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Chapter 6: Toy Binocular

Reyansh gave a considering look to Vansh.

"Okay guys~, clap for me and my best friend Reyansh please~!" Vansh said loudly with a smile.

The students were too surprised at what was going on so none of them started clapping.

"Guys...~ if you don't clap, you might not get good marks.~" he said with a grin. After hearing that, everyone started clapping much to Mrs. Tanya's frown.

"Okay, good, good.~" Vansh said. He turned his attention to Mrs. Tanya. "Ma'am, I'll be sitting here." he said cheerfully.

"Why are you sitting there with Reyansh?" Mrs. Tanya asked with a scowl.

"Why? Do I need a reason to sit with my best friend?" Vansh pouted.

Mrs. Tanya didn't want to sound discriminating so she didn't say anything but her intention was to make him sit with Aryan since he wasn't just the topper of the class but also the nephew of Mr. Brijesh Joshi, currently a trustee of the school and possibly the owner of the school soon. There were only two sits empty in the class, and he decided to sit with Reyansh. He was going to get a big scolding at home.

She then said that their result will be announced 5 days later and that they will have to get the signature of their parents.

'Oh no. I think I am going to die. How the hell am I going to get the signature of my parents? I don't want that smile on my mom's face to disappear...'

"Hey, what happened?" Vansh asked after looking at Reyansh's fearful face, snapping him out of his musings. "Concentrate in the class man."



After the period was over...

"It's nice to meet you again." Vansh said smilingly.

"It's nice to meet you again too." Reyansh said, smiling nervously. He was lying.

"Don't lie." Vansh pouted.

"Huh?" Reyansh asked incredulously.

"Ah, nevermind," Vansh said. "So... You didn't expect me to see here, eh?" he asked.

"Of course not," Reyansh answered. "Dude, you're starting the class in the middle of the year. Why? How will you pass the year? You've missed the minor tests and even the Semester exam."

"Oh, don't worry about that," Vansh said. "I'll pass~." he said while looking at the blackboard.

"How the hell will you pass?" Reyansh asked.

"My mom is a teacher," Vansh answered. "I am here on a special case. For some reason, I couldn't attend any school for the first semester of this year so if I pass the rest of the exams, they'll pass me overall as well." he said.

Reyansh had never expected that Vansh was a son of a bitch. What a lucky bastard.

"Anyway," Vansh said. "Now that we'll be sitting together, let's introduce ourselves properly, shall we?"

"Uh, yeah, yeah sure... I guess." Reyansh replied unwillingly.

"My name is Vansh." Vansh introduced himself again.

"Vansh... What?" Reyansh asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, what's your second name?" Reyansh added to his question.

"Oh no, I don't have a surname," Vansh said. "Or, umm, more like I don't want to have a surname."

"Oh..." Reyansh said. He didn't know what to comment on that, to be honest.

"Let's drop the petty introductions and get to something interesting, hmm? Tell me about your hobbies, interests, life, ambitions, desires, crush or girlfriend if you have any and whatnot." Vansh said enthusiastically.

Reyansh was in no mood to talk about something like that especially with Vansh after he got the news of the results. Why was he so interested in knowing about him anyway? Not only was he annoying and creepy but he was extremely suspicious as well.

"I am not interested to talk to you about something like that right now," Reyansh said annoyingly. "Besides, you should not be too interested in knowing about someone who's a failure. Someone who has ruined his family's name, someone who's not even a normal human. So please."

Vansh gave a questioning look to Reyansh. "Who said you're a failure?"

"I AM a failure," he said with a scowl. "You'll know after five days."

"You mean you're gonna fail in these Semester exams?" Vansh asked.

