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Chapter 6: Spirit Illusion Holy Land's Debt

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

"Oh right, how did this Time Hall appear?" Li Xiandao asked curiously.

  "A high-quality Spirit Meridian helped open the seal of the Time Hall." Seven replied.

  "Are there any other things that were sealed?" Li Xiandao asked.

  "There are many sealed because the Bank of the Universe wasn't run well and there are many bad resources and bad debts. While clearing those debts, the Bank of the Universe could only use most things as collateral. As such, only the main hall was left." Seven was helpless.

  "Now as there is a high-quality Spirit Meridian, you have barely managed to open the seal of the Time Hall." Seven said.

  "So, the high-quality Spirit Meridian that I received from the trade is gone?" Li Xiandao asked.

  "It is gone!" Seven nodded her head.

  "One high-quality Spirit Meridian unlocked the Time Hall and gave me 100 years of lifespan; I think it is still quite worth it." Li Xiandao thought about it and found it reasonable.

  "Master, now that you have taken revenge, it is time to help the Bank of the Universe clear our bad debts and to collect some old debts." Seven's eyes lit up as she looked at Li Xiandao.

  "They are all experts in the Celestial World, Celestial Kings, Fairies, so how am I supposed to collect them?" Li Xiandao shook his head. If he collected debts from them, then wasn't he asking for death?

  Seven said, "Those are the ones that you can't get back for now, but you can choose to collect from the weaker ones."

  "There are some who are not strong?" Li Xiandao exclaimed.

  He couldn't offend those people in the Celestial World, but as for those weaker ones, he didn't mind trying.

  If he managed to get back some debts, he would be able to reduce his current problems.

  Seven nodded and said proudly, "The Bank of the Universe's debts in the past spread all over the Nine Skies and Ten Earths. Every single person would come to trade with us and naturally we would have a lot of debts to claim."

  Li Xiandao said, "How about this, why don't you find a weaker debt for me and I will try to claim it back."

  The weaker ones that Li Xiandao knew of should have been beneath Dao Pursuing Realm. For such debts, he could crack his brains and he would be able to take it back.

  After all, at the moment, he had no cultivation and he hadn't cultivated anything yet.

  A moment later, Seven passed Li Xiandao a contract.

  Li Xiandao opened it and his eyebrows rose up. He closed it and said softly, "Did you get it wrong or something?"

  "No." Seven shook her head in a well-behaved manner.

  Li Xiandao opened the contract and he saw a few large words on the cover.

  Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

  In this Dali Land, their name was like thunder to the ears. Even a slave, like Li Xiandao, had heard of them before.

  They inherited the 100,000-year Ancient Holy Land, Spirit Illusion!

  They were one of the stronger powers in Dali Land with hundreds of thousands of disciples. It was a supreme place that managed 100 countries with billions of civilians. 

  How could such an Ancient Holy Land have been weak?

  Li Xiandao stared at Seven, he was really furious deep down. Was she trying to make a joke out of him?

  Seven explained, "This is the weakest out of all the debts. The 10th Elder of Spirit Illusion Holy Land borrowed a Celestial Artifact from the Bank of the Universe 10,000 years ago to suppress the rebels of Spirit Illusion Holy Land. The price to pay was that Spirit Illusion Holy Land would be slaves for the Bank of the Universe's owner for 1,000 years. The cost of going against it would be 10 times, 10,000 years!"

  Li Xiandao pouted, "Loan one Celestial Artifact and be under us for 10,000 years?"

  "That's right, I was the one who welcomed him 10,000 years ago. We loaned the Celestial Artifact out and were prepared to collect it back along with interest 50 years later. But the owner died and the Bank of the Universe funds were cut off. They forgot about this matter and didn't contact us at all." Seven nodded his head.

  "This Spirit Illusion Holy Land is an Ancient Holy Land, I don't even have any cultivation at all. If I go over and ask them to pay up now, who would even bother about me?" Li Xiandao frowned.

  He was really rational. Even if one had a contract that was in black and white, Spirit Illusion Holy Land might not have cared about it.

  That was because Li Xiandao was too weak!

  An Ancient Holy Land that was so strong.

How would they be willing to be ordered around by a kid with no cultivation at all?

  Pipe dream!

  Seven smiled sweetly, "Master, you are now the owner of the Bank of the Universe. In this world, no one is more noble than you. If Spirit Illusion Holy Land doesn't abide by the contract, then you will just take the Celestial Artifact back."

  "I can take it back?" Li Xiandao found it really weird.

  "Of course, Spirit Illusion Holy Land isn't that strong, so naturally the Celestial Artifact wouldn't recognize it." Seven walked beside Li Xiandao's ear and muttered, telling him the secrets of the Bank of the Universe.

  As the owner of the Bank of the Universe, naturally, Li Xiandao controlled everything that belonged to the Bank of the Universe!

  Even Celestial Artifacts were no exception!

  After understanding all this, Li Xiandao's eyes lit up. He had found a way to deal with Spirit Illusion Holy Land.

  "Then, let's head over there and ask for our debts. I am really interested in allowing a huge Holy Land to become my slave." Li Xiandao said in anticipation.

  "For them to be able to serve you is their luck and fortune." Seven said expressionlessly.

  Li Xiandao nodded his head. As the owner of the Bank of the Universe, if he became stronger and decided to give gifts to Spirit Illusion Holy Land, those gifts would be amazing rewards too.

  "Let's go to Spirit Illusion Holy Land now!" Li Xiandao headed out of the Bank of the Universe and went on his way.


  Spirit Illusion Holy Land!

  One of Dali Land's Ancient Holy Lands!

  Spirit Illusion Holy Land was located on an ancient battlefield. Its first Sect Leader Spirit Illusion established the sect here and worked really hard. Over 10,000 years, he turned his self-created sect into a Holy Land.

  After which, every 10,000 years, a new Sect Leader would bring Spirit Illusion Holy Land forwards.

  The cycle repeated and they were at the tenth Sect Leader now. 10,000 years ago when he initially took over, there was a rebellion in Spirit Illusion Holy Land. 

  He was newly appointed and didn't have the ability to deal with such a big rebellion. So, he found the Bank of the Universe and became their slave for 10,000 years, in order to borrow a Celestial Artifact to appease the rebellion.

  But the Bank of the Universe experienced some problems and the Spirit Illusion Holy Land Sect Leader stopped contacting them. He was prepared to bury this matter in the dust.

  This was a bad debt. The former owner died because of these bad debts. Thus, Li Xiandao made his mind up to get all these debts back.

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