him.

After the first ten, his robes were tattered and his fine hair was messed up.

After the fiftieth bolt descended on him, his robes did not remain on his body and were turned to ash. And thus, the strongest fabric in Star Apexious Realm was destroyed.

Although he was still in good condition, his energy was running low.

By the time the seventieth bolt laded on him, all hairs on his body were also burned and his flesh started to get charred.

'I hope it's true or everything will be in vain.'

He thought while gritting his teeth as he faced the heavenly tribulation.

By the time the one-hundredth bolt landed on him, his skin was torn and his exposed muscles were waving around like rags on his body.

Seeing him in such a state, his disciples were about to move, but Ye Qian turned towards them and shook his head, indicating them to not come near. Their eyes turned red seeing him in such condition, but they still obeyed.

Not willing to fall back, he put his hand on his now bald head, took the ring off his head and threw it in the air.

"Go, Samsara Crown!"

The ring expanded and started spinning around him, thus forming a sphere around him.

Somehow, with the surrounding energy, the Samsara Crown blocked all the remaining bolts of Purple Lightning.

"Ah! it's finally over, now it's time to say goodbye to them." He sighed.


His disciples ran to him and bowed to him.

"Alright, remember what I told you and don't worry about the Spirit Energy; there is a formation which will help you in that." He said.

"Yes, Master!" They nodded.

"And take care of each other. I will be leaving now. Umm... if only Qing'er was here. No, never mind, I need to leave." He said.

"Have a nice journey master, we will soon follow you!" With teary red eyes, they called out.

"Silly children."

'Ok let's test it, there is only one chance.'

Ye Qian sat in space for a while after wearing a simple robe to stabilize his power. He began to cultivate, and as a few hours passed, his tendons and skin healed at a rapid pace, and his hair started growing back.

Opening his eyes, he called for Samsara Crown.

It appeared in his hand. 'Hmm, should I take it with me? But its power might decrease due to the suppression of Earth.'

The Crown, as though it read Ye Qian's thoughts, vibrated.

"Okay, come!"

"We have a long journey!"

After Ye Qian said that, the Crown turned transparent, went to his left hand, shrunk to the size of a finger ring and attached itself to his ring finger.

"Oh! you also think she is still waiting for me?"

The ring vibrated in response.

"Fine, let's go." He said.

With that, Ye Qian used his Spirit Energy to create a sword shadow and slashed at the space barrier. He cultivated all the way to Void Immortal because he learned that after the tribulation, one could tear the space barrier and pass through it.

There were two paths though: One that leads to the Mortal world and the other that leads to the God Realm. If one goes to the God Realm, he or she will get an increase in power due to their ascension, but if one goes to the mortal world, his or her strength will be suppressed due to the mortal world's limitations.

What he didn't know about was that there was another clause that was not known, because people of the Greater Heaven never tried to go to the mortal realm when they were given the chance to enter the God Realm.

With that slash, the space barrier started to compress and crack, showing a tear large enough to let a person enter. The suction force was immense, pulling Ye Qian in. However, this suction was only experienced by Ye Qian himself, while the space debris and rocks surrounding him were unaffected by the suction force.

Before he tried to enter the tear, he turned around to take one last look at his family here.

They were starting to cry and were on their knees bowing. He sighed, turned his head in the direction of the Golden Armoured Man and nodded while entering the space crack.

After he passed through the crack, the space started healing itself, and there was nothing left of Ye Qian.

His disciples turned and left toward their palace while supporting each other.


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