"Yes. And because of that, there's no way anymore for me to pass this year. All of my... Uh, friends or umm, so-called friends will be going to the next class while I'll be here repeating the year, wearing a metaphorical band of a 'failure' on my forehead while everyone looks down on me next year too." he said with a sad look.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!" Vansh laughed hard which attracted everyone's attention. What the hell was so funny about that? "Lol metaphorical band of a failure? Dude," he literally pronounced the word 'lol' as it is. Weird. "Just because you're a failure in the class, doesn't mean you're a failure in your life." he said loudly giving a hopeful smile to Reyansh. Everyone heard it and were baffled at Vansh's statement.

Reyansh was shocked. 'What... What does he mean... I am not a failure in my life?' he mused. "Vansh. You don't know anything about my life."

"I don't need to know about your life to decide whether you're a failure or not lol," he said looking at the ceiling. "No teenager can be a failure in their life. This is just the beginning, my dude." he said with a smile.

Before Reyansh could reply anything to that, their Maths teacher arrived. It was the time for the Maths class.


After the Maths class ended, "Okay... I'll tell you what," Vansh said. "After you are done with everything related to your semester results, let's talk at the same park we met for the first time."

"Why?" Reyansh asked depressively.

"Well... Because I have something of mutual benefit." Vansh said.

"Sure." Reyansh agreed and went to sleep until the next class starts.


After the school hours, Aarav, Arsh, Reyansh, and Rin met outside the school corridors.

"So... You have a best friend now?" Aarav asked.

"No, no. I wouldn't call him a friend. Hell, I don't even know him properly. I don't know why he keeps calling me his best friend when we barely even know each other... Or, I mean, when I barely know him." Reyansh clarified sweatily.

"Well, have you guys met before?" Rin asked.

"Yeah. In the evening of the day our Physics exam ended," Reyansh said. "We met in the park. He saved me from touching a dangerous flower so I am thankful to him but he is creepy and just awfully annoying. I thought that I didn't like him but on that day... I don't how to describe... But he made me feel that I was needed. ...And today when he said that I am not a failure in life, I started questioning so many things... So I really don't know what to think or say about him..."

Oops, he said more than it was necessary. Why did he have to bring the failure part in the conversation?!

"That's true actually." Arsh agreed with Vansh. "Just because you're a failure in school doesn't mean you're a failure in life." Aarav and Rin agreed as well.

"Ah, I don't know," Reyansh said. "He said he wants to talk to me but I said I wasn't interested so he told me that he'll wait until after I am done with everything related to my result." he refrained himself from mentioning the mutual benefit part as he didn't trust them enough. Aarav and Rin suddenly started helping him which was suspicious.

"Good." Aarav said. "Let's see what he has to say."


"Anyway Rin, I've been meaning to ask you something if you don't mind." Arsh said, turning his attention to Rin.

"Sure." Rin nodded.

"How is it going with Dhairya?" Arsh asked.

'I've been meaning to ask her about her relationship with Dhairya as well but starting personal topics is difficult for me.' Reyansh thought to himself.

"It's... It's fine." Rin said nervously.

"Are you sure?" Arsh asked. "Because I know Dhairya and from what I heard, he abuses you?"

"Yes, I have seen that with my own eyes." Reyansh interfered. Rin gave an angry look to him for confirming the rumors.

"That's okay... I mean, I am fine being abused as long as he loves me." Rin said, turning her attention back to Arsh.

"Wait, what?! Don't tell me that you're actually fine with all the abuses as long as he loves you!" Arsh exclaimed.

"Yeah. I mean, come on Rin, you have to think about yourself first." Aarav said. "Do you have any idea how dangerous it can be to be in a relationship with an abusive person?"

"I... Guess." Rin said nervously. "Let's talk about something else for now."

"No. You should break up with him as soon as possible." Arsh said seriously. "You do know that me, Aryan and Dhairya used to be friends, right? I know who he is. Trust me, you need to get away from him if he is abusing you."

'They used to be friends? Ah, now that he mentioned it, I remember the three of them hanging out on multiple occasions.' mused Reyansh.

