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Chapter 2: Sky Dragon!

Senon was transported into a "blank" space, everything around him was pitch black. What Senon was feeling at the moment was like when one closes his eyes, everything seems to have didn't as he doubted his existence. As Senon was lost on his thought he heard a voice vaguely familiar.

"Hey, Kid You there? It's me your no.1 God."

Hearing the voice, Senon was brought back to reality as he asked God; "Where Am I? This couldn't be inside a womb, is it?"

"Of course not, Your at the "void" I just wanted to tell you that I'm giving you a Beast Transforming Powers! Awesome right?"

"That is pretty cool." Senon put up a fake smile on his face. System? Everyone has a Leveling System On Dreasia.

"Hey, This system lets you become a Demonic Beast! Don't you know what that means!" God said annoyingly.

Senon thought of various "fantasies", "Wait! I'm not into "Monster" tags!" his voice resounding on the empty "void"

A sigh was heard as God's voice sounded again "What can I say... All Right! I'll give you a free form so that you'll live longer than your previous life."

A magic circle appeared beneath Senon's feet as he hears God says "Oh, there's a devoted beauty asking for you!"


Dreasias, a planet where 81% is occupied by the never-ending seas. The puny 12% Land-Mass of Dreasias's main continent, Nirea, while the remaining 7% was the only left for the sub-continent. Nirea was where the strong prey on the weak, Be it magic or martial arts, only those who have power can stand on his own. One may wield Legendary Weapons or tame ferocious beast but the strongest weapons or beast wasn't one made by Legendary Blacksmiths or Nature but those "birth" from oneself.

Desmonth Kingdom, a kingdom which was habituated by one of the Great Races, Humans. Stone Front Academy, an academy that teaches all about "Spirits". Spirits are divided into two kinds, Spirit Animals, and Spirit Artifacts.

Today is a great day for Stone Front's students as today, the 9th of Janus is the day of graduation all were anxious as today they will know which path to take depending on their "Spirit".

Anna DayBreak, a noble girl who's also one of the graduating students on Stone Front Academy. Today is the day she's going to make a decision that will greatly change to her life. Names were being called as they ate the "Apple of Eden" which will make them able to connect with the boundless space to find their "Spirit".

"Princess Alexa, state your pact to the heavens after you ate the apple" a man with violet robes stated to each graduating students one by one. Besides him was a basket full of golden apples.

"One which is chosen for me, accompany me as we roam under the heavens until the ends of time..." After Princess Alexa's pact was made a light gathered in front of her, the light slowly took shape the figure of a wolf. A wolf with blue fur with streaks of green, a crescent moon was found on its forehead. There

"It's actually a Tempest Wolf! It even has the mark of the Moon Goddess!" somebody exclaimed

"Truly Blessed! She is truly worthy of being a princess with Grade 1 talent!

Hearing various praises Princess Alexa just smiled and looked at her friend, Anna.

Anna gave Alexa thumbs-up, which Alexa replied with an utter "You'll be all right."

Everybody knows that Anna had a Grade 3 talent and only got to attend Class 1 because of her connections with Princess Alexa.

"John of Sun village, state..."

John had a Grade 2 talent which was enough for a commoner to join Class 1, because of that he developed some kind of arrogance since young so he closed his eyes and said: "I swear upon myself to be bowed by a..." After a few seconds after finishing his pact tiny orbs of light formed a tiny form of creature.

"Is that a frog?"

"Oh, Sh*t it is a frog!"

Instead of hearing praises, John heard many ridicules, he was shocked to see a tiny frog on his palm. He can't bear this kind of treatment so he willed for the contract between him and the frog be broken. Many were shocked to see this scene as everyone knows that although there were weak "Spirit Animals" none of them were useless and breaking one's contract with it brings immediate hostile from the Spirit Animal's kins. John ran away causing him to fail from graduating.

The violet robed man just shrugged his shoulders as he saw this scene a hundred times already "Anna Daybreak, state your pact after you ate the apple"

Anna didn't say anything as she begged the heavens on her mind "Dear Heavens! I'm begging you to give me a spirit that is strong enough to prove my parents wrong. I'll devote everything to my spirit!"

It seems that God has heard her, particles of light gathered in front of her; a huge pair of wings was formed followed by a long neck until it slowly transformed into a whole creature.

"It's a Dragon!"

"Oh, my Heavens!"

"It's a Sky Dragon! although it's kinda small..."

"F*ck are you dumb of course it's still at its Juvenile stage!"

"How am I supposed to know that! Even the Dragoon only got Drakes for their mount."

"I'm a scholar from the Dragoon, although only the captain had a Dragon, We as Dragoon knights study different kind's of Winged-Beasts." a young man with glasses said as he flaunts his esteem self. "Based on its scale it should be still on its growth stage, it's not even capable of breathing attacks." As the scholar was showing off his knowledge, something interrupted him

"Is the Dragon paralyze? Look it's not moving."

"Eh, you're right!"


*Ding Sky Dragon (Juvenile) form unlocked

*Beginner pack was received!

"Welcome to Beast Shifter System!

"So it was a System! Why couldn't God just grant me Skill Steal or something!" Senon noticed he was surrounded by people; "Why are they so small? Let's greet Dreasia with a loud bang!" Senon thought. I'm BACK!!!!!


"It's opening its wings!"

The young Sky Dragon spread its wings as it shouted to the Heaven's. The thundering roar was heard from afar.

At some Dukedom;

"Oh, Heavens! Could it be that an Elder Dragon was awoken from its slumber?!" a middle-aged man said.

"The last Elder Dragon recorded was 1,000 years ago, maybe this is its last dying Breath?"

The scene was happening from all over the Kingdom, some mountain villages even claimed that it's an Elder Dragon sealed near their mountains.

Everyone at Stone Front Academy was terrified by the shout, some weak-willed people even fainted. The Dean who was "busy" in his room got awoken as he took his staff and headed to his Magic Tower.

The Magic Tower lit up as a red beam of light pierced the heavens, the beam of light was seen by the whole continent. This beam signified a great danger capable of putting the entire continent into destruction.

The Dean on his "birthday suit" flew out of the tower, He headed for the cause of the roar, When suddenly! a cool gentle breeze collided with his "stick". "Crap! What if anyone sees me!?!" He thought of various scandals about him circulating around the kingdom. His body slowly grew hair as his hands turned into claws. The Dean who was still on his birthday compared to now is nothing like himself before, The dean has cast one of his Trump Spells just to avoid anyone seeing his naked self. He then headed to the direction of roar.

_ELF_san _ELF_san

I had something to do yesterday so i couldn't post any chptrs. I'm having a hard time making names so I read other web novels to gain inspiration but what I got was realization. I realize why should I make complicated names? Even monsters at Monster Paradise and Super Gene or Night Ranger only had two word names like Black Dragon, Quartz Scorpion,,,, I tried making 1 chptrs a week then there's this novel who releases 3 chptrs a's even at top 5

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