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8.33% Ball Master / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Blur of Caltech Beavers

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Blur of Caltech Beavers


"What heck was that...?" Jayson was surprise by the sudden sound.

"Host has to focus your mind to see the system notifications".

After a few seconds he able to see another "Yes or few seconds he able to see another "Yes or Yes" then he click it.

"Ball Master System activate"

"Initializing in 3, 2, 1..."

"10%... 20%... 30%... 50%... 75%... 90% complete"

"So how is it system?" Jayson curiously ask.

"Yes the system is now online and begin full body scan of the host"

"Okay just do it" Jayson mutter to softly...

"10%... 20%... 30%... 50%... 75%... 90% complete"

"Scanning is completed and please say Status display it your mind..."

"Status display" he tries it immediately.

Name: Jayson Sy

Age: 21 yrs. Old

Height: 196 cm/ 6'5"

Appearance: 18 yrs. old look and can be change according to host desire.

Wingspan: 7 ft. / 210 cm.

Weight: 85 kg. / 187 lb.

Ability: B class (85)

Strength: B class (83)

Speed: A class (94)

Endurance: B class (87)

Defense: B class (89)

Bounce: 115 cm/ 46 inches (Monster level)

Run up Bounce: 135 cm. / 54 inches (Half human- half god level)

Passing: B class (80)

Dribbling: B class (85)

Shooting Ability: C class (79)

3 pointers: C class (75)

Mid-range: C class (73)

Lay up: B class (80)

Free throw: B class (85)

Innate Skills:

"A class for singing (95), rapping (91), lyrics writing (93), music producing (95) novel writing and acting (90)."

"Self-Healing is an ability to heal the host injuries, recover from exhaustion, ailments and etc. An ability that was given to host by the creator of the system." (110) S class

Kuroko no Basuke Skills:

"Lion heart is an unyielding spirit and calm state of mind while playing on the court (97) S class ability by Kiyoshi Teppei."

"High Projectile, Accuracy and Half-court Range Shooting Ability w/ improved shooting form and quick release (105) S class ability by Shintarō Midorima."

"Emperor's eye" is reading the opposition's movements to block or steal the next play. The 'ankle breaker' component of Emperor's Eye is using dribble moves to throw the defender off-balance, and often completing one final move which brings them down(110) S class ability by Akashi Seijuro.

"Misdirection, touch pass and full court pass (96) S class abilities by Kuroko Tetsuya."

"Change of pace dribble, off-balance shot, speed, agility, athletic ability and the zone mode (105) S class abilities by Aomine Daiki."

"Shield of Aegis" is ability to guard the area within the attacking team's court, while forcing the offense to pass and rethink their moves. "Thor's Hammer" a 180 degrees powerful dunk, like breaking the backboard and dunking on multiple defenders, "Vice Claw" the ability to rebound and block the ball with only one hand are abilities by Atsushi Murasakibara.

"Training Area is a place where the host can train, then improve his various skills and prepare for bigger stage like NBA dream by everyone who love the game when the host is sleeping or taking a nap." (110) S class

As he read through the status, something's are comprehensible like the basic attributes and basketball related things but there are things like NBA player ability value, innate skills, Kuroko no Basuke Skills and Training Area.

"Please explain the NBA player ability value in detail" ask by Jayson

"NBA player ability value ranges from S-E class according to system, Superstar ability value is S class between 96-110, Starting five ability value is A class between 90-95, Second unit ability value is B class between 80-89, role players ability value is C class between 70-79 and D class is between 69-55 which host current ability is belong and E class ability value are average people.

"How did I get the Kuroko no Basuke Skills"? Jayson wondering ask the system.

"It's due to host being a hardcore fan of the anime /manga series and diligently trying the various moves/skills in your backyard court, as if you can really do it in reality" the system replied immediately.

"Okay next, Please explain my innate skills" Jayson wondering how can he be so OP after "Jayson wondering ask the system

"The host have various hobbies like Singing, Rapping, Lyrics writing, Music producing and Acting during spare time, a flash of inspiration and most of all your passion but due to of lack skill you choose to leave it aside like playing basketball." the system replied.

"That's really great, I can be a singer-songwriter, music producer, lyrist, novel writer, rapper and an actor in TV or movies, Then can you explain about Training Area?" ask again by Jayson.

"The training area is a place where the host can train, improve various skills and prepare for biggest stage the NBA which dream by everyone who loves the game. The host will able to enter while sleeping or taking a nap and the time can be spend inside ranges from one day to year according to host desire. It has various facilities like basketball court, olympic size swimming pool, cafeteria, gym and bunch other things related to host needs."

