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Chapter 30: Old Ancestor Saint

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales


The appearance of the Heaven Emperor Brush disrupted the balance of the battlefield!

The moment the 'death' word appeared, a really strong power exploded out and instantly covered that thin old man.


Heaven Emperor Brush's strong powers could be used instantly.

Michael looked on coldly and said, "I told you that if you force Master to act, you all won't be able to bear the consequences!"

The thin old man gritted his teeth as thousands of sword energies exploded out from his body. He was like the prideful sun in the sky, shooting through it and heading right for the Battle Angel.

At the crucial moment, he used his strength to shift the damage to himself. He suppressed the attacks of the Heaven Emperor Brush and directed it to attack Battle Angel Michael.

Unfortunately, Michael was too smart. The four wings behind him shone, lifting him up in the air to avoid the strike.


The old man missed; his attack swept a large distance and instantly destroyed everything.

Looking down from above, within 3,000 miles, everything was just red soil. Looking closely, it was like a giant sword, unbelievably huge and really stunning.

One could see how strong this old man was!

But that was it, that was the outcome of his final strike. He was wiped out by the Heaven Emperor Brush and he didn't leave even a piece of bone. He just disappeared in the air.

Big River Sword Faction's Sect Leader cried out, "Elder!"

The disciples were all filled with rage as they looked at the Battle Angel.

But there was nothing they could do!

Battle Angel Michael was strong and with the Celestial Artifact, no one could fight him!

"Big River Sword Faction's Grand Elder, do you just want to be a coward?" Tian Guangming suddenly said in a loud voice. His voice reverberated through the mountains.

The Grand Elder definitely heard it.

"We don't want to kill, we are only trying to resolve the problem of the debt. We are here to collect a debt, not to kill." Tian Guangming was trying to be nice but his expression changed and became cold.

"But our time is precious and if you continue being a turtle, you will place Big River Sword Faction in a dangerous situation. Don't blame us then for being vicious."

Battle Angel Michael looked around and used Heaven Emperor Brush to write a word.


Trapping heaven and earth, he directly trapped the Sect Leader, Elder, and disciples together, such that they couldn't run at all.

The people of Big River Sword Faction couldn't escape at all, and their expressions were filled with rage and helplessness.

"Let me count to three; if you don't appear, then I will kill them all, and destroy Big River Sword Faction!" Battle Angel Michael said coldly.

All the people of Big River Sword Faction were shocked. What was happening?

Big River Sword Faction was totally silent.


Battle Angel Michael was floating in mid-air as the Heaven Emperor Brush spun around him. He held the World Destroying Halberd in his hand and gave off a domineering aura.

Big River Sword Faction was silent!


Battle Angel Michael continued to shout.

But there was still no movement!

A cold glow flashed in Michael's eyes. Since you won't appear and don't care about the life or death of your disciples, then don't blame me.

Because the Grand Elder kept many things a secret and no one knew where he was in seclusion, only that he was somewhere in Big River Sword Faction, the Sect Leader was anxious.

"Grand Elder, come out! Stop staying in seclusion! Big River Sword Faction is about to be wiped out!" The Big River Sword Faction Sect Leader was really anxious, but there was nothing he could do.

Tian Guangming suddenly asked, "Where is your Big River Sword Faction Celestial Artifact?"

Sect Leader replied, "It is with the Grand Elder, he kept it himself, so no one knows where it is?"

Tian Guangming looked towards the depth of Big River Sword Faction. This Grand Elder really isn't coming out?

"Three!" Battle Angel Michael looked coldly at everyone in Big River Sword Faction.

He raised the World Destroying Halberd in his hand and death energy gathered at the tip.

One strike and the people from Big River Sword Faction would all die.

"I am here!" Just at that moment, a person silently appeared above the hall. He bent his back, his hair was white, and his aura was really weak. He looked like an old man on the verge of death. 

Grand Elder of Big River Sword Faction, the person who signed the contract!

He appeared!

Battle Angel Michael put away the World Destroying Halberd and landed from mid-air. He even retracted his wings and asked, "You are the Grand Elder of Big River Sword Faction?"

The old man nodded his head and said bitterly, "I knew that you came, I was just hoping, so I hid and didn't come out. I didn't expect you all to be so strong!"

His words stunned everyone in Big River Sword Faction.

So, the debts were real!

So, Big River Sword Energy had really been lent to their Grand Elder!

So, Grand Elder really went against the contract and was someone who was not trustworthy.

Their faith in his righteousness collapsed as they all looked at him with stunned expressions. 

Tian Guangming said, "Since you signed a contract, you should know how strong the organization behind us is. You actually went against the contract?"

The old man coughed; his vital energy was weak, and he was on the verge of falling, "I didn't think about doing that and for this, I went through much trouble to use Big River Sword Energy to kill many enemies to get a Celestial Artifact to return my debts!"

Battle Angel Michael listened quietly, and his expression was really cold.

The old man was really strong and if he was at full strength, Michael was no match for him. 

But the old man was injured now.

He was injured from the battlefields and after getting the Celestial Artifact back, he was in seclusion to heal up. However, the situation didn't get better and now he was on the brink of death. 

"You are about to die, so why didn't you appear when we came?" Battle Angel Michael asked.

"Because I want to leave this Celestial Artifact for Big River Sword Faction. With foundations, once I die it will be able to deal with a series of problems." The old man was sad; he trembled and knelt down.

"I will take responsibility for my mistakes but they are innocent, please let them go!" The old man begged.

Battle Angel Michael waved his hands and removed the lock, releasing the disciples.

"You shouldn't kneel to me. Now, you are going to meet my Master. You went against the contract, so you must pay a price. Bring the main copy of Big River Sword Energy and follow me!" Battle Angel Michael stared at the old man before he turned around and left.

"Big River Sword Energy's main copy is on me." The old man said softly. Since things reached such a stage, he had instead become really calm.

"Wait, can you let us send our Grand Elder off?" The Big River Sword Faction Sect Leader asked.

Battle Angel Michael looked at them coldly.

Tian Guangming said, "Be quick!"

Big River Sword Faction Sect Leader led the Elders and a few thousand disciples and knelt down respectfully, "Goodbye Grand Elder!"

The old man's eyes were filled with tears and he nodded his head, "I will take responsibility for my mistakes. You all just defend our faction. The original copy of Big River Sword Energy is gone, but I have recorded my understanding of it all, so you can take it to cultivate. It shouldn't be a problem to reach Saint Level."

Tian Guangming looked at him in shock, "You are at Saint Level?"

The old man wiped his tears and said, "If I was not, I wouldn't have been able to get that Celestial Artifact back. Now let's go, the Celestial Artifact is also on me. This started with me and it will end with me."

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