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6.06% Back to the 13th Century with an AI Chip / Chapter 1: Meeting Temuujin

Chapter 1: Meeting Temuujin

Dorj asked quietly, "Where am I?" He was amazed as he looked at his surroundings. He wondered how he went from taking a bath in his apartment to being naked and surrounded by five medieval people in the middle of nowhere. He hid his private area from view.

Dorj muttered to himself, "Is this an Augmented Reality of Neuralink?"

But the clear voice of Teslabot answered in his ears, "Beep! Status of Augmented Reality is off."

A man in his mid-forties with a strange Mongolian accent spoke up. "Who are you? How did you appear out of nowhere?"

"Oh, pardon me. It's, um. I have installed Neuralink and I have suddenly appeared here. Do you know where I am?" said Dorj not knowing what is going on.

"He must be a spy from the Tooril han! (Toghrul) Look, he has cut his hair just like the Christian priests who preach to Tooril han. Let's take his head and pay tribute to Lord Temujin." said a man with a scar on his left cheek.

Just as when the man with the scar took his saber out of the scabbard, a man with half white beard and sharp eye raised his hand and shouted.

"Wait, Guchit bukh. Did you not see by your eyes? He has illuminated the day with yellow light and appeared in front of us. He must be a messenger from the Tengri! Capture him and bring him to Lord Temuujin" said the leader of five who was behind the four horsemen.

Guchit bukh, the man with scar on his face, put his saber back into his scabbard, and grabbed a rope that is hung on his horse saddle, and started to swing it on the air.

"Wait! What do you mean by capture" said Dorj in a worried manner.He tried to escape by running, but unfortunately, the nomadic warrior who is adept at catching horses with rope, made a single gesture of throwing.


"Hey, what are you doing? Stop it please" screamed Dorj, when he looked back again, what awaits him is the handle of saber hitting his head and knocking him out.

"Lord Boorchi, we have captured him. Should we go back to our camp?" said Guchit bukh.

While carrying away the unconscious Dorj, the five horsemen led by Lord Boorchi, the left-hand man of Temujin has moved back to their camp.

Mongolian camp at Muu undur. (Near Khalkha river, Dornod, Mongolia)

There is a Mongolian nomadic tribe settled at Muu undur with around 5000 Mongolian yurts, which indicates there are estimate 5000 warriors and their families all together settled at this place.

In the middle of the gers there is a large Mongolian ger which is the Meeting place for Temuujin and his warriors.

On the head seat, Temuujin was discussing with his loyal servants, the matter about the conflict with Tooril Khan.

"Since Altan, Khuchar, and Daridai have betrayed our Mongolian tribe and have joined forces with Wan Khan (Tooril Khan), we need to strike first to their settlement to make a surprise attack," said Jelme, a fine warrior who was given as servant to Temuujin since his childhood.

"No, Wan Khan is expecting our attack. He would be prepared. If we attack him right now, we can suffer great casualties." said Munkhulai, the servant of Temuujin.

"Mukhulai, you are a slave, yet you act as you like know all things! Know who you are before you speak!" said Khoorchi, the advisor of Temuujin. He is enraged because a slave has entered the discussion of Temujin's generals and advisors.

"Khoorchi, let Mukhulai finish his words! Even though he is a slave. His words has insights and truth." said Temuujin, raising his hand.

Just as the heated discussion was ongoing, Lord Boorchi, along with a roped man who has ragged clothes entered the large ger.

"My Lord, your servant Boorchi has arrived." said Boorchi while placing his right hand on his chest, and bowing.

"Raise, Boorchi, what has happened to the scouting mission, I have assigned to you? Is there any information regarding Wan Khan's recent movements?" said Temuujin interested to Boorchi's answer.

"My Lord, your childhood friend Jamukha, the betrayed Altan, Khuchar, Daridai are with Wan Khan right now. Wan Khan is preparing his troops. He may attack us in a month." said Boorchi, bowing to Temuujin.

"My lord, if Wan Khan is preparing to attack us, lets attack him first, or at least we need to confront his army in a strategical advantageous place. We shall not let them decide the place for the confrontation" said Jelme, one of Temujin's warriors.

Temujin has heard his advisors' input, while their discussion was ongoing, he is interested on whom Boorchi has dragged in.

"Boorchi, you have brought a man in the Khuraldai (the name of meeting), and even though he is already inside, you haven't introduced him to me," said Temuujin, showing an interested expression.

When Temuujin raised his voice, all the advisors and generals stopped their arguments and looked at the man who Boorchi has brought in.

"My lord Temuujin, when I was returning from the Tuul river, near the Wan Khan's camp, a bright yellow light shined. Since I and my men are Mongolian warriors, who are not afraid of spirits or demons, we decided to check what the yellow light may be. Upon getting to the place where the yellow light has shined, we found this young man, completely naked." said Boorchi telling his story of encounter with Dorj.

This is the point of view, of Boorchi and his men encountering with Dorj.

'Wait! Boorchi is the person who has abducted me? A yellow light has shined and there was me? What is happening? All the buildings, roads and every discovery of Modern civilization are gone, my 6G is not working while there is only medieval Mongolians in the vast steppe!' thought Dorj contemplating.

During the past month, from Tuul river to Muu Undur, he has seen many places, yet there are no sight of modern buildings.

Even Mongolia is not a developed country in modern times, at least there should be a Modern family that should cross their path during the past month.

'If the situation is true, then somehow I must have travelled back in time to the 13th century. What year is this right now? And also, this person in front of me, seated on the north side of the ger should be Genghis khan!' Dorj looked at Temuujin with a hesitant eyes making eye contact with him.

"Father, he must be a spy from Tooril Khan, let's torture him and know the situation in his camp," said Chagatai, Temuujin's second son.

"Wait, if he is a spy from Tooril Khan, naturally we would be able to retrieve information from him. But if Boorchi is saying the truth, then perhaps this man is a messenger from Tengri." said Temuujin looking at Chagatai.

"Who are you, and what do you know about Wan Khan? Speak wisely, or else it may be your last words" said Temuujin shifting his gaze to Dorj.

'I am a spy from Wan Khan? Wait isn't Wan Khan Temuujin's godfather? Why is Temuujin saying that I am a spy from Wan Khan? Did they have any conflict with each other in the 13th century?' thought Dorj inwardly, regretting that he did not study medieval history well.

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