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Chapter 37: Zero Flower Holy Land

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Dali Dynasty, Imperial Capital!

Dali Land had thousands of countries. The large ones, like Dali Dynasty, had hundreds of million people, while the small ones could have had dozens who set up a country in a small valley.

In the Imperial Capital, in a flower workshop, a bunch of beautiful girls were chatting.

"Master, the goddess's position has been found to be nearby." A heroic-looking girl said.

"Don't call her goddess, that shameless thing actually linked up with someone from the monster race. She lost the face of the entire Hundred Flower Holy Land!" A fierce-looking old woman chided.

"Disciple is wrong!" The teen apologized.

The other teens didn't dare to even breathe loudly as they all shuddered.

This old woman was Discipline Elder Bai Hua Cao. She was righteous and hated the monster race the most. She also hated men. If anyone dared to go against the Hundred Flower Holy Land teachings, she would teach them a harsh lesson.

Hundred Flower Holy Land disciples were all afraid of her.

"That lowly scum hid near the capital, and she really thought things through. The most dangerous place is the safest place, but unfortunately, I still found her!" Bai Hua Cao laughed coldly. She was really unhappy with the Goddess for breaking the rules and she had to punish her.

"Master, when you capture Senior Sister Tian Ling'er, what are you going to do to her?" The teen asked worryingly.

Bai Hua Cao glanced at her and waved her sleeves, "Of course, I will abort the baby in her stomach and trash her cultivation, pull out her foundations, and lock her up!"

The other girls' hearts dropped. That was too vicious. Some of them, who originally desired love, instantly extinguished such thoughts.

"Master, Tian Ling'er is about to give birth, the baby has formed, and is now a life." The teen said carefully.

"Is that a life?" She scolded.

"That is a bastard, an insult, an insult to the Hundred Flower Holy Land!" Bai Hua Cao's face was green. She looked around and caused everyone to shiver.

"That bastard must die!" Bai Hua Cao scoffed coldly.

Just at that moment, a light charged into the air and exploded. It gave off a five-colored glow and a surging aura which was really majestic.

In the air, a giant nine-tailed fox opened its nine furry tails. Along with that beautiful face, it charmed everyone around.

Bai Hua Cao's expression changed and she gritted her teeth, "That scum really gave birth to that bastard!"

"Quick, follow me over. Today, I will strangle her to death in front of everyone!" Bai Hua Cao hollered. She couldn't accept such provocation.


Within the capital, someplace else, a few old men saw such scenes. They stood with stunned expressions.

"Nine-Tails!" An old man shuddered.

"So this is nine tails, Nine-Tailed Sky Fox, our Fox Race hasn't had one in tens of thousands of years." An old man cried on emotionally.

"Its Tianyu's kid, her and the Hundred Flower Holy Land Goddess's kid." The other old man rushed over. Their original thoughts weren't important anymore, the most important thing now was that the kid had to belong to Fox Race, to be raised by them. In the future, there would be a shockingly strong Nine Tail Sky Fox.


When Royal Family saw this, they frowned, "Let the hired helper take a look but don't interfere. Don't hurt anyone and let them solve it themselves!"


Many random cultivators saw it too; they all wanted to take a look and headed to the peak.

Li Xiandao didn't know that they were coming!

Even if he knew, he wouldn't care anyway!

He held a girl who was pretty much cut from jade; she looked 3-4 years old and was devilishly beautiful!

At such a young age she had shocking potential; once she grew up, she would be a girl who would charm the world.

But what was weird was when she opened her eyes and saw Li Xiandao she started to giggle.

Her voice was like a bell, like a stream hitting a rock, giving out a high pitched sound.

Li Xiandao reached out and pinched her nose, "From today on, you will be called Wu Xian'er!"

She seemed to understand. She just hugged Li Xiandao's huge hand and brushed it on her face, with a look of enjoyment.

She seemed really close to Li Xiandao!

Li Xiandao knew that it was because she was protected by the Bank of the Universe when she was born, so she felt close to it.

Li Xiandao was the Master of the Bank of the Universe, so naturally, she would feel close to him.

But Li Xiandao only hugged her for a moment before putting her down and wrapped her with a coat. She then looked at the mother.

"You can wake up." Li Xiandao said softly, injecting in energy for Tian Ling'er to wake up.

She weakly opened her eyes and looked at Li Xiandao. She looked around and panicked.

Li Xiandao reached out and lightly touched her brow to calm her down.

He transmitted everything that happened to her as he was too lazy to explain.

After she saw it, her tears flowed down.

"Who wants you to sacrifice yourself to save us!"

"Without you, how will we live?" Tian Ling'er hugged her daughter and felt like the world was spinning.

Li Xiandao looked on and said calmly, "I will give you 1,000 years of lifespan and your daughter 1,000 years. I hope you can live on and not let your husband's sacrifice down!"

He didn't care whether or not she agreed as he just directly gave it to them.

Her injuries slowly healed. Her daughter seemed to be growing quickly; once she absorbed all of the lifespan, who knew what changes would happen? 

Li Xiandao said with satisfaction, "I saved you and gave you lifespan. This trade is over and I will be leaving!"

Li Xiandao was really direct, he didn't think about keeping this Nine-Tailed Sky Fox girl for himself at all.

Although Nine-Tailed Sky Foxes were rare, when they grew up, they would be extremely strong.

But, did Li Xiandao care?

Would he even lack experts in the future?

The Bank of the Universe is a business, not an orphanage! Li Xiandao thought to himself and walked out.

"Envoy, a few experts are coming and they seem aggressive." Tian Guangming said solemnly.

Archangel Gabriel said, "They are unfriendly."

Battle Angel Michael didn't say a word and stood behind Li Xiandao.

Tian Ling'er carried her baby out and looked at the many clouds in the sky that looked like blooming flowers. Her expression changed and she said in despair, "The Hundred Flower Holy Land Discipline Elder is here. She is here to capture me."

Tian Ling'er begged Li Xiandao, "Sir, please take my daughter away. They want to capture me, but as long as the kid is alive, I will do anything!"

Li Xiandao didn't take the kid. He just stood with his hands behind his back and looked at the tracks in the sky.

Hundred Flower Holy Land Disciple Elder Bai Hua Cao, Holy Lord level of strength!

She seemed to be coming along with rumbling lighting. She landed on the peak and her gaze was like electricity, staring right at Tian Ling'er and the kid in her arms. She chided, "What scum, you still gave birth to that bastard. You have tarnished the face of my Hundred Flower Holy Land, you deserve to die!"

Li Xiandao frowned; this old woman's mouth was just so dirty.

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