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Chapter 9: Battle Royale

Mu Xuan Yin opened 'Supreme God's System' application in her mobile phone and she saw five choices.

1. Aptitude Talent Upgrade

2. Creating Item

3. ???

4. ???

5. Exit

Then Mu Xuan Yin chose 'Aptitude Talent Upgrade' on her phone screen.

Current Helping Point (HP): 10

Fire aptitude rank: F <<UPGRADE>> (1 HP)

Water aptitude rank: F <<UPGRADE>> (1 HP)

Earth aptitude rank: F <<UPGRADE>> (1 HP)

Wind aptitude rank: F <<UPGRADE>> (1 HP)

Thunder aptitude rank: F <<UPGRADE>> (1 HP)

Light aptitude rank: F <<UPGRADE>> (1 HP)

Darkness aptitude rank: F <<UPGRADE>> (1 HP)



Void aptitude rank: SSS <<MAX>>

Supreme God: That ten Helping Points will be your startup reward for helping that Demon King. Well, even though he actually did not need it… Pffft… Ten Points for you my dear because that was really funny!

Mu Xian Yin ignored Supreme God's mocking and began to observe her phone screen right now. According to this application, she already had SSS-rank void aptitude and it must be from the blood pool's rebirth but the crystal ball cannot detect it at all. However, it is still making sense. After all, no matter how high she will achieve in Void God Scripture level, no one will be able to detect it at all.

Mu Xian Yin began to think which aptitude rank she should upgrade for now.

The main character, Jian Chen had A-rank aptitude in both light and lightning. Every element has their own strength and weakness, none element that better than the others. However, this novel world had an extremely bias toward light and darkness element aptitude.

The light element always got preferential treatment especially because light element not only strong in fighting but also in medic. With light element cultivator, the doctor almost not needed anymore because they can heal wound faster and detoxify any poison accurately. Also, only light element cultivator can cure the curse from darkness element cultivator attack.

On contrary, darkness element cultivator always becomes a target of shunned and hatred. If someone discovered in having darkness aptitude in sect exam like today, they will be accused as a demon sect spy and executed on the spot on. That is also why all the people with darkness aptitude joined demon sect to ask for protection.

However, darkness element cultivator and demon sect had been feared since a long time ago because their power was the strongest amongst all element moreover the wound that made by darkness element attack can only be cured by light element cultivator while the current number of light element cultivator can only be counted with the fingers on our hands.

Mu Xian Yin actually wanted to pick darkness element since it is the strongest element but then she will be executed as a demon sect spy later so she decided to pick light element for now.

Mu Xian Yin put her index finger on <<UPGRADE>> words at her mobile screen and her light aptitude rank upgraded to E but her Helping Points (HP) decreased to 9. She upgraded it again and again until it reached rank A and her HP decreased to 5. However, to upgrade from rank A to S, she needed to spend all her 5 HP at once.

Mu Xian Yin chose to use all her HP on light aptitude and upgrade it into S-rank.

"Okay then, now I am ready to take the test again!" Mu Xian Yin was laughing happily then walked and entered back to the aptitude test queue.


After a few hours and the sky began to turn darker, Mu Xian Yin turn arrived again and she walked toward the examiner.

"You again! It is futile no matter how many times you try! Aptitude rank is not something that can be changed. It is an innate talent from birth!" Holy Light Sect examiner frowned and scolded Mu Xuan Yin.

"Please big brother… Just this once, okay? Just now I… Uhhhh… Forgot to take off my glove… Yes, I forgot to take off my glove!" Mu Xuan Yin tried to act cute to the examiner but she completely forgot that she was in Jian Chen's appearance right now. So Instead of looking cute, she looked like a sissy from some shady nightclub.

"Ok…Ok… Just hurry and put your hand on the top of crystal!" The examiner had felt a cold on his spine when he saw Mu Xuan Yin tried to act cute. He quickly agreed to her request and planned to kick Mu Xuan Yin as far as he can after she failed the aptitude test this time.

However, beyond of his expectation, when Mu Xuan Yin put her right hand on the crystal ball, it began to shine with white light then the light getting more and more intensified until it became too blinding to see.

"IMPOSSIBLE!!!" Sun Xiang was shouting in disbelief when he saw that.

"S-S-S-Stronger than A-rank light aptitude! Is this the legendary S-rank aptitude?! Q-Q-Q-Q-Quickly contacts the headquarter!!! NOW!!!" The examiner was too shocked and almost had a heart attack when he saw Mu Xuan Yin's aptitude test result then he began to panic and shouting to his fellow examiner even the bored crowd also turned lively again and pushed each other to see Mu Xuan Yin's crystal ball.

Sun Xiang gaze turned cold and he gripped his fist harder until his nail pierced into his skin. 'I should be the best and the most talented person in this exam. Why can all turned like this now? I must look for the right opportunity to get rid of this guy forever!' Sun Xiang was thinking this while gritting his teeth.

The situation turned chaotic for a moment but the examiner quickly calmed their self down and managed to contact the Holy Light Sect headquarter with their communication talisman then received a direct order from the sect elder.

The examiner told Mu Xuan Yin to stand on the back side where all the people that passed the aptitude test lined up.

After another hour, the three examiners managed to test the entire crowd's aptitude and filtered the higher aptitude one.

"Congratulation all of you that managed to pass the aptitude test! However, do not get it wrong! The exam only begins now because the aptitude rank is not everything, you all also need diligence and good battle sense to become a strong cultivator…Right now, we will pair you one with another and you will fight against each other while we will judge how much you trained yourself and how good your battle sense is!?" One of the examiners explained with a stern voice.

"Excuse me, senior! I have an opinion…Do not know if this will useful to senior or not but I decided to brave myself and ask for the senior opinion!" Sun Xiang talked to the examiner politely.

"Oh… What is your opinion let us hear it?" The examiner was smiling at Sun Xiang courage.

"It is already night right now and if we paired up each other to fight one by one it will take too long! How about we all fought each other in battle royal format? It will save so much time and it will be easy to spot which one of us that better than the others!" Sun Xiang was smiling confidently while telling the examiner his opinion.

"This… Let me discuss it with the other first!" The examiner hesitated then decided to ask the other examiners.

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