After listening to the system, Jayson gain a lot of things after time traveling back fifteen years and he unknowingly he arrive at home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles already 4 o'clock in the morning. His elder sister still didn't fall asleep and was sitting on the sofa, anxious and sulking when he arrive. After the last call, she lost contact of her brother and the phone won't connect how many times she tried.

After all, his elder sister still didn't ignite fire in the house. Although she emphasized three times that if Jayson didn't arrive home by 1 Am., that she would burn everything belong to Jayson in the house.

Shery's saw her brother coming back and was about to get angry but she was hugged very tight.

She thinks that Jayson gone crazy and wants to chase out this bastard. So she slapped him in the face and tell him to back off coz' of the unpleasant smell by the alcohol. However, she finally didn't do this and her shoulder felt the hot tears of her young brother!

"What happened to this child? What influence him and went home four in the morning. She reached out and touched Jayson's forehead to check if he had fever.

He grabbed her hand and said very seriously. "Sister, I will make you happy and find a guy deserve you!"

"Stop with talking nonsense and don't say such thing to please me. It's late already, hurry up and sleep. She looked at Jayson, and then turned back to her room.

She didn't sleep all night, her mind was already groggy and her brother returned safely so she will let it go this time and fell asleep immediately.

"Those bad things occurred in the dream must not happen this time in my lifetime" Jayson muttered to himself.

As Shery wake up feels that her young brother has changed and even thought of knocking her brother's head to see if he was just acting like before. Usually, this guy is too lazy to get up early in the morning and today he went to nearest supermarket to buy food and also personally cook.

After washing the dishes that he cleans the rooms and gave her a massage. At noon, he also makes meal with side dishes and she was stunned by it because it was good enough to open a restobar.

"Well, Jayson … I forgive you and your diligent mode isn't suitable for you anyway, it's not your usual style. "She said after dinner with Jayson, who still washing the dishes.

"Thank you sis for being considerate and stayed up all night for me "he replied while still washing the dishes.

"Are you not feeling well? Did you get possessed last night and do you want me to find a shaman to perform exorcist on you?"

Jayson replied" No, I would like to set-up a music recording studio in the guestroom near my room."

"Okay I will ask Avril, if she can contact someone in her company to set-up a music recording studio, then is there anything else?" Shery curiously ask.

Jayson replied "I want to be a NBA player."

"Finish washing the dishes, take a bath and go train with your Beavers teammates."

"Okay boss" Jayson replied.

"Ding" "Mission has been issued to host" system said.

"What is the mission?" Jayson said.

"The mission is to defeat at least 3 team mates and you will be given five points after, if the host have chance to defeat the team captain and ace of the team, there will be another five points. If the host fail the mission, then a penalty of strip dance video must upload in the internet" System said.

"I accept the mission" Jayson replied

Similar to Shery's shock, all the players in the Caltech Beavers, before the start of the training class on the afternoon. He was in the training hall with three of the team's starters and him

single-handedly win them all. Everyone was shocked that Jayson actually won three consecutive games, includes the starting guard Wei Li, small forward Daniel Cullina and the forward Ryan Elmquist lost to him one after another.

Everyone knows that his identity in the team in the past three years is the keeper of the water dispenser at the end of the active roster. He has been in the team for almost three years and played no more than ten minutes. In training, he didn't chance to participate in the confrontation. His natural love for basketball, in fact is the only reason that all players admire him and continue to stay in the men's basketball team.

Regarding Jayson's ability, the players in the team aren't convinced because even if three people of the team was defeated by him and walk with ease. But if it's physical confrontation in real game, it will be difficult because. Jayson's record in the physical fitness was average and his shooting is poor


Therefore, everyone knows the Jayson will be out of the after this season. The Caltech Beavers Basketball Council will waste a valuable spot on a player who can't play on the school team. By next year, at least four three-star high school students will join the team.

Even basketball assistant Adam Levitt reached an agreement with a high school that has been rated five stars by ESPN who have excellent basketball skills, but also SAT scores fully meet the admission criteria of California Institute of Technology.

However, Jayson is now changing his fate and will definitely be able stay in the team.

"Hey Dan, his speed has become so fast and became blur in my vision. I have no way to catch his shadow and he flashed in front of me, then he turned back to the basket and shoot" Ryan Elmquist raised his brow while talking exaggeratedly.

The small forward who's a very good defender, strong and have a good bounce, but after confronted by Jayson he was quickly passed by and shooted even with tough defense.

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