"I love him!" Rin exclaimed. "Okay? Now can we talk about something else?"

Meanwhile outside the gate of their school...

"Hey, Vansh!" Aryan said, waving his hand. He was with Dhairya. "Long time no see."

"Yeah, haha," Vansh said playing with his hair. "My god, how have you been~?"

"I've been... Fine." Aryan replied. "What about you?"

"I am always great bro~!" Vansh answered cheerfully.

"Nice to know," Aryan said. "Anyway... You mentioned today that Reyansh is your best friend..."

"Oh no, he is not." Vansh clarified.

"Then what was that all about?" Aryan asked with an undercurrent of a scowl.

"Oh well... All of that is because... Umm, you know, I want to have some fun with him." Vansh said.

"What do you mean?" Aryan asked.

"Ah~... Let's just say I am associating myself with him to help you." Vansh winked. "I'll provide you with all the information about the things related to him and in return, you will..." he whispered something in Aryan's ear.

"Sure, it's a deal then," said Aryan, shaking Vansh's hand. "How do you know that I hate Reyansh though?" he asked curiously.

"I know everything fam," said Vansh. "Oh and one more thing, we won't be talking in school from now because if Reyansh caught us talking, my plan would fail..." he said with a pretending sad look. "...And I can't let that happen."

"Don't worry about it," said Aryan. "Whenever you have any information, just call me. Here's my contact information..."

After exchanging their contact information, Vansh looked at Dhairya. "Pfft, who's this clown here?" he asked laughingly.

"What did you just call me?" Dhairya asked angrily but Aryan stopped him before he starts a fight. "He is my friend," Aryan replied. "Any problem with that?"

"Hahaha~, no, why would I have any problem with that? I like that strategy. It's always great to have one or two clowns beside you to get some good laugh when you're stressed. HAHAHAHAHA!" Vansh started laughing again.

"YOU-!" Before Dhairya moves ahead to punch Vansh, Aryan stopped him again. "Bear it for now," he said slowly.

"Keep your anger down, my man. You'll have to go to the hospital otherwise." Vansh said with a grin.

"He knows martial arts. You'd be defeated in a minute." Aryan informed Dhairya.

Dhairya grunted. "I'll fucking show you!" he said angrily as he and Aryan started walking towards Aryan's car.

"No, I'll show you! I'll fucking show you, bro!" Vansh exclaimed.


"Mom, you wanted to see me?" Vansh entered the room with a toy binocular in his hand.

"Yes. Let's talk." Mrs. Tanya gestured him to sit down on the chair in front of her. Vansh complied.

"What is it?" he asked, playing with his toy.

"What's up with you?" Mrs. Tanya asked with an undercurrent of anger in her voice.

"What do you mean?" Vansh asked. He knew what his mom was going to talk about.

"We had a clear discussion that you'll sit with Aryan, then why did you sprint towards Reyansh like that and sit with him? That, and what the hell was 'clap for me and my best friend' thing you pulled off? He is your best friend?! HE?! Why?! How?! When did that happen?" she asked angrily.

"Calm down mom," Vansh said, leaving the toy at the table in front of his chair and grabbing his mom's hand. "Don't worry, I have everything taken care of. You really don't have to worry about anything now~." he said smilingly.

"What are you babbling about?" she asked annoyingly. "I want you to sit with Aryan tomorrow and that's final!"

"No~! Never~!" Vansh exclaimed kiddingly, standing up. "I am not going to sit with anyone except my dude Reyansh." he walked towards the door. "Now bye mom~, I have to study now~." he said cheerfully. "See ya later~."

"Wai-" before Mrs. Tanya could stop him, he left the room.


After five days, Mrs. Tanya entered the class with her students' answer sheets and the report cards.

"Your results are finally here." she said.

Reisquin Reisquin

Toy binoculars symbolize perspective, relationship (close/distance), surveillance, hunting, finding, searching, intimacy, self-examination, etc.

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